Online Courses

Keyano College has partnered with online learning providers to offer courses, programs and certificates entirely online. Taking online courses gives you the flexibility to study from home and work around your schedule.

Ed2go  Ed2Go

Ed2go offers courses in a variety of subject areas. You can take classes that are led by an instructor or courses that focus specifically on career training. There classes are non-credit, but many can lead to professional certifications.

Online Instructor-Led Classes

Each of these classes are instructor led, so you can ask questions and receive feedback throughout the course. Read through the course offerings and enroll today.

These courses begin monthly and lessons are released every Wednesday and Friday. Each course runs for six to eight weeks and consists of 12 lessons. Lessons will take between 24 and 30 hours to complete.

Online Career Training Programs

The Online Career Training Programs will prepare you for jobs in the most popular industries. These programs are led by instructor-mentors that are actively involved in the course and will respond to all of your questions. Read through the programs and enroll today!

These programs have open enrollment and will begin whenever you log in. Each course includes a set of lessons and evaluations and some courses include textbooks. All books and course materials will be mailed directly to you. You will have access to each course for up to six months. If you need additional time, you can contact Ed2go for an extension.

MindEdge  MindEdge

MindEdge courses combine interactive exercises, mini-cases, videos, and focused reading to create an engaging and dynamic learning environment.


UgotClass offers courses and programs facilitated by expert instructors. Read through our programs and courses and register today!

Keyano online learning

We have programs and certificates available that you can complete online.

Check out our online offerings:

CarriersEdge  CarriersEdge

Online driver training and development for drivers!  CarriersEdge courses translate complex regulations into real-world context that drivers understand, providing an interactive learning experience that's equally effective regardless of learning style, language skills or education background.

Courses available are 

  • Defensive Driving
  • Winter Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • HOS & Logbooks*
    • Canada Only*
    • Alberta Only
    • Canada & U.S. Combined*
  • TDG*
  • Hazardous Materials Security Awareness
  • Fire Safety
  • Lift Truck Operator Skills *
  • Practical Cargo Securement
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • And more

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