Childhood Studies

Preparing for your future career working with children and youth? One of Keyano College's Childhood Studies programs may be right for you.

Early Learning and Child Care

Keyano College's Early Learning and Child Care certificate program gives you the skills and credentials needed to work in the child care field.  Learn how to create child-centred play programs, give guidance through problem solving, and inspire learning. You’ll gain practical experience with children and learn the best practices for child care at each stage of a child’s development.

  • Support exploration through play
  • Observe and properly document a child's learning and behaviour
  • Foster creativity by actively engaging children in meaningful exploration
  • Create vibrant environments for children in a variety of child care settings

You will gain a richer understand of diversity, relationships, and issues related to working as a child care professional.   Start a rewarding career nurturing and enriching the lives of children  and their families.

Educational Assistant Certificate

Learn how you can play a key role in breaking down the barriers of learning through Keyano College’s  Educational Assistant Certificate program

Attending school can be a great adventure for many  students, but for some it can be a difficult experience. This hands-on program will prepare you to  support  All students including students with learning challenges and special needs in school environments and community settings.

Our graduates are able to:

  • Learn and develop strategies for guiding behaviour
  • Apply and understand strategic adaptation and accountability
  • Understand specific disabilities and how they impact children's learning and development
  • Support curriculum in language learning, literacy, reading and numeracy
  • Observe and analyze social, cognitive and moral development