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PEMAC and blue seal logosDeveloped and authorized by the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC), the Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) Certificate program provides training and accreditation. Certified MMP’s provide cost effective management of a business’ physical assets. 

Graduates have the knowledge and skills to drive improvements in uptime, production capacity, equipment reliability, safety, environmental compliance, economic life of assets; return on investment and effective communication between departments.

Admission Requirements

To enroll in a Keyano College Continuing Education course, you must be 18 years of age or older. A minimum of a high school diploma and relevant work experience is recommended; however, we encourage you to discuss your situation and needs with a program administrator.

Program structure

Our Maintenance Management Professional program is only available by group request or Corporate Training request.  Please email us or call 780-715-3903 for more information.  If you complete all eight courses and become a member of the PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada, you can apply to receive a Maintenance Management Professional designation.

The Maintenance Management Professional program is now offered in a virtual livestream online platform. Students will access the Keyano Learning Management System ( for all course materials and online components within the course timeframe. This is designed to increase accessibility and flexibility within the program.

This program's courses are eligible for the Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) program, through Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training, and you'll earn Continuing Education Unit Credits for both Alberta and Ontario Water/Waste Water Operators.


We strongly recommend that you complete all courses in order. You can complete this program in one and a half year depending on course availability. A minimum of 80% attendance is required in all courses. The passing grade for all courses is 60%.

Maintenance Management Professional courses 

An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management - 15 hours, $625

An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management is a 15-hour course that teaches you the framework for a strategic approach to business maintenance management. The course draws on elements presented in the Maintenance Excellence Pyramid of Uptime. You will learn how strategy, people, basic care, materials management, performance management, work management, support systems and tools such as Reliability Centered Maintenance and Root Cause Failure Analysis can work together to build a culture of excellence.

Textbook for this module: Uptime Strategies for Excellence in Maint. Mgmt. (3rd edition)

Production and Operations Management for the Maintenance Manager - 30 hours, $975

Production and Operations Management for the Maintenance Manager is a 30-hour courses that links maintenance strategies with business operations and production. You'll study production methodologies and apply them to improve business performance and meet the production goals of the organization.

Textbook for this module: Operations Mgmt. (6th edition)

Human Resources Management for the Maintenance Manager- 30 hours, $975

Human Resources Management for the Maintenance Manager is a 30-hour course that explores effective leadership. You learn the role of human resources in maintenance management, legal requirements, recruitment and selection, orientation training and employee development, proper application of performance appraisals, the union management interface, safety in the workplace and managing change.

Textbook for this module: Canadian Human Resource Mgmt. (12 edition)

Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager- 30 hours, $975

Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager is a 30-hour course teaches you how to apply accounting and finance principles in a maintenance management role. You'll learn the four main pillars of accounting (Project Analysis, Budgeting/Forecasting, Cost Analysis for Managerial Decisions and Maintenance, Repair and Operations Inventory) that you'll need to be part of an effective maintenance team.

Textbook for this module: Financial Mgmt. for the Maintenance Manager (2nd edition)

Developing and Implementing Maintenance Tactics- 30 hours, $975

Developing and Implementing Maintenance Tactics is a 30-hour course where you'll learn about the maintenance practices and tactics that you'll need to use physical assets safely and reliably. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of how assets are used as well as the possibilities and costs of asset failure. The course covers how to identify maintenance tactics that are both feasible and profitable.

Textbook for this module: Reliability-Centered Maintenance (2nd edition)

Maintenance Work Management- 30 hours, $975

Maintenance Work Management is a 30-hour course that teaches you how to improve reliability, apply proactive maintenance, use work management tools, and limit interruptions in production. You'll learn the principles of the work management process and the basics of planning, scheduling and work coordination methods.

Textbook for this module: Maintenance Planning, coordination & Scheduling (2nd edition)

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems- 30 hours, $975

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems is a 30-hour course that covers the features, benefits, and use of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. Learn how to choose a suitable CMMS or EAM and its application in the work management process.

Textbook for this module: Successfully Utilizing CMMS/EAM Systems (Volume 4)

Capstone Course- 30 hours, $975

The Capstone Course is a 30-hour final project where you'll apply the principals, concepts and techniques taught in the previous seven modules. You'll work as part of a small group and choose a project that will audit, assess and improve your current maintenance departments, develop a workplace maintenance strategy, or resolve a critical maintenance issue within departments.

You can also develop a greenfield maintenance strategy and program with approval from your instructor. This module consists of 2 days in class and around 20 hours of independent work.

You must complete MMP Modules 1-7 successfully before taking this course. If you've completed MMP Modules 1-7, the assessment of the Capstone project can qualify you for your MMP certification and designation.

There is no textbook for this module

 Software application courses

Microsoft Project 

Microsoft Project is a 21-hour course that teaches you how to track the progress of your projects. You'll learn how you can use Microsoft Project to plan and control your time, money and resources as well as schedule and track every task related to a successful project. You will also use advanced functions to customize a project plan.


Course topics include using drawing tools, setting options, workgroup functions, Project Central, sharing data among programs, multi-project management, cost management and tracking results, resource and task management.

Credit for Prior Experience
Applicants for MMP certification with previous experience or skills in the subject areas covered in the modules can
apply for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. This can reduce the amount of classroom time required to obtain the MMP certificate. See the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition section of the MMP Course Training Standard on the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada website for full details.

REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS: The textbooks used in this program are noted below and are available for purchase at the Keyano Bookstore.

Instructor Biography

Dennis Heinzlmeir

Dennis is a maintenance and turnaround professional grounded in more than 30 years of hands-on experience involving industrial projects. Extensive background in project management, quality, safety and project controls.  His experience covers the whole life cycle of projects from the Feasibility Study, Front End Engineering, Detailed Engineering, Construction, Commissioning and Start-up and Operations and Maintenance.  He was employed with one of Canada's largest maintenance providers for over 18 years and spent over 12 years living in Fort McMurray.  He has been a member of PEMAC for over 14 years, and is currently the President of the Alberta Chapter and a Director of the Fort McMurray Chapter.  He has been an instructor for PEMAC since 2010.  He is currently the Marketing and Operations Director at Akron Engineering Consultants Group Ltd., which provides the industry with consolidated services in civil, structural, electrical, mechanical engineering, maintenance, project and construction management.  Akron is located in Fort McMurray.

 Canada-Alberta Job Grant

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant provides funding to Alberta business to help hire and train employees. You can receive up to $10,000 per employee per year for skills training.  Keyano College has a list of pre-approved courses and program areas that are eligible for the grant.  Visit our Canada-Alberta Job Grant webpage for information on how to apply and employer benefits.


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