Counselling and Wellness Services FAQ's

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Student life can be challenging in many ways. Keyano College has resources to support your mental health and well-being. You can get direct access to counselling through Wellness Services, located on the Clearwater Campus in room CC-260. 

Services and Eligibility 

 Why does Wellness Services only offer brief counselling?
As a public institution, the Government of Alberta provides direction about the types of health services provided by public post-secondary institutions. The Government of Alberta has given the mandate to public post-secondary institutions in Alberta to provide brief mental health support to our students (12 sessions).
How many counselling sessions are offered to one person? How long is short-term counselling on average?
On average, students accessing brief counselling find they are able to address their concerns in 12 sessions. Depending on the situation, some students may access additional sessions and others may access less.
 Do I have access to Wellness Services as a student?
You have access to all Wellness Services if you are currently registered in classes (e.g., full-time, part-time). 
 Are counselling sessions offered in languages other than English?
While English is the primary language, we are able to offer counselling in French.


How to Access Counselling Services 

 How can I access mental health support if I'm unable to attend during regular business hours?

Hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. Wellness Services is closed on weekends and all statutory holidays. If you require mental health services after hours, we have the following options available to you:

  1. SOS Crisis Line (24hrs.) 780-743-4357, available 24/7.
  2. Additional crisis support is available the Wood Buffalo and Addiction and Mental Health Walk-In Services. The walk-in clinic is open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information you can call them at 780-793-8360 and assistance is also available by calling the Mental Health Help 1-877- 303-2642.
  3. Canadian Mental Health Association can be reached at 780-743-1053

Students now have the option of booking virtual mental health appointments during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.). To book a virtual appointment by email We can offer virtual sessions by Teams or Zoom.

Can I access mental health services over the summer? 
Wellness Services is not open during the month of July and reopens mid August.
Can I access Wellness Services online?
  • Counselling can be provided both in person and virtually.
  • Students now have the option of booking virtual mental health appointments during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.). To book a virtual appointment online, or by email We can offer virtual session by Teams or Zoom.
Can I access workshops and counselling at the same time?

Yes, you can attend workshops while receiving counselling.

How can I book an appointment? Can I choose a specific counsellor?

You can book an appointment online, by emailing or call at Wellness Services 780-791-8934.

When you are booking, you can choose from any available counsellors. If you’ve previously accessed counselling services and are interested in meeting with a different counsellor, you are welcome to choose a new counsellor.

Visit our website to read more about the team! 


Preparing For Your Appointment

 What will your first single-session counselling session look like? 
  • Your counsellor will review the consent forms with you, your goals for the session and will also spend some time getting to know you. Following, the counsellor will collaborate with you to identify next steps for addressing your goals. This can look differently, depending on the nature of your goals (e.g., developing new insight, learning new skills, identifying natural supports). Sessions are between 50 to 60 minutes.
  • At the end of your appointment, you and your counsellor will discuss best next steps, which may include taking time to implement what you’ve learned and then checking in at another single session in the future. You are also welcome to book a follow up appointment with your counsellor at the end of your single session appointment.  We refer to this as “brief-individual counselling.” Brief individual counselling typically continues with the same counsellor, though your counsellor may recommend seeing someone else on the team who offers specialized skills related to your counselling goals.
 What technology do I need to access a virtual mental health appointment?
  • Student Wellness Services uses MS Teams or Zoom to offer virtual mental health appointments. It’s preferred that you have access to a webcam, especially for your first appointment. As much as possible, please arrange to be in a private space with a secure internet connection. Headphones are highly recommended to help protect your privacy.
  • It is advisable to download MS Teams or Zoom in advance of your appointment and to be logged in with your Keyano College account to reduce the risk of connection issues.
  • If you are unable to identify a private location and/or do not have access to the technology to access a virtual appointment, one of our Wellness Services counsellors can coordinate a space for you.


After my Appointment

 Will you release information about to me my professors? 
No. Information about you and what is discussed in counselling sessions will not be released to your professors without your consent.


Wellness Navigation Services

 What can the Wellness Navigator help me with?
  • Ensuring Short and Long-Term Food Security
  • Coordinating Financial Assistance
  • Addiction Service Referrals
  • Support with Off Campus Accommodations
  • Legal Aid Referrals
  • Social Events Coordination
  • Navigating On campus Resources
  • Referrals to Community Supports for Physical and Mental Wellness 
How can I get in touch with the Wellness Navigator?
The Wellness Navigator is located in the Wellness Services Department, in room CC-260.
  • Hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday
  • Available by appointment and walk ins.
  • To book an appointment email or call at 780-792-5621.

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