Student Services

Keyano College offers services and resources to help you achieve academic success. For more information about our services, stop by the Students' Association of Keyano College to pick up your copy of the student handbook.

Campus services

As a member of the Keyano College community, you'll have access to our campus services. From our fully-stocked Bookstore to our delicious cafeteria and dining options, we are committed to providing quality service on campus. We'll also assist you with transportation to and from campus and our security team will ensure that you are safe.

Learn what you need to know to prepare for graduation, access your student records and transcripts and read through our student policies and procedures.

Financial services and tuition

We provide a number of financial services, including scholarships and bursaries and financial aid that can assist you with your tuition payments.


Our student housing provides you with clean, accessible, and convenient housing that can accommodate single or family occupancy.

Health and wellness services

We provide health and wellness services free of charge to students. Our holistic approach to health includes our counselling services and health and dental benefits.

Learning resources

We are dedicated to supporting your learning and academics while at Keyano College. The Library supports the learning process through access to learning resources, services, and technology. Our Librarians are ready to help with your assignments, your research process, and provide one-on-one research & referencing help

We also have staff that are dedicated to providing tutoring and study support as well as accessibility and accommodation services. Our exams and testing services are available with learning accommodations to provide quiet testing rooms and adaptive technology.

Get involved

Make the most of your time at Keyano College by getting involved in campus activities. You can join the Students' Association, try out for one of the athletics teams, and attend or take part in a theatre production or one of many Student Life events. You can also take advantage of the amazing recreational facility on campus and become a member at the Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre.

Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning under the Academic Success Centre will help you write an effective resume, conduct a job search and prepare for an interview for a part-time job while in school and transition into the workforce after graduation. We post jobs regularly and host info sessions and Job Fairs.