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The Academic Success Centre (ASC) offers free tutoring, study support, and academic skills support.

Our Staff

Staff at the Academic Success Centre have professional education in their area of specialization including Mathematics, Science, English, and Humanities. Additionally, they also support students develop skills and habits necessary to be successful in the post-secondary environment, including time management, note taking, essay structure, and study techniques

Academic Content Specialists

The Academic Content Specialists are here to help you with course content and assignments!

 Kaustav Das 



Kaustav Das, B.Eng. (Honours)


Academic Content Specialist in Math. 

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 Mindy Lambert




Mindy Lambert, B.A., B.Ed. 


Academic Content Specialist in English and Humanities. 

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 Dana Manalo



Dana Manalo, B.Sc.


Academic Content Specialist in Science. 

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Academic Success Team Lead

The Academic Success Team Lead is here to connect you to the resources necessary for achieving academic success! 

 Claire Soper 



Claire Soper, B.Sc., B.Ed. - Academic Success Team Lead

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The ASC & Academic Integrity 

The ASC models and respects academic integrity. This means that staff cannot do the work for students, tell them the answers or what to write. Students also need to follow the standards of academic integrity, and if students are asking for levels of support that are deemed to violate academic integrity, staff will be unable to assist further and will explain the academic integrity policy.