CNC Table Operator Certificate Program

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Program Description 

CNC Table

From material handling to assembling the final product, the CNC Table Operator program has it all! This introduction to CNC manufacturing is offered as five micro-credentials, each building the essential skills to operate any CNC cutting table independently. Students apply and integrate basic skills in safe material handling, using hand and power tools, perform metal joining methods, apply basic mathematical calculations and lay out along with software utilization to produce a desired product that meets industry standards. 

Admission Requirements

  • Students must be 18 years of age or older.
  • There is no admission requirement/application process to start a non-credit certificate program.
  • Please visit the Registration page.

Program Structure

Delivery Format: In person

Textbook: Individual Learning Module. Textbooks are available at Keyano Bookstore.

Courses may be completed individually or complete the five required courses to achieve the CNC Table Operator certificate.  You can complete this program in five weeks.

Graduates of the CNC Table Operator Certificate will be able to:  

  • Demonstrate safe work practices when operating equipment to load materials.  
  • Perform basic welding techniques, including safe operation of hand & power tools.  
  • Apply construction math and interpret blueprints in applicable industry scenarios.  
  • Utilize CAD/CAM software to create and/or convert files accepted by a CNC laser cutter machine to optimize material.  
  • Perform field assessment & measurement to create CAD/CAM files for CNC manufacturing that meets industry standards.   
CETRD100, Safety and Materials Handling (30 hours)

No matter what the trade, safe material handling is critical. This Safety & Material Handling micro-credential includes certifications in Forklift and Overhead Crane, with a focus on the hazards and personal protective equipment (PPE) associated with handling sheet metal.  

Pre-requisite: N/A 

Competency: Demonstrate safe work practices when operating equipment to load materials.

  • PPE                                                             
  • Lifting                                                         
  • WHMIS                                                      
  • Fire protection                                         
  • Hazardous Materials                               
  • Electrical Safety                                        
  • Forklift training                                         
  • Overhead crane            


CETRD101, Introduction to Welding and Construction Tools (30 hours)

No matter what the trade, safe and effective use of hand and power tools is required. This introductory Welding & Construction Tools micro-credential takes a skills-based approach to utilizing construction tools and basic welding techniques and processes required in the metal trade fabrication field. 

Pre-requisite: N/A 

Competency: Perform basic welding techniques, including safe operation of hand & power tools 

  • Hand tools                                                
  • Power tools                                              
  • Weld safety                                               
  • GMAW (Mig)                                             
  • SMAW (Stick)                                     
CETRD102, Construction Math and Blueprints (30 hours)

No matter what the trade, the ability to apply essential math principles is required. This introductory Construction Math & Blueprints micro-credential focuses on the application of basic geometry and blueprint reading skills in construction projects, with an emphasis on project cost and material savings. Additionally, participants apply these principles to associated views of drawings, and lay-out skills in the context of metal working.  

Pre-requisite: N/A 

Competency: Apply construction math and interpret blueprints in applicable industry scenarios  

  • Decimals                                                   
  • Metric vs Imperial                                   
  • Geometric Formulas                               
  • Advanced triangles                                  
  • Basic Layout                                             
  • Orthographic views                                
  • Isometric views                                       
CNC103, CAD/CAM for CNC Laser Cutter (30 hours)

No matter the CNC cutting process, the knowledge of CAD (Computer-aided Design) and CAM (Computer-aided Manufacturing) are essential for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) applications. Beginning with an introduction to the uses and limitations of CAD, participants develop the skills to use software tools to create graphic designs for many selected projects.

Pre-requisite: CETRD100, CETRD101, CETRD102 and/or Journeyperson credential

CNC104, Micro-Credential 5: CNC Table Operator Project (30 hours)

This skills-based CNC Table Operator micro-credential integrates all the essential skills of the CNC Table Operator program. The selected projects include measurement and calculation, software utilization and design using CAD, the safe handling of material, safe use of hand and power tools, industry fit up practices, and sound metal welds to produce a desired product that meets industry standards.

Pre-requisite: CETRD100, CETRD101, CETRD102, CECNC100 and/or Journeyperson credential

Note: Industry specific projects may be an option, if available, to meet work-integrated learning requirements.


panel of operatoring table


  • Module 1 – January 29 to February 2, 2024
  • Module 2 – February 5 to 9, 2024
  • Module 3 – February 12 to 16, 2024
  • Module 4 – February 19 to 23, 2024
  • Module 5 – February 29 to March 1, 2024


Total cost: $2675 + GST + Tech Fee.


Canada - Alberta Job Grant: 

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant provides funding to Alberta business to help hire and train employees. You can receive up to $10,000 per employee per year for skills training.  Keyano College has a list of pre-approved courses and program areas that are eligible for the grant.  Visit our Canada-Alberta Job Grant webpage for information on how to apply and employer benefits.


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