Essential Student Information

Welcome Huskies! We want you to have the best experience possible at Keyano College. As a new student, we want to help you be as prepared as possible for your coming studies, so please review the items below.

Please read through and complete each step carefully to ensure your transition to Keyano College goes as smoothly as possible.

Remember to ask for help when you need it, we are here for you!

Get ready! Get set! Go!

Step 1: Accept Your Offer of Admission 

Conditionally and/or fully offered students must accept their offer on your MyKeys admission portal and pay the admission deposit ($250 for domestic students and $750 for international students). The admission deposit is required to reserve your seat in the program and will be applied toward your first term (semester) tuition.  Your offer of admission will be rescinded if we do not receive your deposit by the offer deadline. 

Please accept your offer within ten business days by logging in to MyKeys admission portal.

Once your admission deposit is received you will be sent an acceptance email.

After you accept your offer and pay the admission deposit, if you change your mind and want to decline your offer, please login to your MyKeys admission portal to decline your seat.

Please note, refund of the admission deposit will be administered at the following rate:

  • Fall Term: 50% prior to July 1
  • Winter Term: 50% prior to November 1
  • Spring/Summer Term: 50% prior to March 1

For our International applicants, if you defer your application the admission deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Deferral request will be processed for the next available intake. The last day to request a deferral will be the same day as the Tuition and Fee Due date for your current intake, please view the Academic Schedule to determine this deadline. 

For the 2022-23 Academic Year and onwards applicants who have been denied a Study Permit from IRCC and who have not deferred their application will be eligible for their Admission Deposit to be refunded in full, one must provide proof from IRCC of a Study Permit denial no later than the last day to Add/Drop classes from the given semester. Please see the Academic Schedule for exact dates 

Step 2: Contact International Education Office & Apply for Study Permit (for International students only) 

If you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you must;

Step 3: Accommodation & Housing 

Keyano College student housing provides our single students and student families with convenient, accessible, clean, and comfortable accommodations during their studies.

It is important to know your rights as a tenant, so familiarize yourself with the Tenants Act.

There are many Apartment Rentals options in Fort McMurray as well.

Fort McMurray Hotels, Motels and B&Bs: are open for guests and possible long term stay.  Renting an Airbnb is also an option.

Step 4: Student Policies 

Students are expected to be familiar with and comply with the policies and procedures related to students at the College.  While all student policies are important, please pay particular attention to:

  • Student Rights
  • Academic Misconduct
  • Non-Academic Misconduct
Step 5: Register for Classes & Important Program Information

Student Login and Email

Ensure you set up your password reset security and authentication for Moodle and Keyano Student Email before trying to login to Self Service.

Read the Welcome Letter for your program, review the Self Service instructions on how to add classes and follow your Course Registration Guide to register in your courses as indicated.

Registration opens mid-April for the next academic year.

Have you taken courses at another institution? You may be eligible for Advanced Credit.

Do you have relevant work experience in your field of study? You may be eligible for Prior Learn Assessment Recognition.

Once you have registered for your courses, you will be able to see your schedule and financial balance in your Self Service student portal.

You will be classified as either a full-time or part-time student.  You are responsible for knowing your registration status. A change in status may affect your eligibility for sponsorship, loans, athletics, scholarships, financial awards, and some College services. This status will be indicated on your schedule in Self Service portal.

If you change your mind after you are registered, you must notify us. Non-attendance is not accepted as a notice of withdrawal. Students must notify the Office of the Registrar by submitting a completed a Withdrawal form to withdraw from courses. Email completed forms to the Office of the Registrar. Students are responsible for all changes made to their registration.

Step 6: Budgeting & Financial Aid

Students must be ready, willing, and able to attend college. This includes being able to pay your tuition and fees at the college each semester by the payment deadline listed in the Academic Schedule.


You have options when it comes to paying for school. Most students fund their education with a combination of money earned, money saved, and money borrowed.

Student Loans

Government student loans are interest-free while you attend full-time post-secondary studies. Repayment of student loans begins six months after you stop being a full-time student. The interest rate and terms of repayment are set at the time of approval.
Please Note: Academic Foundations, College Preparation and English for Academic Purposes do not qualify for student loans.

Keyano Awards

Keyano College offers scholarships, bursaries, and awards to celebrate our students' achievements and provide financial support for your studies.

External Awards

Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP)

Each RESP company has different requirements for redeeming funds.

If your company has a specific form to be completed, please email the form to Financial Aide. Please ensure your personal information is completed before you send to us. It will be completed and returned to you by email within 3 business days.

If your company requires Proof of Enrolment, download the Proof of Enrollment Request form and email the completed form to the Office of the Registrar. 

Step 7: Important Dates

All important dates are listed in the Academic Schedule, including start and end of the semester, last day to add/drop courses, waive health and dental plan, withdraw with 50% tuition refund, statutory holidays, etc.

Step 8: Pay Your Tuition

Follow the Self Service instructions to view your financial statement. Tuition and fees must be paid 10 business days before the start of classes each semester, as outlined in the Academic Schedule. You only need to pay for one semester at a time, not the full year.

You must Pay tuition and fees via Online Banking or Plastiq by the payment deadline. Any students who have not paid in full by the payment deadline will be charge a late fee and are at risk of being withdrawn for non-payment.


Tuition & Mandatory fees

Full time and part time tuition rates for both domestic and international students are listed in the Credit Calendar. Full time tuition rates for both domestic and international students is listed on each program page. International students can use TransferMate by following the simple steps below.

1.    Click on the TransferMate payment link

2.    Choose the country you're paying from and your preferred payment method

3.    Register your one-time set up account by providing your details

4.    Make your payment with the provided instructions

5.    Track your payment throughout the process


Health & Dental

Charged to all full-time students. Go to the Student Care website or the SAKC website for more information and waiver details.

Step 9: On Campus Essentials
Read about all the additional technology services available including printing, scanning, software, virtual desktop, computer access and Wi-Fi.


Sign up for SchoolMessenger to receive urgent and important messages, such as safety alerts, college closures, work disruptions, and more.

Computer and Software 

In most programs, the majority of coursework at Keyano College requires computer access. While there are two freely accessible computer labs on campus, it is recommended that each student, prior to the first day of class, obtain a personal computer. Keyano College has created minimum computer standards as a guideline to support students’ decision-making regarding this important investment. These standards represent the minimum requirements; unless expressly noted, higher capacity speed and versions are encouraged. Please review the Device Recommendations before making your purchase.

Students requiring assistance to understand these hardware and software recommendations can book an appointment with the Technology & Online Learning Librarian.   

Please note ITS does not provide technical support for students’ personal devices. However, if you are having issues with Keyano resources, you can contact the ITS helpdesk or call 780-791-4965.  

Student ID

Send us your selfie for your Student ID card.student taking selfie

  1. Snap your selfie! (It should a color photo just of you (head and shoulders) and preferably against a plain white background. No hats, friends, sunglasses, filters or silly faces.)
  2. Send your JPEG image to through your Keyano email account with your Name and Student ID number in the subject line, and should be no bigger than 1.2MB.
  3. You’ll be sent an email when your ID is ready to pick up, make sure to bring your government issued photo ID.

Please note, returning students are not required to get a new Student ID. If you have lost or broken
your Student ID, a replacement can be printed for a charge of $27.

Questions regarding the collection of personal information can be directed to: Registrar, Keyano College
8115 Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray AB, T9H 2H7

The Registrar can also be reached by phone +1-780.791.4800, or email

Collected personal information is protected from unauthorized access, collection, use and disclosure and is collected and used in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act


All parking passes must be purchased using the Honk Mobile app.


You can purchase books and supplies in person at the Bookstore or online using your Keyano Student Login.


The Students’ Association of Keyano College offers a great selection of lockers that can make your class commute quick and easy.

Step 10: Get Connected with Student Services 

Keyano College offers a number of Student Services to assist you in your pursuit of excellence. You can also watch or listen and learn more from their welcome videos.

Step 11: Attend Orientation 

We want to make sure you get off to a great start on your college career! Student Orientation activities are offered to help you find the resources you need, meet our staff and faculty, and connect with your peers.

Step 12: Attend Class!


Moodle is the central location for course materials and activities.

If your course is being delivered in an online format, the Zoom or Teams link will be provided in Moodle.

Moodle can be used to

  • communicate online (course announcements, discussion forums, etc)
  • share course materials
  • collaborate and interact with learning activities and others
  • submit assessments - submit & return assignments, online quizzes
  • view grades - grades for assignments, quizzes, and other assessments

Login into Moodle using your Keyano credentials (same as those used for Self Service and Keyanomail). Your courses will be available in Moodle by the first day of class.


All students should complete the following modules on Moodle:

Step 13: Get Involved 

Statistics show that involvement improves student success. Volunteering at Keyano is a great way to gain experience for your resume, meet new people, and have fun!  

student reading under tree

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