Inclusive Post-Secondary Education

Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (IPSE) is a program that provides students with developmental disabilities an authentic student experience at Keyano College for two years.  The program design allows students to find their identity, explore their potential, and develop friendships by taking part in a program of study that reflects their interests, hopes, and dreams.

Goals of IPSE

To gain independence
  • Students attend classes without Educational Assistant support.
  • Students and families develop a two-year independence plan to meet personal goals.
  • Students attend community classes and participate in volunteer work to develop connections and transferrable skills.
  • Students thrive in a supported environment where progressions are thoughtfully taught.
To create life enriching experiences
  • Students are encouraged to participate in clubs and activities. Students have full access to the Library, the SKILL Centre, Huskies Athletics, and all Student Association of Keyano College Activities.
  • Collaborative learning (group work) is an integral part of courses. IPSE students are included in group work situations in classes.
  • Students are introduced to a personal trainer and are encouraged to develop a daily fitness plan at the Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre.
To develop lifelong friendships 
  • Keyano College is an affiliated member of Best Buddies, an international organization focused on helping develop personal relationship skills for students. IPSE students would be encouraged to take part in this program.
To prepare students for meaningful employment 
  • Students will develop a portfolio.
  • Students will engage in career and employability classes, both in class and on-line.
  • Assistance to connect with community resources.
  • Job search assistance.
To provide academic exploration opportunities 
  • Students will audit two classes per semester.
  • Course requirements and materials are modified to allow students to experience success to the level of their ability.

For more information contact Student Services and refer your email to the Director of Student Academic Services and the IPSE Educational Assistant.

This program is based on funding provided from PDD (Persons with Developmental Disabilities) through the Government of Alberta. 

IPSE is a non-credit program and therefore IPSE students do not qualify for Keyano Housing.