ASC Frequently Asked Questions

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Question not answered below? Come see us in person or send us an email and we will answer it. 

The Academic Success Centre

How much does it cost to access academic support or tutoring at the Academic Success Centre (ASC)?
All services at the ASC are free!
 Do I have to be a Keyano student to use the ASC?
Yes, and we require students to sign in using their name and Keyano email address. 
 How do I book the conference room?
There is a posted schedule on the conference room door at the ASC. The conference room can be booked for 3 hours at a time. If you can't come in to write down your name, please email us and we will do it for you. 
 Can I bring a friend to the ASC? 
Yes! Please spread the word to your friends and classmates.
Is there a time limit/limited number of hours I can get help per course?

No, however students need to take responsibility for their learning and staff must respect academic integrity and avoid over tutoring. If staff feel that a student is asking for too much help, they will explain the limits to the student.

Academic Support/Peer Tutoring 

I want to work with a Peer Tutor, when are they available?
Peer Tutor schedules are posted weekly at the Academic Success Centre (CC-119)
How do I become a Peer Tutor?
As our staff or visit the Keyano Careers page to find out!
Can ASC staff meet me outside the ASC/College?
We can accommodate virtual meetings if necessary, however, in-person meetings must take place in CC-119.
How does the ASC follow academic integrity?
Instead of giving the answers or telling students what to write, we focus on helping students develop the skills to complete their work themselves.

Workshop Wednesdays

 My schedule won't allow me to attend a Workshop Wednesday, but I really want to! What can I do?
If you can't attend, but need support on that topic, drop in or email us and we will go over it one-on-one with you/your group. If there's enough interest, we may also consider offering it again. 
 I want to see a workshop on (insert topic here). Can you do that?
Probably! Email us to request a topic and spread the word with your classmates. However, if this is something you need immediately (i.e. in order to complete an upcoming assignment), it may also be necessary to book an appointment ASAP so you get the information you need when you need it. 
 Can I bring a friend to a workshop?
 Yes! Please spread the word to your friends and classmates.
 I'm not in (a specific program/course), can I still attend a given workshop?
 All workshops are open to all students, no matter what programs or courses they are taking.