Professional Life Skills

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Professional Life Skills, or 'soft skills' relate to how you work. These can include interpersonal (people), communication, listening, time management, problem-solving, leadership, and empathy, among others. They are among the top skills employers seek in hiring candidates because soft skills are essential for almost every job.

Admission Requirements

Students must be 18 years of age or older to enroll in Keyano College Continuing Education courses.

There is no admission requirement/application process to start a non-credit certificate program.

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Program structure

Delivery Format: HyFlex, Self-Paced Online

All course materials will be posted on the Keyano Learning Management System ( before a course start.

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Business Manners and Etiquette 

Possessing impeccable manners and proper etiquette can significantly enhance individual and corporate brands' success. The application of business etiquette theoretical concepts in practical exercises and real-life scenarios will prepare participants to navigate business settings with increased confidence and to establish positive and professional relationships.

Course Code: CEPLS100.

Customer Service

It is inevitable that the success or failure of any organization depends on customer service excellence. This course explores the fundamentals of customer service within the context of a competitive global business environment, including best practices of ethical customer service relations and cultural protocols.   

Course Code: CEPLS200.

Time Management and Decision Making

This course is designed to help individuals that struggle with trying to improve their productivity and prioritize the tasks based on its nature. Time management is often a challenge, and we get overwhelmed with all our priorities and tasks. Furthermore, some of us procrastinate while others make quick decisions based purely on emotion. Let us learn to practice a clear approach to sharpen our analytical thinking, while recognizing and removing our emotional and personal biases. 

Course Code: CEPLS300. 


Schedule and Fees

2023-2024 Schedule and Fees
Professional Life Skills Course Schedule
Course CodeCourse NameHoursDateDelivery FormatTuition
CEPLS100 Business Manners and Etiquette 7 Oct 23 - Nov 10, 2023 Self-paced online $329
CEPLS200 Customer Service 14 Oct 2 - Oct 27, 2023 Self-paced online $429
CEPLS300 Time Management & Decision Making 7 Nov 18, 2023 HyFlex $329
CEPLS100 Business Manners and Etiquette 7 April 6, 2024 HyFlex $329
CEPLS200 Customer Service 14 Mar 23, 24, 2024 HyFlex $429
CEPLS300 Time Management & Decision Making 7 Apr 15 - May 3, 2024 Self-paced online $329



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