We have three different programs available for those interested in becoming an electrician at Keyano College.

Electrician - Apprenticeship

Take the four-year Electrician - Apprenticeship program to acquire on-the-job training and technical skills needed to be successful in an electrician's role and have a thorough understanding of electrical theory and its application to lighting, power and control equipment.

You must be an eligible indentured apprentice in order to register.

Electrician - Master

Take the 75-hour Electrician - Master course to prepare you for your masters certification. This course is intended for students and journeyperson electricians who are preparing to write their Masters Electrician exam and have completed three years' experience as a journeyperson. The in-class course also includes several modules you must complete before taking the exam.

Electrician - Pre-Employment

The 12-week Electrician - Pre-Employment program equips you with the proper skill set to succeed when getting an entry level position in your career as an electrician.

Pre-employment programs provide you with a solid academic foundation to build upon in your career. You will review material in science, mathematics, report writing, employability skills, and learn technical training.