Library Policies

Keyano College Library follows these policies to ensure our library maintains its high standards as a place of learning for the College and Fort McMurray community.

Group Study Room Policy

Terms and Conditions for the Group Study Room

 Computer Use Policy

Student Computer Policy Staff Computer Policy Guest Computer Policy

Statement of Appropriate Use of Public Access Computers

Keyano College is a publicly funded, post-secondary educational institution. As such, its resources, including computers, are meant for the use of students and employees. By its own mandate and as a member of Alberta North, however, the College opens some of its resources to people who are not otherwise affiliated with the College. These resources are to be used for educational purposes only, not for recreation or entertainment. The public library is the correct place for recreational activities.

Conditions of use

  1. Library computers must only be used for purposes which are consistent with the objectives and policies of Keyano College.
  2. The Keyano College Library computing resources are primarily for the research needs of Keyano College students, faculty and staff.
  3. The Library Computers must not be used to access, download, store, copy or transmit pornographic, racist, sexist or other offensive or derogatory material. This includes use of email and the Internet. Violation of this condition will result in a ban from future use of Library computers.
  4. All users of the system must sign and abide by the “Statement of Appropriate Use.”
  5. The Library reserves the right to monitor all computers for violations of computer usage rules.
  6. Public users are required to sign in and show photo identification at the Circulation Desk every time they use the computer. Public computer use is limited to three hours per day.

Appropriate use of public access computers

  • Public access computers are provided primarily for educational activities. Examples of educational activities (but are not limited to):
  • access to library databases for research
  • job hunting and creating resumes
  • researching and registering for school programs
  • accessing newspaper or news sites (i.e. CNN)
  • Documents for these purposes may be downloaded and printed. There is a fee for printing.
  • Users are expected to observe relevant copyright laws and regulations.

Examples of inappropriate use of public access computers

  • Installing software unless specifically approved by library staff
  • Downloading music or video files
  • Unauthorized copying of copyright-protected materials
  • Attempting to bypass system restrictions or tampering with system files or applications. Unauthorized access to system files. Attempting to disrupt the integrity of the system.
  • Public access computers are not to be used for recreational use. Examples of recreational use (but are not limited to):
    • Dating sites
    • YouTube
    • Gaming (Internet or local)

Statement of Appropriate Use of Public Access Computers must be read and signed before Community Members will be allowed access to Keyano Library computers.


Book Donation Policy

  1. The Library may generally accept donations of books or other appropriate materials to the library under the following guidelines. Such donations may be accepted by any library staff member, but if there are questions these should be referred to the Chair of Library Services.
    1. Donor must be informed of guidelines before accepting donation.
    2. No tax receipt for donation or other acknowledgement is requested by donor (but see 2 below).
    3. The majority of the items in the donation are appropriate for addition to the Library's collection.
    4. Materials are in good condition. The Library reserves the right to refuse any donation or part of a donation at the time of its arrival at the Library.
    5. Donated materials will only be added to the collection if they fall under the Library's collection policy. Donated materials not added to the collection will be placed on the free books table. After an appropriate period any donated materials not removed from the free book table by patrons will be discarded.
    6. Donated items not taken from the free book table will not be returned to donor. Donors must decide whether or not to donate all materials at the time of donation.
  2. In exceptional circumstances, for materials of special historical or other value, donations may be accepted and a receipt for its value for tax purposes issued, in conjunction with the Keyano College Foundation, and following College policy 6.9, Solicitation of Donations, particularly subsections 6.9.2, Donations Acceptance, and, Gift-in-Kind Acceptance.
    1. The decision to accept a donation for tax purposes must be made by the Manager in consultation with the Foundation and others according to policy
    2. In the case of the Manager's lengthy absence any person acting in his or her place may make this decision with the appropriate consultation.
    3. The method of valuing donated materials will be agreed upon by the Manager, the Foundation and the donor before acceptance of the donation.