Employment Skills Certificate

Take your first steps to success in the workplace with the Employment Skills Certificate program. This program will help you to make the transition between college and successful employment. It's free to all current students and will cover the workplace basics.

Mandatory Sessions:

  • Personality Dimensions
  • Digital Literacy
  • Personal Branding
  • Interview skills
  • Workplace Basics
  • Gender & Diversity
  • Networking & Communications
  • Networking Event

Optional Sessions:

  • Strong Interest Inventory
  • Mentorship
  • Financial Literacy
  • Critical Thinking (LinkedIn Learning)
  • Creative Problem Solving (LinkedIn Learning)
  • Unconscious Bias (LinkedIn Learning)

Summer Work Placement Opportunity 

Students who successfully complete the required courses of the program will be interviewed and one student will be awarded a Summer work placement at Keyano College.  

Program Schedule

Spaces are limited and places will be assigned on a first come first serve bases. 

All sessions are 12:00 - 1:00 PM.

Session 1 - February 23 - March 18




February 23

Personal Branding 

60 min

February 25

Interview Strategies 

60 min

March 2

Digital Literacy 

60 min

March 4

Workplace Basics

60 min

March 8

Gender and Diversity 

60 min


Financial Literacy

60 min

March 12

Networking & Communication

60 min

March 16

Networking Event

60 min

March 18 Personality Dimensions 60 min

To sign up email Career Services.

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