Heavy Equipment Technician - Apprenticeship

Admission Requirements Tuition and Fees Program and Structure


We offer a four-year Heavy Equipment Technician - Apprenticeship program for those interested in becoming a tradesperson in various industries, such as repair shops and organizations that engage with heavy equipment, machinery and welding.

After graduating the program, you will be able to:

  • Diagnose, repair and maintain heavy equipment and machinery through the skills and knowledge of your program's training
  • Know the different working parts of diesel engines and other mobile industrial equipment
  • Use hand and power tools to perform repairs according to manufacturer's specifications
  • Read and understand work orders, prepare estimates and interpret technical manuals
  • Write service reports and keep service analysis records
  • Diagnose the causes of failures
  • Specialize in several areas of the trade, including fuel pumps and injectors, track equipment, engine overhaul, hydraulic controls, power shift transmissions and allied equipment
  • Be familiar with the work of related tradespersons, such as machinists and welders
  • Perform assigned tasks in accordance with industry quality and production standards

Career opportunities

As a heavy equipment technician, you will be ready for employment with specialized repair shops and organizations that own or lease heavy equipment used in industries such as:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Material handling
  • Landscaping
  • Land clearing
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation

Experienced technicians may advance to supervisory roles and service manager positions.

Admission requirements

In order to register for the Heavy Equipment Technician - Apprenticeship program, you must be an eligible indentured apprentice.

Find out more about the Alberta Apprenticeship Entrance Requirements.

Tuition and fees

*The fee schedule may be subject to change without notice.  Tuition and related fees are set on an annual basis.  

**Lab fees if applicable have not been included in this amount.  For more information view the Keyano College Credit Calendar.

 Fees (Year 1 to 3) - 8 Week Session
Fees (Year 1 to 3) - 8 week session  Domestic Students
Tuition *$784.00
Health & Dental Fee n/a
Registration Fee  $15.00
Wellness & Athletic $17.60
Student Association Building Fee $8.96
Student Association Fee $52.08
Technology Fee $50.00
Materials $67.00
Total **$994.64

Program structure

The Heavy Equipment Technician - Apprenticeship program is a four-year program that includes a minimum of 1,500 hours of on-the-job training and eight weeks of technical training each year.

Course outline for all years

How apprenticeships work

An apprenticeship is a work experience based post-secondary education. As an apprentice, you will find a matching employer to help tutor you as you become a heavy equipment technician through an Apprenticeship Agreement.

Your time is divided by on-the-job training under a certified journeyperson (about 80%) and attending technical training courses at a training provider, such as Keyano College (about 20%).