About Us

Samantha ShibleyMy name is Samantha Shibley-Hornby and I am the Indigenous Student Resource Coordinator at Keyano College. I've always had a passion for creating spaces where people feel valued, heard, and supported. So if you need someone in your corner; I’m your girl. 

Let me tell you a little about myself. My roots are from Beaver Lake Cree Nation and am member Carry The Kettle First Nation who grew up in Calgary, Alberta. I like many, have been reconnecting with my culture through the years and am always excited to learn more.  I have worked in recreation, law, and municipal government. I love cooking, the Chicago Cubs, spending time with my husband and dogs, and have a fear of being thirsty.

As the Indigenous Student Resource Coordinator, my goal is to create a hub of inspiration, understanding, and resources for Keyano’s Indigenous students. I’m here to create an environment where you can comfortably explore your identity, access the resources you need, and chase after your academic and personal goals.   

Shoot me an email at samantha.shibley@keyano.ca or drop by my office (currently in CC210).