Keyano College is committed to offering flexible opportunities right here in Fort McMurray as well as transfer degrees to other universities. 

University collaborative degrees

We have partnered with universities across the province to provide degree programs that you can take right here in Fort McMurray. Check out our degree programs and jump start your career today!

Bachelor of Business Administration (Management)

In collaboration with The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Keyano College offers the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with courses in accounting, finance and human resources. You will gain practical experience taking courses in core IT and software programs.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree prepares you for a future career as registered nurse (RN).  At Keyano College in collaboration with the University of Alberta, you'll receive hands-on learning and be prepared to start your career in health care.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Our Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Degree will give you the skills necessary to begin your career in the environmental sector. Students who complete the two year Environmental Technology Diploma at Keyano College can then apply to enter into year three of the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Degree in collaboration with Mount Royal University.
Bachelor of Education (Elementary)
Students may complete their entire 4 year Bachelor of Education Elementary Degree at Keyano College through a collaborative degree program with the University of Alberta.  Upon completion, students are eligible to apply for teacher certification in Alberta and other provinces in Canada.

 University transfer degrees

 Many of the courses you take at Keyano College can be transferred as university credits to institutions across the province and country.

Bachelor of Arts

Students can complete one to two years (60 credits) of the Bachelor of Arts degree at Keyano College/ The Bachelor of Arts program is open to both full and part-time students unless otherwise indicated. If a student is interested in a Major or Minor not listed or described, please consult with a Student Advisor.

Bachelor of Commerce

Students can complete their first year (30 credits) of the Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Keyano College. The Bachelor of Commerce program will provide students with background skills and knowledge in the various specialized areas of business, as well as in the humanities and social sciences.

Bachelor of Education

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Education in Secondary should refer to the University of Alberta's University Calendar ( to review Major and Minor options and suggested course patterns. Students should also see a Keyano College Student Advisor for assistance in planning a one or two year course pattern.

Keyano College offers at least the first year of studies towards the following University of Alberta combined education degrees:

  • BA (Native Studies)/BEd
  • BSc/BEd (choice of majors include: Biological Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, and Physical Sciences)

Bachelor of Science

The objective of these programs is to provide access to the first year of study towards "General" or "Honours & Specialization" programs, which can be transferred to a degree-granting institution. Keyano College's Bachelor of Science programs have been developed in close cooperation with the University of Alberta. The University approves courses before they can be offered; content and credit weights are the same as the University.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Students can complete year one of the University of Alberta Bachelor of Science in Engineering program at Keyano College. All students (regardless of whether they attend Keyano College or the University of Alberta) follow a common curriculum in their first year.

Bachelor of Social Work 

Students are admitted to the Social Work diploma program or University Studies Pre-Social Work for their first two years at Keyano College. Admission to the Bachelor of Social Work occurs at the third year level. The University of Calgary offers onsite and distance BSW programs from Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge and various communities in Alberta via the Learning Circle Program.

Students can complete one to two years of their program at Keyano College and then transfer to the University of Alberta or another institution to complete their Bachelor of Education Secondary Degree.