Student Association

The Students' Association of Keyano College (SAKC) provides you with services, leadership opportunities, and support. We advocate for Keyano College students on many issues. We operate the King's Lounge, Used Bookstore, and Locker Rentals on campus.

SAKC Executive Election

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Volunteer with us

If you'd like to get involved, check out our volunteer opportunities or join one of our clubs or committees.


Students’ Association Fee

The Students’ Association fee is a mandatory fee that entitles students to Students’ Association membership and all the benefits offered. Full-time students are assessed $6.51 per week of studies. Part-time students are required to pay $3.26 per week of studies. Fees are assessed at the time of registration and are non-refundable and non-transferable. The Students’ Association has implemented a building fund for the students in the Fort McMurray campuses. It is $1.12 per week for full-time students and $0.56 per week for part-time students. Students at regional learning centres pay the Associate Membership fee of $14.65 per term. Auditing students and senior citizens are not required to pay Students’ Association fees.

Health and Dental Plan Fees

Eligible full-time students are required to pay $126 per Fall and Winter semester (total of $252) for one complete year of the mandatory Extended Health & Dental plan offered by the Students’ Association of Keyano College (SAKC). This fee is assessed along with tuition and related fees during the registration process of the Office of the Registrar. Students with the plan may also purchase coverage for a spouse and/or dependent(s). Students already covered by an alternate plan (through parents, spouse, or employer), have one opportunity per year to opt out of the SAKC Benefits plan. They must do so within the first two weeks of the start date of their program by completing a waiver form online. Opt out waivers will remain on students’ records for all future academic years. Students wishing to reactivate coverage for the next academic year must complete an enrollment form to opt in. Visit Student Care's website and choose Students’ Association of Keyano College for additional information regarding deadlines, plan details, and to complete enrollment or opt out forms.


Each year, we give out a number of awards to students, staff, and faculty at Keyano College who show passion for the welfare of the all students. We also give out scholarships and bursaries.

The students decide the following awards during our spring elections:

  • King's Lounge and Patio Worker of the Year - Awarded to an employee of King's Lounge and Patio
  • Faculty Member of the Year - Awarded to a faculty member at Keyano College
  • Staff Member of the Year - Awarded to a staff member at Keyano College
  • Lounge Lizard of the Year - Awarded to a student based on the number of hours spend at King's Lounge and Patio

The Executive Committee gives out the following awards to students who have served a minimum of one year on General Council:

  • Gold Award
  • Silver Award
  • Bronze Award

The recipient has been involved in a number of campus activities and shown leadership skills. Members of the Executive Committee are not eligible for these awards.

Rick Mayuk Spirit of Keyano Award

We give the Rick Mayuk Spirit of Keyano Award to a current student who contributes to college life through leadership activities and supports their peers. Members of the Executive Committee are not eligible.

The Howler

The Howler is the official monthly online newsletter of the Students' Association of Keyano College. The Howler aims to inform Keyano College students about the monthly activities, events, and causes that involve them and their well-being as a vital part of the College. This newsletter also serves as a platform for students to share ideas, experiences, and information for the best interests of their fellow students.

View September 2020 newsletter. 

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