Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is one of the most prevalent, widely-respected models used in psychotherapy today. It is a concrete, active therapy that delivers interventions that work.

Offered in partnership with Qualia Counselling Services, our innovative CBT certificate training program will give you the skills, confidence and knowledge to bring this therapeutic model to your work, and empower you to help others transform their lives and improve their mood. Our CBT certificate is comprised of two levels. Both levels must be completed to receive the CBT certificate.


 Level I: Fundamentals of CBT 

 41 hours, $1,400 + GST (Textbooks not included)


Level I will introduce you to a set of skills that are highly tactical and are the core of your CBT toolkit. Because CBT is a structured, concrete therapy, you will learn interventions you can immediately begin putting into practice

 Level II: CBT for Trauma

 41 hours, $1,700 +GST


In Level II you will learn not only the neurobiological, psychosocial and emotional impacts of trauma, but also the specially engineered cognitive behavioural interventions to help your clients process, recover and even grow from their traumatic experiences and history. This course will also include mandatory peer supervision groups held once a month in July, August, and September.