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After you've applied and been accepted into a credit program at Keyano College, you must register for your courses. Your acceptance package will include how to register for courses and how much your tuition and student fees will cost.

To assist you in selecting your courses please review the program specific registration guides.

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IMPORTANT: With the exception of International students, students are now required to provide their Social Insurance Number at the point of registration. This is a requirement of the Canada Revenue Agency.

Registration status

Once you have registered for your courses, you will be able to see your schedule and financial balance in our self service student portal.

You will be classified as either a full-time or part-time student.  You are responsible for knowing your registration status. A change in status may affect your eligibility for sponsorship, loans, athletics, scholarships, financial awards, and some College services. This status will be indicated on your schedule in self service portal.

PLEASE NOTE: Non-attendance is not accepted as a notice of withdrawal. Students must email the Office of the Registrar a Withdrawal form in order to withdraw from courses. Students are responsible for all changes made to their registration.

 Full-time students


If you're taking 60% or more of the full program load in each term, you'll be enrolled as a full-time student. Please refer to your Course Registration Guides for the number of credits required to be full time in your program each semester.

This is for the purposes of enrolment reporting for agencies such as:

  • Alberta Students' Finance
  • Government of Canada

You must maintain full-time status throughout the term if you're receiving funding by student loans.

 Part-time students

If you're taking less than 60% of the full program load, you'll be enrolled as a part-time student.

Program Welcome Letters

The departments are eager to welcome you to the College, read the Welcome Letter for your program below:

Academic Foundations

Advanced Care Paramedic Welcome Package 

College Preparation

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Welcome Package 

Business Administration

Business Administration Esports Management 

Business Aviation

Computer Systems Technology

Early Learning & Childcare - Fall 2024

Educational Assistant

English for Academic Purposes

Environmental Technology

Governance and Civil Studies

Health Care Aid Welcome Package

Human Resource Management

Office Administration

Power Engineering Third Class Coop - Fall 2024

Power Engineering Fourth Class Comprehensive - Fall 2024

Practical Nurse Welcome Package - Fall 2023
Practical Nurse Welcome Package - Winter 2024

Primary Care Paramedic Welcome Package 

Social Work Diploma 

University Transfer: Bachelor of Arts

University Transfer: Bachelor of Commerce

University Transfer: Bachelor of Elementary Education

University Transfer: Bachelor of Engineering

University Transfer: Bachelor of Science

University Transfer: Bachelor of Social Work

University Transfer: Bachelor of Secondary Education
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