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 We offer Spanish language courses, which help your Spanish communication skills. You can choose between the introductory-level Spanish Level 1 course and the intermediate Spanish Level 2 course, depending on your experience.

Admission requirements

There are no admission requirements for Spanish Level 1.

You must have completed Spanish Level 1 or have basic Spanish language skills to register for Spanish Level 2.

Schedule and fees

Course   Code Semester Course Name Date/Day Time Room Tuition
CELANG210 Winter Spanish Level I Jan 28 - Apr 1, 2021 (Th) 6:00pm - 9:00pm TBA $395 + GST


Spanish Level 1 

We recommend the CELANG 210 - Spanish Level 1 course for beginner-level Spanish students or for those who plan to travel to Spanish speaking countries. You will learn:

  • The basics of speaking, listening, reading and writing in Spanish
  • How to introduce yourself, tell time, give and ask for basic information, speak about everyday actions and learn useful phrases in Spanish-speaking countries
  • Comprehension and speaking skills

TEXTBOOK: Easy Spanish Step by Step, Barbara Bregstein, MacGraw Hill. (Required). An English-Spanish dictionary is strongly recommended for Spanish courses.

Spanish Level 2 

We recommend the CELANG 220 - Spanish Level 2 course for students with basic Spanish language skills who want to become more fluent. You will review Spanish Level 2 content and grammatical concepts, like verb tenses and conjugation. You will also learn how to:

  • Expand on your Spanish speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • Give and ask for specific and detailed information
  • Communicate in Spanish in a variety of social situations

Program structure

All Fall 2020 courses will be delivered in the livestream online platform via Moodle and Zoom.

All course materials will be posted on Moodle, and you will be able to access them prior to your course start date.  Please email Continuing Education or call 780-799-0535  if you don’t know your credential.


When taking either course, you will need:

  • Step by Step, Barbara Bregstein, MacGraw Hill textbook
  • English-Spanish dictionary


You can register for Continuing Education courses online, by phone at 780-799-0535 or email.

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