Policies and Procedures

Keyano College is committed to sustaining a vibrant, respectful, and safe learning environment for all members of the college community, where members are in turn committed to the values of academic integrity, mutual respect and personal responsibility,

Students should review the following policies and procedures.

Employee Policies

Animals on the Premises Policy 

Code of Conduct Policy

Employee Service or Comfort Animal Request

Health and Safety Manual

Health and Safety Policy  

Pet Therapy Guidelines 

Respectful Workplace Policy 

Safe Disclosure Policy

Substance Use Policy

Student Policies & Procedures 

Academic Awards Policy

Academic Freedom Policy

Academic Integrity Policy
Academic Standing Policy
Academic Standing Procedure 

Accommodations for Students With Disabilities

At Risk Student Policy

Classification of Students Policy

Course Credit Policy  

Emergency Student Loan Program Policy

Examination Policy: Deferred, Supplemental and Challenge Exams

Gender-Based And Sexual Violence Policy

Gender-Based And Sexual Violence Procedure 

Grading Policy for Credit Programs

Grading Procedures for Credit Programs

International Student Ambassador Tuition Waiver Policy 

Library Policy 

Non-Academic Misconduct Policy

Safe Disclosure Policy
SAKC Tuition Waiver Policy 
SAKC Tuition Waiver Procedure

Sexual Violence Policy 
Student Athlete Tuition Waiver Policy
Student Athlete Tuition Waiver Procedure 

Student Complaint Policy
Student Complaint Procedure

Student Rights Policy

Substance Use Policy

Tuition and Associated Fee Administration
Tuition Waiver Policy