Keyano College offers language courses designed to help develop your communication skills, you can choose between the Introductory course and the intermediate course, depending your experience.

English French Spanish  


 Community Adult Learner Program (CALP)
The Community Adult Learning Program (CALP) offers courses to improve your reading, writing, and learning skills in part-time learning opportunities.
 English for Academic Purposes
The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program will provide learners English language instruction for pursuing further academic study in Canadian post-secondary institutions. The focus will be on strengthening reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, and developing research and academic study skills. Attention will also be given to a four-skills approach to language learning based in the grammatical, functional, textual, and strategic competency elements of academic English.
English Language Assessments 
We offer a variety of English language assessments that measure your English language skills, including reading, writing, speaking, listening and understanding.
Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)

Keyano College offers part-time English classes for newcomers in the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program. LINC is a Canada-wide English language and settlement-training program.

LINC is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and is FREE to Permanent Residents, Convention Refugees, and Protected Persons, 18 years or older.


Keyano College offers French language courses, designed to help you develop French communication skills. 


We offer Spanish language courses, which help your Spanish communication skills. You can choose between the introductory-level Spanish Level 1 course and the intermediate Spanish Level 2 course, depending on your experience.
Spanish Level 1

We recommend the Spanish Level 1 course for beginner-level Spanish students or for those who plan to travel to Spanish speaking countries. You will learn:

  • The basics of speaking, listening, reading and writing in Spanish
  • How to introduce yourself, tell time, give and ask for basic information, speak about everyday actions and learn useful phrases in Spanish-speaking countries
  • Comprehension and speaking skills
Spanish Level 2

We recommend the Spanish Level 2 course for students with basic Spanish language skills who want to become more fluent. You will review Spanish Level 2 content and grammatical concepts, like verb tenses and conjugation. You will also learn how to:

  • Expand on your Spanish speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • Give and ask for specific and detailed information
  • Communicate in Spanish in a variety of social situations
Newly Added: Fun Spanish Class for Families 
Spanish for Families allows one adult and up to two children to register for a course together and learn greetings and basic conversation in Spanish through games and hands-on activities in a small class setting.