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Keyano College empowers learners and researchers to seek solutions through research initiatives, collaborations, training, and to drive social and economic development and change in our communities. We are committed to connecting learners and researchers with community and industry partners to establish knowledge creation and sharing, to advance academics, and to improve economic and social development in a sustainable manner across the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and within Canada more broadly. By working collaboratively with our partners, we can identify areas of need and develop innovative solutions that benefit everyone.  

At Keyano College, we are committed to ensuring that our research activities are relevant, impactful, and beneficial to both the local community and our industry partnersWe understand that the challenges and opportunities presented by our region are unique, and we are committed to developing approaches that are tailored to our local context. Whether we are working with small businesses, industry partners, or community organizations, we believe that our research activities should be grounded in a deep understanding of our community and an investment in collaborative partnerships that create tangible impact and drive positive change. Whether through research, education, or collaborative projects, Keyano College is dedicated to serving as a catalyst for growth and progress in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. 

If you are interested in learning more about our research activities or would like to explore opportunities for collaboration, we invite you to contact us today. We are especially excited about the potential of applied research to create positive and productive solutions for our region, and we look forward to working with you to achieve this goal. 

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Research Pillars 

Keyano College’s five strategic research pillars support its position as the leading northern hub for applied research recognized for its substantial contributions to social and economic growth. Through robust partnerships with industry and the community, we focus on the following key domains to drive innovation and create tangible impact: 

Five Pillars [1. Energy, environment and sustainability. 2. health and wellbeing. 3. Innovative solutions. 4.thriving communities. 5. scholarship of teaching and learning]

Keyano College Research Strategic Plan 

The inaugural Keyano College Research Strategy defines priorities and outcomes referenced during the establishment phase of a Centre for Research and Innovation over the next two years. This Strategy was developed in alignment with the College’s 2022–2025 Strategic Plan along with its Mission and Vision.

Keyano College Research Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Keyano Research Office

The Keyano College Research Office provides a range of research services and supports to internal and external researchers, as well as local businesses and organizations.  

Research Office staff work with Keyano College faculty and students to develop, implement, and fund research projects by providing both formal training and informal mentorship. The Research Office team also works with business, industry, and community partners on applied research and innovation projects. 

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Research Chairs   

Research Chairs play an important role in fostering research and intellectual excellence, and in attracting and retaining researchers at Keyano College. Additionally, this will allow Keyano College to serve their students better by offering innovative research and learning experiences, and involvement in the community by working closely with diverse stakeholders and industry.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning   Health and Community Wellbeing

Research Chair in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Maike Schmieding

Maike S

The position of Research Chair in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is committed to advancing research at Keyano College and improving teaching and learning practices by evaluating the effectiveness of current teaching methods and drawing on research insights to suggest new approaches that foster knowledge dissemination.

Maike Schmieding is stepping into the role after being with the College in different capacities, including as a LINC instructor and Access Strategist for Accessibility & Wellness Services, having worked closely with all departments and staff. She has experience in driving, developing, and facilitating research in educational and mental health-related fields, and is practiced in working with other academic institutions and building collaborations and partnerships across various disciplines. She is also currently the Vice Chair for PADRA (Post-Secondary Accessibility and Disability Resource Association Alberta), a board member for the Research and Ethics Board and sits on the Academic Council.

To collaborate with Maike on research projects and learn more about research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at Keyano College, please email . 

Research Chair in Health and Community Wellbeing: Dr. Mehri Karimi-Dehkordi, PhD, RN

Dr. MehriAs the Research Chair, Dr. Mehri Karimi-Dehkordi (she/her) is based at the College's Clearwater Campus, working closely with a diverse team of researchers and collaborating with academic and industry partners to catalyze breakthrough research. She aims to play a pivotal role in spearheading groundbreaking research endeavors, further solidifying Keyano College's commitment to fostering innovation and intellectual excellence.

The chair holder received her Ph.D. in 2017 from the University of Alberta and undertook her postdoctoral fellowships at three universities: the University of Ottawa, the University of Calgary, and the University of Alberta, respectively. She has actively engaged in research activities, for over 18 years, publishing articles in high-impact journals. Her research focuses particularly on person-centered care, the promotion of care and well-being among older adults, the improvement of self-care practices, leadership dynamics within healthcare settings, and the development of effective teaching and learning methodologies. Her research employs a comprehensive approach, utilizing qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods methodologies.

With her visionary leadership, Mehri’s goals are to guide initiatives that bridge academic research with practical applications, ultimately benefiting the community and beyond.

Mehri is also dedicated to fostering the growth of future scholars by empowering students with hands-on learning opportunities and involving them in research to ensure they gain valuable real-world experience.

To collaborate with Dr. Mehri Karimi-Dehkordi on research projects and learn more about Health and Community Wellbeing research at Keyano College, please email .   


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grant 

Keyano College is excited to present its inaugural launch of the internal Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Grant with applications NOW OPEN and closing on May 10, 2024. The aim of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grant is to allow faculty and staff to engage in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning applied research to strengthen Keyano College’s teaching and learning practices. It can also be a guide for Keyano College faculty and staff to get involved with applied research in a low stakes environment and give a structured path to hone and build research skills.

Find out more and apply now on the Scholarship for Teaching and Learning webpage.