General Education Development (GED)

We offer online tests for the General Education Development (GED) . The GED test measures your skills and abilities in five separate exams, consisting of Science, Social Studies, Reading, Mathematics and Writing. You will earn a high school equivalency diploma from Alberta Education if you achieve a passing grade of 450 on each of the five exams.

The GED test is suitable for those who have achieved a minimum high school level of Grade 10 in the last five years. In many instances, the test is used to recognize academic achievement in order to get a job.

You may require additional academic upgrading after taking the GED if you are looking to enter a post-secondary program.

Admission requirements

To write the GED test, you must:

  • Be 18-years-old or older
  • Have been out of school for 10 consecutive months
  • Have neither graduated from high school or received a high school equivalency diploma

Tuition and fees

The cost of each separate GED exam is $40.00 USD, or pay $200.00 USD for all five exams. Pay online with GED after obtaining your Alberta Student Number from Alberta Education.


Please follow these steps to register for a GED test:

  1. Receive your Alberta Student Number (ASN) from Alberta Education
  2. Create your account with GED
  3. After signing in, MyGED will offer you test type selections. Click on "Schedule", and follow prompts on each page.
  4. Choose the "Computer" option.
  5. You can write up to five tests on a scheduled GED test date or over two different dates. If you would like breaks longer than 10 minutes between tests, please register one test at a time. If you return from a break after the regular 10-minute mark, your next test time is reduced.

Testing schedule and location

Testing room :  Room 152, Bob Lamb Building, Clearwater Campus, Keyano College.

You can view the scheduled dates, when you log into your GED account.