About Library

Keyano College Library is integral to the education process and acquisition of lifelong learning skills. The Library takes a leadership role in facilitating the learning process through access to – and provision of – appropriate learning resources, services, and technology.

Our mission will be accomplished in these ways:

  • Teaching how to access resources and use library technology effectively.
  • Selecting resources, in consultation with the Keyano College community, that meet the needs of faculty, students and administrators.
  • Making materials accessible by using up-to-date technologies and following library best practices.

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 Our facilities include areas for quiet study, online research, group study and comfortable reading.
  • Study carrels
  • Group study rooms
  • Computer lab
  • Quiet areas
  • Soft seating for reading and listening to music


Book A Study Room Here                             play video icon How To Book A Study Room (video)

 Printing and Equipment
 The Library has the following equipment available on site:                                                            
  • Charging cords
  • Chromebooks
  • Chromecasts 
  • Headphones
  • Keyboards
  • Laptops
  • Photocopier
  • Portable DVD players
  • Printer
  • Projectors
  • SAD Lights
  • WebCams

For more information, please see our Technology page. 

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