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Learn Nutrition Planning Online

runner stretchingWhether you are a health care, dietician, or fitness professional, developing personal nutrition programs for patients and clients can provide a significant boost to your career. In this 100% online course, you will learn to use your client's health history to develop a nutrition plan that optimizes their health and well-being. Key topics include energy and nutrient needs for daily living, common myths and fallacies concerning diet and athletic performance, and behavioral modifications and dietary approaches for different ages and populations.

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Admission Requirements

Basic computer skills are required. 

Program Structure

This course is open enrollment. You can enroll and begin anytime.

Course Objectives

  • Understand functional food implementation
  • Explore meal plan analysis
  • Learn appropriate behavioral modifications and dietary approaches for different ages and populations
  • Understand vitamin supplementation and weight management
  • Gain a foundation for wellness nutrition based on current scientific research
  • Understand how to reinforce positive food habits and behaviors
  • Learn how to personalize meal plans for yourself or your clients
  • Identify common myths and fallacies concerning diet and athletic performance
  • Jump-start your career as a medical or health professional, registered dietitian, or fitness professional
  • Learn the nutritional needs of the human body, and apply this knowledge to your personal and professional life
  • Develop a professional vocabulary that focuses on nutritional and fitness needs
  • Gain the confidence you need to counsel others about their nutritional needs


Job Outlook for Nutrition Professionals

According to Job Bank, Canada’s national employment service, the employment outlook will be good for dietitians and nutritionists in Alberta for the 2022-2024 period. This is due to a growth in employment leading to the creation of new positions, retirements not resulting in many openings, and a low number of unemployed workers with current experience in this field.

Data from the Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) reports that the average salary for dieticians and nutritionists is $76,285 per year.


Nutrition Professional FAQs

What skills do Nutrition Professionals require?

In addition to specialized knowledge about food, meal planning, and individualized nutrition assessments and plans, dieticians, and nutritionists need strong communication and empathy skills, listening skills, and writing

skills in order to communicate effectively with patients and clients.

Where do Nutrition Professionals work? 

Nutrition professionals work both inside and outside of the traditional healthcare system. Depending on their role and expertise, nutrition professionals may work in hospitals and long-term care facilities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, public health clinics, and HMOs. They may also serve in food service settings such as hospital cafeterias and food corporations.

Can Nutrition Professionals work remotely? 

According to, many dieticians and nutritionists work remotely to provide virtual assistance to patients and clients. They use Internet-based tools to assess clients' current nutrition regimen and recommend changes that optimize health. The site reports that nutrition professionals commonly earn between $50-128,000 per year working remotely.



Melissa Halas-Liang

Melissa Halas-Liang is a registered dietitian, with a Master's in nutrition education and a certification in nutrition support. In addition to working as a clinical dietitian, she assists in clinical trials, has taught group diabetes classes, and has counseled patients on weight loss. She has spoken on a wide range of topics in the community, from diet and fitness to high school sports nutrition. She has spoken at the Woman's Health Symposium on Fad Diets and on Weight Management and Disease Prevention. Melissa has published articles in periodicals on healthy eating and edited textbook nutrition sections. She developed curriculums for medical residents and lectured to healthcare professionals for continuing education credits on a variety of topics. Melissa's enthusiasm for healthy eating is contagious, and her outgoing and interactive approach to learning motivates her audience to commit to new lifestyles.

Donna L. Acox

Donna L. Acox, MA, MS, RD, CD/N, has over 25 years of diverse experience in nutrition. She currently works as a Dietitian II for the State of New York's Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities and is an adjunct nutrition instructor at Syracuse University. As an avid athlete and sports nutrition specialist, Acox also teaches fitness and physical education classes and is a certified Fitness and AFAA yoga instructor.

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