Tuition and Financial Services

Learn how to pay your Keyano College tuition, understand student fees and request a refund.

Please note all student accounts are confidential. Any information regarding your account will be released only to you. You may share access with others by completing the appropriate form at the Office of the Registrar.

Tuition & Related Fees  Paying Your Tuition Refunds Financial Aide

Tuition & Related Fees

View your tuition and related fees on your student account. Your account charges may include:

If you have any questions about these fees, please contact the Office of the Registrar.  Payments are accepted via online banking or Plastiq. Questions about this process may be directed to Financial Services.

Scholarships, awards, student loans and sponsorships

If you have a scholarship, award or student loan, check your account to ensure this is reflected.


Please note:
  • If you are receiving a student loan, you will not need to contact the Financial Aid Coordinator, they will be contacting you as they confirm your loan.  Since students with a student loan will be receiving their loan after the due date, you will not be charged the late fee.
  • If you are a sponsored student, and we have a Confirmation of Sponsorship form on file, you will not be charged a late fee.
  • If you are selected to receive the Excellence Award, you must still pay the mandotory non-instruction fees. If you fees are paid on time you will not be charged a late fee.

Paying Your Tuition

Tuition and related fees must be paid 10 business days before the start of classes. Please see the tuition and refund schedule in the Keyano College Credit Calendar.

Online Banking Credit Card TransferMate

Online banking

You can use online banking to pay your tuition. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your online banking and navigate to bill payments.
  2. Select “Add Payee.” Regular students should enter “Keyano College – Tuition Fee.” Continuing Education students should enter “Keyano College – Continuing Education.” To pay housing, students should enter “Keyano College – Rent.”
  3. When the system asks for your account number, enter your nine-digit student ID number.
  4. Follow the system prompts to complete your tuition payment.

Credit card

You can also pay by credit card using Plastiq. Please be aware that Plastiq charges additional fees for processing payments.


Keyano College has partnered with TransferMate to provide our International students with a secure payment portal that saves on bank fees and exchange rates, while providing 24-hour customer service and online tracking of your payment. The system allows International student to make payments using their local banks (bank wire transfers) or credit cards, with competitive exchange rates. Select your country of origin and preferred payment method, and follow the steps to make your payment.

  1. Click on the TransferMate payment link to get started
  2. Click on Register a payment, enter in student information
  3. Follow instructions provided by TransferMate to complete payment
  4. Confirmation email from TransferMate will be sent once payment is completed.

If you are accept your offer through TransferMate, on your MyKeys portal please enter in the TransferMate reference number from your confirmation email.


Any course withdrawals, refunds or issues regarding tuition can be discussed by calling the Office of the Registrar at 780-791-4801 or by email. Review the Refund of Fees policy in the Credit Calendar for more details.

Any refunds will be mailed by cheque to the mailing address on your student account or through electronic funds transfer.

Financial Aide

Keyano College students who demonstrate financial need can apply for financial aid to cover the cost of tuition and fees. View our Financial Aide page to learn more about programs that are available to eligible students.