Hospitality and Tourism Management Diploma

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Program Overview

Not accepting applications for 2023/2024 & 2024/2025

Developed with input from industry experts, this innovative apprenticeship-style program enables students to gain practical experience, while learning from and networking with hospitality and tourism industry professionals within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

This 16-month diploma program consists of 15 courses and 5 paid work placements. Both classes and work placements are delivered in five to eight week-long periods. Students gain real-world knowledge of the hospitality and tourism industries that will allow them to develop skills related to customer service, business communications and technologies, financial management, marketing and sales, occupational safety and security, workplace regulations, human resource management, leadership, as well as current trends in travel and tourism. 

*This program is not open to international students at this time.

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Admission Requirements

 High School Diploma (or equivalent)

High School diploma (or equivalent) with:

  • A minimum of 50% in Math 20-1


  • A minimum of 50% in Math 20-2


  • A minimum of 50% in English 30-1


  • A minimum of 50% in English 30-2
Mature Students

Mature students (students who are 21 years or older) may be admitted by:

  • The completion of the above Math and English courses only (with grades specified)


Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) will be granted as applicable and in alignment with Keyano College policy.

English Language Proficiency

Students who do not speak English as their first language or language of instruction must meet the language proficiency requirements.

  • TOEFL: iBT with a minimum score of 79 with no score below 19
  • IELTS with a minimum score of 6.0
  • CAEL with a minimum score of 60
  • MELAB with a minimum score of 80

See our Credit Calendar for other ways that you can meet the English Language Proficiency requirements.

In addition to meeting English Language Proficiency, students must also present the appropriate coursework to meet the admission requirements for their chosen program.

Tuition and Fees

 Full Time Fees 2022-2023
 Please note the 2022-2023 fee are pending sign off from the Government of Alberta as per  the tuition fee regulation.
 Full Time Fees  Fall Winter
Tuition $3,250.00 $3250.00
Campus Rec Fee $65.00 $65.00
Health and Dental Fee  *$126.00 *$126.00
Student Association Building Fee $17.92 $17.92
Student Association Fee $112.00 $112.00
Technology Fee $85.00 $85.00
Semester Total Fees $405.92 $405.92
Semester Total Tuition & Fees ***$3,655.92  ***$3,655.92
Total Cost Per Year   $7,311.84
Full Time Fees 2023-2024 (Proposed and Subject to Change)
  Please note the 2023-2024 fee are pending sign off from the Government of Alberta as per  the tuition fee regulation.
 Full Time Fees  Summer Fall
Tuition  $3,478.00 $3,478.00
Campus Rec Fee  $70.00 $70.00
Health & Dental Fee - *$126.00
Student Association Building Fee $17.92 $17.92
Student Association Fee $112.00 $112.00
Technology Fee $95.00 $95.00
Semester Total Fees $294.92 $420.00
Semester Total Tuition & Fees



Total Cost Per Year  


* Students will be charged a medical/dental benefit fee unless they opt out by demonstrating alternative coverage - deadlines can be found at StudentCare website

*** Tuition is due 10 business days before the start of each semester.

For more information view the Keyano College Credit Calendar

 Estimated Books & Supplies Cost
Year/Term Cost
Year 1, Term 1 $500.00
Year 1, Term 2 $150.00
Year 2, Term 1 $600.00
Year 2, Term 2 $150.00

Program Structure

Current students, please use your Program Registration Guide when registering for courses.

 Year 1
Course Course Title Credits
Year 1, Term 1   19
HMT 100 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism 2
HMT 101  Safety & Security Operations 3
HMT 102 Customer Service Management 3

HMT 103

Business Communications & Technologies 3
HMT 104 Front Office, Product and Reservation Fundamentals 3
HMT 105 Financial Management 2
HMT 120 Work Integrated Learning I 3
Year 1, Term 2   18
HMT 106 Food & Beverage Operations & Services 3
HMT 107  Housekeeping Operations 2
HMT 108  Culinary Arts Management 3
HMT 121  Work Integrated Learning II 4
HMT 122  Work Integrated Learning III 8
 Year 2
Course Course Title Credits
Year 2, Term 1   15 
HMT 200 Event & Project Management 3
HMT 201 Marketing & Sales 3
HMT 202  Travel & Destination Fundamentals 3
HMT 220  Work Integrated Learning IV 6
Year 2, Term 2   15 
HMT 203 Human Resource Management  3
HMT 204  Leadership & Management 3
HMT 205  Regional Trends in Hospitality & Tourism 3
HMT 221  Work Integrated Learning V 6

Potential Pathways

Potential future employers for graduates of this program include:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Tourism Offices
  • Cruise Lines
  • Resorts
  • Tourism Development Agency

Faculty and Staff

Our instructors prepare students for various careers in business ranging from Office Administration, Accounting to Resource Management.

Nermin Zukic - Chair and Instructor, Business

Contact Information: 


Ben Bramly- Business/Esports Instructor 

Ben BramlyBen joined the Keyano College Faculty in 2021, as an instructor in the Business Administration and Office Administration programs, as well as the Coach of the Huskies Esport team. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Sports Management with Honours.  Prior to joining the team at Keyano College, Ben created and managed collegiate esports teams across Canada, as well as managing esports and retail facilities. His area of discipline is Esports Management, Leadership, and Operations.

Ben's research interest is the impact of varsity esports on the world of collegiate sports, and how gaming can promote teamwork, motor skills, and future success. 



Contact Information:


Greg Chandler - Business Instructor

Greg holds an MBA, CPA, and CGA. His area of discipline is accounting. 


Contact Information: 


Amanda Dafoe - Business Instructor 
Amani Edwards - Business/Office Administration Instructor 

picture of manAmani joined the Keyano College faculty in 2018 and currently serves as an Office Administration instructor. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science (Business Emphasis), a Business Administration diploma in Accounting, a Teacher’s diploma, and an M.B.A. from the University of Texas Permian Basin. Amani is a career educator who has been teaching since 2002. In addition to his teaching experience, Amani worked as an office administrator with a non-profit organization just before joining the faculty. He is a proud alumnus of Keyano College and is unwavering in his commitment to contribute to the development of our community. His areas of discipline are Information Science, Business Computing, and Business Mathematics and Statistics. 

Amani's research interests include data mining and knowledge discovery, as well as big data and supply chain management.


Contact Information: 


Jeremiah Iyamabo - Business Instructor 
Uylander Jack - Business/Office Administration Instructor 

Picture of womanUylander joined the Keyano College faculty in 2019 and is an Instructor in Business and Office Administration programs. She holds a BSC, and a M.Sc. in Human Resource Development. With over 15 years of experience serving students at internationally accredited institutions, Uylander believes that the most lasting impact in a person’s life is made through education. Her conviction is that education is the medium by which dreams are created, and visions are born. Uylander’s passion is empowering students, this is done daily through her motto “empowering students one at a time”. Her areas of discipline are human resources, and administrative management.

Uylander's research interests are immigrants resettling successfully, organizational design, future of work, and adult education.


Contact Information:


Vikrant Jain - Business Instructor
Gregory John Krabes - Business Instructor 
Portrait Picture

Gregory Krabes joined Keyano College in August 2017. He also teaches at Athabasca University, and is a visiting professor at Thompson Rivers University (Kamloops BC). Prior to these appointments, he lectured and conducted research in Europe, China, and The Middle East. Before joining academia, Gregory was an Economic Diplomat with Société Générale de Surveillance headquartered in Geneva. Gregory holds a BBA and an MBA in Power Engineering. 

His areas of discipline are international business, policy, strategy, and economic diplomacy.

Gregory's research interests include international education, international management, and global development. 


Contact Information:

Dr. Buarny Kunjappan - Business Instructor

buarny kunjappanDr. Buarny Kunjappan joined the Keyano College Business Faculty in 2022. His areas of discipline are financial accounting, and business marketing. Dr. Kunjappan holds a Ph.D., MPhil, MBA, and BCom. Prior to joining the Keyano College Faculty, he taught in Universities and Colleges in India, Oman, and Canada. Dr. Kunjappan also has experience working in B2B Marketing in India. 


His research interests include financial accounting, business-to-business marketing, microeconomics, marketing research, consumer behaviour, and international marketing. 


Contact Information: 


Beverly Lockett - Business Instructor 
Rahul Paul - Business and Hospitality Instructor

rahul paulRahul Paul joined the Business Faculty at Keyano College in 2022. His areas of discipline are hospitality, tourism, and French language studies. Rahul holds a BA (hons), and MBA. Prior to joining the Business Faculty, Rahul worked with Oman, Switzerland and Canada. He has experience teaching French as a Foreign Language to Adults, as a Hotel General Manager, and a Hotel Rooms Division Manager. 


His research interests include customer service and retention, as well as diversity in the workplace. 


Contact Information: 


Cristina Rensmaag-Izaguirre - Business/Office Administration Instructor 

cristina rensmaag-izzaguirreCristina holds an MA, and her area of discipline is communication studies, computer applications for business, and interpersonal skills. Prior to joining the faculty at Keyano College, she worked with Fujitsu Consulting Inc., and the University of Calgary.

Cristina's research interests include diversity and inclusion in higher education, and communications research (mass media, digital media, and social media). 

Contact Information:


Geraldine Rondot - Business Instructor 

Geraldine RondotGeraldine joined the Keyano College faculty in 2008 and is an instructor in the Business Department. She is a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) with an M.B.A. in Strategic Management and a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources Management.

Prior to teaching, Geraldine accumulated over 25 years experience in Finance, Financial/Investment Management, Employee Benefits, and Human Resources Management. Her area of discipline is human resources and strategic management. 

Geraldine's research interests include International Post-Secondary Education. 


Contact Information:


Dr. Pratibha Shalini - Business Instructor

Pratibha Shalini Dr. Pratibha Shalini holds a B.A. (Hons.) in Economics from Delhi University, an M.Sc. in International Financial Management (UK), and a Ph.D. from the University of the West of Scotland (UK).

From 2011-2014, Dr. Shalini worked as a Credit Analyst in Barclays UK Corporate Banking, followed by a four year stint in Retail Banking with TSB Bank in Glasgow, UK. Since 2020, her focus has been Post-Secondary teaching roles in Canada. 

Her areas of discipline are economics, business mathematics, operations management, and international business.

Dr. Shalini's research interests include financial inclusion, financial literacy, behaviour economics, and economic and social development. 




Contact Information:


Future Career Options

Graduates of the Hospitality and Tourism Management Diploma program may pursue supervisory level careers in the global hospitality and tourism sectors such as:

  • Front-desk managers, supervisors, or agents
  • Catering coordinators, or supervisors
  • Reservation agents
  • Business Owners