Power Engineering 4th Class Comprehensive

Admission Requirements  Tuition and Fees  Program Structure

Power Engineers operate, maintain, and manage industrial plants that use equipment such as boilers and refrigeration units. Keyano College’s Power Engineering Programs address the critical shortage of Power Engineers in northern Alberta. Keyano College offers a 21-week 4th Class Power Engineering Comprehensive Certificate program for those looking to gain their 4th Class Power Engineering Certificate.

Career Opportunities

 As a power engineer, you may be employed in any industry where boilers are used, including:
  • Gas plants
  • Power generating plants
  • Heavy oil plants
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Pulp mills
  • Plastic generating plants
  • Breweries
  • Food production plants
  • Refineries
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Offices and apartments

Check out an occupational profile of a power engineer.


Admission Requirements

 Admission Requirements

High School Diploma with;

  • English 20-1 or English 20-2
  • Math 20-1 or Math 20-2
  • Physics 20 or Science 20 (Alberta course only)



G.E.D. with pass mark on all five tests. 


 English Language Proficiency 

• TOEFL: iBT – minimum score of 80 with no score below 20

• IELTS – minimum score of 6.0

• CAEL – minimum score of 60

• MELAB – minimum score of 80

See our Credit Calendar for other ways that you can meet the English Language Proficiency requirements.


Tuition and Fees

 Full Time Fees
Full Time FeesTerm 1Term 2
Tuition $6,328.00 $5,086.00
Health & Dental Fee * $126.00 $126.00
Campus Rec Fee $55.00 $55.00
Student Association Building Fee $17.92 $17.92
Student Association Fee $112.00 $112.00
Technology Fee $75.00 $75.00
ABSA Exam Fees ** $194.00 N/A
Total Fees $579.92 $385.92
Total Tuition & Fees***
$6,907.92 $5471.92

* Students will be charged a medical/dental benefit fee unless they opt out by demonstrating alternative coverage - deadlines can be found at Student Care website
**As students’ progress through the program they will apply to write their certificate of competency examinations through the Alberta Boilers Safety Association.  This is organized through the program area.  Students will be notified of the scheduled exams and will be asked to provide payment just prior to each examination.  The cost for each exam is $97 but is subject to change without notice.  Students in the 3rd Class Power Engineering program will be required to write four exams.

*** Tuition is due 10 business days before the start of each semester.

For more information view the Keyano College Credit Calendar


Program Structure

The program includes four months of classes in ABSA Part A and B Theory, and 200 hours of Power Lab.

Term 1
Course Course Title Credits
PECO 4100 Applied Science 4
PECO 4200 Plant Services  4
PECO 4300 Steam Generation  4
PECO 4400 Prime Movers and Auxiliaries  4
  Total 16
Term 2 
Course Course Title Credits
PECOM 4500 200-Hour Power Lab 12