Academic Foundations

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Program Overview

Do you want to gain the necessary pre-requisites for further educational opportunities, acquire the required academic skills necessary for employment opportunities, or be an active participant in your family, community, or society? Our Academic Foundations program provides you with the foundational skills in the area of English Language Arts and Mathematics. Upon completion, you may continue into Grade 10, 11, or 12 courses in the College Preparation program, or go directly into the workforce. 

Independent, one-on-one, and small group study methods are used in the adult-oriented learning environment. Courses are offered on a full or part-time basis during the day. Applications are accepted for fall, Winter, and spring semesters.

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Admission Requirements

 Academic Placement Assessment

Completion of an ACCUPLACER demonstrating skill levels below the Grade 10 level.

The placement test is not mandatory. Transcripts under grade 10 are also accepted. 

English Language Proficiency

See our Credit Calendar for other ways that you can meet the English Language Proficiency requirements.

Tuition and Fees

The following fee schedule may be subject to change without notice. Tuition and related fees are set on an annual basis. For more information, visit the Keyano College Credit Calendar. 

 Full Time Domestic Tuition and Fees
Full Time Fees Fall Winter
Tuition $1,304.00 $1,304.00
Campus Rec Fee $65.00 $65.00
Health & Dental Fee *$126.00 *$126.00
Student Association Building Fee $17.92 $17.92
Student Association Fee $112.00 $112.00
Technology Fee $85.00 $85.00
Total Fees $405.92 $405.92
Total Tuition & Fees ***$1,709.92 ***$1,709.92
Part Time Domestic Tuition and Fees
Part Time Fees Fall Winter
Tuition per credit **$87 **$87
Campus Rec Fee $65.00 $65.00
Student Association Building Fee $8.96 $8.96
Student Association Fee $56.00 $56.00
Technology Fee $85.00 $85.00
Total Fees $214.96 $214.96
 Full Time International Tuition and Fees
Full Time International Fees Fall Winter
Tuition $3,912.00 $3,912.00
Campus Rec Fee $65.00 $65.00
Health & Dental Fee *$126.00 *$126.00
Student Association Building Fee $17.92 $17.92
Student Association Fee $112.00 $112.00
Technology Fee $85.00 $85.00
Total Fees $405.92 $405.92
Total Tuition & Fees ***$4,317.92 ***$4,317.92
Part Time International Tuition and Fees
Part Time International Fees Fall Winter
Tuition per credit **$261.00 $261.00
Campus Rec Fee $65.00 $65.00
Student Association Building Fee $8.96 $8.96
Student Association Fee $56.00 $56.00
Technology Fee $85.00 $85.00
Total Fees $214.96 $214.96

* Students will be charged a medical/dental benefit fee unless they opt out by demonstrating alternative coverage - deadlines can be found at StudentCare website

**Tuition is due 10 business days before the start of each semester.

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Government Funding

The government of Alberta offers financial support to help with education and living costs through its Foundational Learning Assistance Program. Before you can apply for funding you must apply for admission to Keyano College and be accepted into your program.

 How to Apply for Government Funding
  • Once you've been accepted into your program, ask Keyano College to confirm your enrollment in the student management system. Or, have your institution complete the High School Enrolment Foundational Learning Assistance Form
  • You will also need a verified My Alberta Digital ID account
  • Once Keyano College has confirmed your enrollment and you have set up your My Alberta Digital ID, the government will send you an email to invite you to apply for funding. The email will come from:
  • Once you get that email complete your application for funding. Be sure to submit your funding application up to 8 weeks before your program starts. Incorrect or incomplete applications will delay processing times. 

The foundational learning and skills development contact centre can help you with your application and any questions about your application status. Call Toll-Free: 1-800-222-6485

Program Structure

Course Course Title Credits
AFL 100 Foundational English Language Arts 12
AFM 100 Foundational Mathematics 8

Students who achieve a minimum grade of 60% in both AFL 100 Foundational Language Arts 100 and AFM 100 Foundational Mathematics will be issued an Academic Foundations Certificate. 


Potential Pathways

Graduates from this program are eligible to:

  • Continue their studies in College Preparation
  • Continue their studies in our English for Academic Purposes Program
  • Enter the workforce directly


Meet the Faculty and Staff 

Our Instructors provide adult learners with an opportunity to upgrade their education to best prepare them for entrance into college, university or the workforce.

Lisa Turner-Chair of Education & Academic Upgrading

Lisa TurnerLisa joined the Keyano College faculty in 2011 as an Academic Upgrading instructor. In 2014, she became Chair of College and Career Preparation. In 2020, the portfolio also expanded to include the Bachelor of Education program. 

She holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of New Brunswick and a Master of Education from the University of Alberta and teaching certificates in both New Brunswick and Alberta. Lisa has approximately 30 years of experience working in adult education including 25 years within Alberta post-secondary institutions, and 5 years in the post-secondary world in New Brunswick. Her areas of discipline are English, history, and social studies. 

Lisa's research interests include; adult education, academic upgrading, and teaching and learning in post-secondary. 


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Dr. Tracy Boger - Instructor, Education and College & Career Prep 

Tracey BogarDr. Tracy Boger joined the Keyano College Faculty in 2013. She holds a BEd in Secondary education, MEd in Instructional Design, and a Ph.D. in Education. Her areas of discipline are Educational Technology, Educational Psychology, K-12 Education: 7-12 Mathematics and K-12 Education: 7-12 Social Studies. 

Dr. Boger started her teaching career in 1996 and taught K-12 students in many different communities, including Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Cold Lake, and Krakow, Poland. She also previously worked as the Technology Professional Development (Tech PD) Coordinator for the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. In that role, she managed a team of Tech PD facilitators who provided pedagogical support to faculty in the use of technology for both teaching and research.

Her research interests include; surveillance technology, philosophy of technology, instructional technology, professional development, and student teaching.


Contact Information:


 Leni Cherian - Instructor, College & Career Prep 

Leni CherianLeni joined Keyano College in 2004 and is an instructor in the College and Career Preparation program. She has a Master’s of Engineering degree specializing in Power Systems (University of Mumbai, India) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (University of Cochin, Kerala, India).

She has approximately 34 years of teaching experience, including 18 years with Alberta post-secondary education, and 16 years with the University of Mumbai. Her area of discipline is electrical engineering.

Leni's research interest is power system analysis. 


Contact Information: 

Patricia L. Collins - Instructor, College & Career Prep 

picture of female instructor

Patricia joined the Keyano College faculty in 2005 and is an instructor of Biology and Chemistry in College Preparation (upgrading). She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, a Master of Science in Earth and Ocean Sciences, and teaching certificates in both British Columbia and Alberta.

Prior to teaching at Keyano College, Patricia taught chemistry and science in the B.C. and Alberta high school systems and worked as a professional chemist for several years at the beginning of her career. On the creative side, Patricia enjoys cartooning, painting, writing, and photography. In recent years, she has published some of these creative works. Her areas of discipline are chemistry and biology. 

Patricia's research interests include; Analytical chemistry, geochemistry, and monitoring hazardous chemicals in the workplace, as well as water quality: measuring heavy metal and endocrine-disrupting chemicals.


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Kevin Rodgers - Instructor, College & Career Prep 

Kevin RodgersKevin joined the Keyano College faculty in 2010 and is an instructor in the College and Career Preparation Program. Kevin has a Master’s of Arts degree with a focused on Global Change. Prior to teaching at Keyano College, Kevin was a high school teacher with experience teaching in a variety of topics and levels across Canada. His areas of discipline are global studies, history, and education. 

Kevin's research interests include; Globalization, The growth of Neo-Nationalist movements, Military and Strategic Studies, Political Geography. 


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Dr. Doug Ross - Instructor, College & Career Prep 

doug rossDr. Doug Ross joined Keyano College in 2004 and is an instructor in Academic Upgrading. He holds a Ph.D. in Adult and Workplace Education, a Master of Arts in Administration and Curriculum, a Bachelor of Arts in English and History, and a University Diploma in Inclusive Education. Dr. Ross recently met the challenge of achieving his Ph.D. from the University of Calgary while teaching full-time at Keyano College. His areas of discipline include English, history, and social studies. 

Dr. Ross has  approximately 18 years of experience working in post-secondary education at Keyano College, in addition to 15 years experience working in secondary education in Alberta. 

His research interests include; adult and workplace learning, adult immigrant re-credentialing processes, as well as teaching and learning in post-secondary.  


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 Alumni Testimonials

Vicenta JonesAs a new Canadian, Academic Foundations was a necessary and highly effective first steppingstone to move forward into College Preparation. Currently I am upgrading my English and math to move forward on my desired career path of becoming a Practical Nurse. -Vicenta Jones



Laarni PfleiderMy determination to get into Keyano College became possible with the help and guidance from the registrar’s office and the student advisors. I was treated with respect and dignity as an adult student and an immigrant. I was blessed to have an awesome teacher in the Academic Foundation Program. I never felt alone in this journey. Moving to College Preparation was another challenge for me where I successfully studied math and English. I am now looking forward to starting the Office Administration Program.

I am always proud to be part of this institution, Keyano College, great institution, great staff, and great support system. - Laarni Pfleider