Academic Success Centre

We offer free tutoring, study support, and academic skills support! 

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About Us

Keyano College offers free tutoring, study skills, and academic skills support for ALL Keyano students in all programs at the Academic Success Centre.  You should reach out to the ASC if you need support in one of the following areas:

-       Understanding course content

-       Review of foundational concepts

-       Getting started on/completing assignments

-       Essay planning/writing

-       Grammar/language

-       Completing labs and writing lab reports

-       Document formatting/using citation styles

-       Studying individually or with a group

-       Academic skills like time management, organization, goal setting, or note taking

 Academic Success Centre staff are available Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30

Contact Us

Currently, the Academic Success Centre is operating virtually.  We are setting up individual or group appointments via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 

 If you know you would like an appointment, fill out the form below.

 If you would like to find out more, email us.

 Find us on campus in CC-119.

 Follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date date on services, information, and events/workshops!

Here are some of the types of sessions we offer.  This list is just to give students an idea of what we can do together!

Content Review Session
30 minutes to 1 hour – book with the Academic Content Specialist in English/Humanities, Science, or Math to practice and review course concepts.  Make sure to include which course you are taking and come prepared with the necessary materials!  (Currently offered virtually!)
Assignment Support Session
30 minutes to 1 hour – book with an Academic Content Specialist in English/Humanities, Science, or Math to discuss the knowledge and skill required to complete an assignment.  Make sure to include which course you are taking and come prepared with the necessary materials!  (Currently offered virtually!)
Essay/Written Assignment Support Session
1 hour – book the English/Humanities Academic Content Specialist at any point in the writing process!  Support offered in areas of getting started/understanding the assignment, thesis writing, outlining, topic sentences/tying back to thesis, and how to proofread.  Please come prepared with the assignment instructions and rubric if possible!  (Currently offered virtually!)
 Laboratory Support Session
30 minutes to 1 hour – book with the Academic Content Specialist in Science to discuss completing labs and writing lab reports.  Make sure to include which course you are taking and come prepared with the necessary materials!  (Currently offered virtually!)
 Individual or Group Study Session
30 minutes to 1 hour – book with the Academic Content Specialist in English/Humanities, Science, or Math to study for an upcoming assessment (test, midterm, quiz, final, etc.).  Please make sure include which course you are taking and come prepared with your study guide/topics list.  (Currently offered virtually!)
 Academic Skills Session
30 minutes to 1 hour – book with the Academic Success Coach if you need help with time management, study strategies, organization, goal setting, note taking, etc.  (Currently offered virtually!)


 Academic Success Session
 30 minutes to 1 hour – book with the Academic Success Coach if you are concerned about your success in a course or your courses overall.  (Currently offered virtually!)

 Tutoring Session Tips

In order to get the most out of your tutoring sessions, you should come prepared to discuss your course material and current assignments.

Here are a few tips to make each session a success:

  • Have your notes and textbooks with you.
  • Have your course outline and handouts or assignment instructions with you.
  • Attempt the work prior to your appointment and identify where you need help.
  • Don't expect us to provide answers to assignment questions (we will help explain concepts but you need to complete all your work).
  • Don't wait until the last minute to get help.
  • Be active during tutoring sessions and work with your tutor.
  • Tell us if we are moving too quickly or if you need a concept explained differently.
  • Attend classes and ask questions of your instructor that are related to course delivery and expectations.

Our Staff

Tutoring staff at the Academic Success Centre are Academic Content Specialists who have education in their area of specialization, either Math, Science, or Humanities.  Additionally, the Academic Success Coach supports students developing the skills and habits necessary to be successful in the post-secondary environment, including time management, scheduling, and study techniques. 

 Meet our qualified staff:

The Academic Content Specialists are here to help you with course content and assignments! 


  • Kaustav Das, B.Eng. (Honours) – Academic Content Specialist in Math – email Kaustav now! 


  • Mindy Lambert, B.A., B.Ed. – Academic Content Specialist in English and Humanities – email Mindy now!


  • Dana Manalo, B.Sc. – Academic Content Specialist in Science – email Dana now!


The Academic Success Coach is here to connect you to the resources necessary for achieving academic success!


  • Claire Soper, B.Sc., B.Ed. – Academic Success Coach – email Claire now!

Peer Tutors

Our peer tutor program connects you with knowledgeable Peer Tutors in your program of study.  Our tutors have successfully completed your course material and can clearly explain course concepts.  To connect with a Peer Tutor, email us!

Peer tutoring currently offered in:

-       Nursing

-       Writing/English

-       Business/Accounting

Interested in becoming a Peer Tutor?  Here are our current openings. 

Workshop Wednesdays

Staff at the ASC have scheduled a workshop every Wednesday to address gaps in student skills and knowledge. Please spread the word to your friends and classmates!  Note that workshops are currently being offered virtually.


Cost: Free

Time: Every Wednesday 12-1

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Schedule of topics: Click here


Have a question about our workshops?  Click here for answers!

My schedule won’t allow me to attend, but I really want to!  What can I do?
Some workshops will be recorded and uploaded to our Study Resource Hub.  If it’s not recorded, or if you still need help, email us and we will go over it one-on-one or with your group.  If there’s enough interest, we may also consider offering it again.
I want to see a workshop on [insert topic here].  Can you do that?
Probably! Email us to request a topic and spread the word with your classmates.  HOWEVER, if this is something you need immediately (i.e. in order to complete an upcoming assignment), it may also be necessary to book an appointment ASAP so you get the information you need when you need it.  If you have classmates who are in the same boat, consider booking the appointment as a group.


I want to go to a workshop, but I’m very shy.  Is it necessary to participate, speak, or turn my camera on?
Participation isn’t required, and we want you to get the information you need.  However, you may find that you get out of these workshops what you put into them – activities are designed to boost your understanding of concepts, and asking questions can help clarify confusing information.  Teaching into the void (i.e. a sea of turned off cameras) is also exhausting for our staff – we thrive on human connections!  If you want to know what you’re getting into, please send us an email, but we recommend taking a chance and going outside your comfort zone!
Can I bring a friend?
YES. Please spread the word to your friends and classmates.  Workshop Wednesdays can only be successful with student interest and participation.
Is there a limit to how many people can attend a workshop? / I’m not in [a specific program/course], can I still attend a given workshop? 
Because we are online we don’t have to worry about social distancing, so there is no limit on workshop attendance.  Currently, all workshops are open to all students, no matter what programs or courses they are taking.


My question isn’t answered here!
Send us an email and we will answer it!


The Academic Success Centre has a variety of offerings that can help you be successful!  Come visit us in CC-119 to make use of our space and technology.  We offer:

-       Desks for individual/group studying

-       Computers

-       Printer/photocopier

-       Conference room with Smartboard (can be booked)

-       Portable projector (email/speak to staff to sign out)

-       Noise-cancelling headphones (email/speak to staff to sign out)

Online Resources

The Academic Success Centre has been compiling an Online Resource Hub for students who want to work independently.  Click here to access our Study Resource Hub on Moodle!  Add the Hub to your own Moodle for easy access in the future!

Information for Instructors

If you’re an instructor at Keyano, we want you to know we’re on your team!  Please consider raising awareness of the Academic Success Centre and our services in your classes.  Here are some things you can do for us.  For more options or information, please email us or visit the Keyano Knowledge Bank to see our procedure flows.

 Some things you can do as an instructor to team up with the ASC:

-       Mention the ASC to your students throughout the semester and encourage them to use our services

-       Invite us into your classes to meet and greet students to increase awareness

-       Refer individual students to us as needed (mention directly to student or ask that ASC staff contact the student)

-       Follow us on Facebook to find out about events (such as Workshop Wednesdays) and encourage students to attend

-       Invite us into your class to hold a workshop

-       Contact the ASC staff with important information to help us support your students – your course outline, required readings, Moodle access, assignment instructions/rubrics/due dates, etc.