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Become a Java Programmer + Python Developer 

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This 100% online course will teach you everything you need to know about Python and Java programming, whether you're a beginner or simply want to learn new languages. Through books, lectures, exercises, and a final project, you'll master the basics of coding rapidly. By course completion, you will have the knowledge and abilities required to start a career as an entry-level Java or Python programmer.

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Admission Requirements

There are no prerequisites to take this course.


There are no prerequisites for this course, however prior knowledge of any programming language is helpful.

Course Objectives

  • Java syntax elements, concentrating on fundamental and universally useful elements.

  • How Python works and what it's good for.

  • Python's place in the world of programming languages.


Job Outlook for Java Programmers + Python Developers 

  • Based on information provided by Job Bank, Canada's national employment service, the employment prospects for computer programmers and interactive media developers in Alberta look promising from 2022 to 2024. This positive outlook is attributed to the following factors:
    • Employment growth is expected to create several new job opportunities.
    • There will be few job openings due to retirements.
    • The number of unemployed individuals with relevant experience in this field is low.
  • According to, Canada's average Python developer salary is $150,601 per year or $77.23 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $109,200 annually, while most experienced workers make up to $155,688 annually.
  • Glassdoor reports that the national average salary for a Java programmer is $77,813 in Canada, with salaries ranging from $66,000 to $92,000.


Java Programmers + Python Developers FAQs

Is an online course useful for becoming a Java Programmer?

Java is used by some of the most visible and prestigious enterprises in the world. While there are many Java tutorials online, completing a course from a recognized provider assures these high-level employers and project teams that you have undergone a challenging and organized study program with distinct objectives and competencies. A well-designed course features a solid conceptual framework that prepares you to program in Java now and to expand your skill base into advanced concepts and other languages later.

What jobs can I get as a Java Programmer? 

Entry-level Java programmers often join development teams that design, create and test Java-based applications and solutions. As an entry-level programmer, your duties may include performing a needs analysis for a new project, helping teammates create the data and coding structures, writing modules, testing code and troubleshooting bugs. Most entry-level Java programmers begin as Junior Developers, Developers, Project Managers or Software Architects, depending on experience.

What do Python Developers do?

Excellent Python developers earn great money because they are responsible for the planning, creation, deployment and testing of Python-driven systems. Their duties both include and exceed the coding process. They create the logic, structure and processing for applications that run on nearly every kind of device and serve an almost limitless variety of computing tasks.

What is the best way to learn Python?

A well-designed, organized course is the best way to approach the various tasks a developer performs. In this course, for example, you start with the basics of programming, including Python structure and syntax.



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