Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) - Apprenticeship

Admission Requirements Tuition and Fees Program Structure


We offer a four-year Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) - Apprenticeship program for those interested in becoming a tradesperson.

After graduating the program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of safe and sound trade practice
  • Interpret project drawings and plans
  • Layout and develop projects according to specifications
  • Use a millwright's tools of the trade safely and properly
  • Know and understand the work of other tradespeople in the industry on construction or maintenance
  • Perform tasks in accordance with industry quality and production standards

Career opportunities

As an industrial mechanic (millwright), you will be ready for employment with manufacturing, processing and construction companies, as well as organizations with large scale equipment, such as amusement parks or ski hills.

Admission requirements

In order to register for the Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) - Apprenticeship program, you must be an eligible indentured apprentice.

Find our more about the Alberta Apprenticeship Entrance Requirements.

We recommend you complete your Alberta High School Diploma with:

  • English 30-2
  • Math 30-3
  • One of Physics 30, Chemistry 30 or Science 30
  • Related Career and Technology Studies courses

You must complete the minimum entrance requirements of English 20-2, Math 20-3 and Science, or complete Entrance Exam 5.

Tuition and fees

*The fee schedule may be subject to change without notice.  Tuition and related fees are set on an annual basis.  

**Lab fees if applicable have not been included in this amount.  For more information view the Keyano College Credit Calendar.

 Fees (Year 1 to 3) - 8 Week Session
Fees (Year 1 to 3) - 8 week session  Domestic Students
Tuition *$784.00
Health & Dental Fee n/a
Registration Fee  $15.00
Wellness & Athletic $17.60
Student Association Building Fee $8.96
Student Association Fee $52.08
Technology Fee $50.00
Materials $67.00
Total **$994.64

Program structure

The Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) - Apprenticeship program is a four-year program that includes a minimum of 1,560 hours of on-the-job training and eight weeks of technical training each year.

Course outline for all years

How apprenticeships work

An apprenticeship is a work experience based post-secondary education. As an apprentice, you will find a matching employer to help tutor you as you become a Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) through an Apprenticeship Agreement.

Your time is divided by on-the-job training under a certified journeyperson (about 80%) and attending technical training courses at a training provider, such as Keyano College (about 20%).