Keyano Climate Change Conference 2022

Understanding our Changing Northern Communities to Navigate the Future

Aerial view of clearwater river and surrounding forest

Keyano College presents a one-day Climate Change Conference hosted virtually and in-person at Keyano College on Saturday, March 26, 2022, Earth Hour, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MDT.

What is The Climate Change Conference?

The overall goal of this conference is to bring together scientists, experts, organizations, Indigenous leaders, and other participants as partners in learning to share and increase knowledge of the climate change, impact and adaptation and to provide information about policies, programs, and tools in place to protect, mitigate and help Northern and Arctic communities to adapt.

By the end of the conference, we hope to enhance the understanding of: 

  • Climate change in the past, present, and future.
  • Effects of the impact of climate change in Northern communities and Arctic regions.
  • Methods and strategies used by communities to adapt, build, and enhance their climate change resilience.

To achieve these objectives, participants will be engaged in a diverse range of oral presentations from several leaders in climate change around the globe and poster presentations from our student members.

Who Can Attend this conference?aerial view of oil sands operations

This conference is free and open to everyone, including students, faculty, staff, community members, family, and friends interested in learning more about climate change. We also welcome all new ideas and questions.

How is the conference organized?

Keyano Climate Change Conference is organized by faculty and students of EAS 208 (Introduction to Global Change). All of whom volunteer their time to make this day happen.


University Studies and Environmental Technology, Keyano College

Attendance and Registration

 Due to the Covid-19 pandemics, few participants will be present in-person and all others connected remotely. Deadline for registration is Friday, March 18, 2022, and can be completed via the online booking form. 


If you have any questions or concerns about the conference, send us an email. 

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