Wellness Navigation

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Wellness Navigation

Shanice GuyOur Wellness Navigator, Shanice Guy, is here to support students by connecting them with campus services, community organizations, and government programs that help students.

Support areas include physical health, financial independence, legal assistance, addiction treatment, housing, food, and mental health needs. 

The Wellness Navigator is available for individual consultations to learn about what supports you would benefit from and how the resources on our campus and in our community can help you.



The Wellness Navigator can help with:

  • Ensuring Short and Long-Term Food Security
  • Coordinating Financial Assistance
  • Addiction Service Referrals
  • Support with Off Campus Accommodations
  • Legal Aid Referrals
  • Social Events Coordination
  • Navigating On campus Resources
  • Referrals to Community Supports for Physical and Mental Wellness 
 Get in touch with the Wellness Navigator
 The Wellness Navigator is located in the Wellness Services Department.
  • Hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday
  • Available by appointment and walk ins.
  • To book an appointment email wellness.services@keyano.ca, call at 780-792-5621.



Indigenous Support Line

are you an indigenous person that has questions about Alberta health Services, has a concern, or needs to find help in navigation? call the support lineAlberta Health Services (AHS) has launched an Indigenous Support Line.

They can answer questions, help with accessing culturally appropriate care or support and assist with navigating the healthcare system. 

You can call at any time during your, or a family member’s, healthcare journey with questions or concerns.

Call AHS’ toll-free Indigenous Support Line (Monday-Friday, 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.):






Wood Buffalo Food Bank Services 

This video will provide an overview of how you can access the Wood Buffalo Food Bank as a Keyano student. Your application will be reviewed by the College's Wellness Navigator before referral to the Food Bank. This process ensures that we can efficiently and respectfully meet your needs while adhering to the Food Bank's policies and procedures.

Apply for Wood Buffalo Food Bank Services