Library Policies

Keyano College Library follows these policies to ensure our library maintains its high standards as a place of learning for the College and Fort McMurray community.

Copyright and Fair Dealing Policy

Keyano College is committed to compliance with copyright law and does not sanction or authorize any violation of copyright. The College Community is responsible for ensuring adherence to the Copyright Act which entails adherence to:

  1. the rights of copyright-owners; and
  2. the exceptions to those rights as defined in law and supported by the Supreme Court of Canada. Of particular relevance in an educational setting is the Court’s guidance with respect to Fair Dealing.

This policy sets out the policy and regulations governing use of copyrighted materials and Fair Dealing at the College, and applies to all members of the College Community, including faculty, staff, and students, who use copyrighted material.

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Library Borrowing Policy

The library supports the learning and information needs of the Keyano College Community, including students, faculty, and staff. The library strives to ensure the information needs of the College community are met and the resources required to support teaching, learning, and other scholarly activities are accessible.

This policy defines the conditions of borrowing, lending, and use of the library’s collections, as well as the fees associated with loss or damage of these items. 

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Library Collection Development Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for ensuring the information needs of the college are met and that the Library has a collection that includes subjects delivered in programs of study with appropriate focus on stakeholders in accordance with library partnership and consortium responsibilities.

This policy outlines the principles and standards governing the acquisition, maintenance, and deselection of library resources owned by the Keyano Library and of electronic resources to which the library subscribes and provides access.

This policy applies to all faculty, staff, and students at the College and to the library’s consortium partners. 

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Library Technology Use and Management Policy

Keyano College Library endeavors to foster and maintain an educational environment in which members of the College community can access and create information and work together with colleagues. As part of this effort, the Keyano Library is committed to sustaining a technology environment that is free from harassment and is available to its members. Use of the Keyano College Library’s technology resources must comply with all applicable laws, as well as all Keyano College policies, procedures, and guidelines. 

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 Library Use Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure members of the College Community have the ability to learn and work in an academic environment that supports individual and collaborative learning. We support the teaching and learning needs of the College Community by providing environments, services, and resources that are beneficial to learning and the mission of the library is based on the dual goals of providing access to information while assuring preservation of library resources and collections. In achieving these goals, the library will ensure access for all users who need information while implementing appropriate standards to provide for the preservation of library materials and resources. All members of the College Community shall exercise this freedom with responsibility, respecting the diversity of the other users.

The Library Use Policy is provided in addition to the Non-Academic Misconduct Policy. Violations and/or non-compliance of the Library Use Policy may result in loss of library privileges and/or sanctions, as per the Non-Academic Misconduct Procedure. In some cases of non-compliance, the College’s Security Services may be called to enforce the policy.

It is the responsibility of the library users to be aware of all Keyano policies.

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