Accessibility and Accommodations

Keyano College is committed to supporting and promoting a welcoming, inclusive and sustainable learning environment. If you have a functional limitation or disability, Accessibility Services will support you by providing accommodations, adaptive technologies and learning strategies to facilitate your learning.

We collaborate with students, faculty and staff to ensure that you receive the appropriate accommodations and have equal access to the full range of programs offered at the college.

Book an appointment

You can drop into the Accessibility Services office, located in room CC167 at the Clearwater Campus right across from the library. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  We encourage you to book an appointment to allow us the proper time to meet with you.  Please send us an email or call 780-791-8934.


Whether your are a current student or prospective student, we are here to work with your accommodation needs.  To request academic accommodations, please book an appointment with a Learning Strategist by email or calling 780-791-8934.  During your appointment, appropriate in-class and exam accommodations will be determined.

We require documentation of disability impacts to understand how your disability impacts you in the Post-Secondary environment. If you qualify for exam or test accommodations, you need to book your testing room and time through Testing Services.

Adaptive technology

We provide adaptive technology as a way to support your learning. Our Adaptive Technology Specialist is available to assess your needs and teach you how to use the technology to enhance your learning and help you gain independence through technology.

Learning Strategist

A learning strategist can work with you to arrange academic accommodations, teach you learning strategies.  Learning strategies are ways to make learning more efficient.  This service is free of charge to all Keyano students with or without disabilities.  Book your appointment today by email or calling 780-791-8934.

Tutoring and study support

Keyano College offers tutoring and study support to assist you with your studies. You can book a tutor or join a study group to get extra help with your course material and assignments.

Academic Success Coach

The Academic Success Coach offers you support and access to resources for your academic success to help you to find the Keys to your Success.  They can help with your academic success plan, study and time management skills and connecting you with the right resources here at Keyano.  Book at appoinment today via email or by calling 780-791-8934.