Campus Safety

The health, safety and welfare of all individuals working within Keyano College environment is of vital importance. It is our firm belief that all injuries can be prevented and every effort shall be made to identify all health and safety hazards. The college will inform its staff, students and campus visitors of all potential safety risks and take all necessary steps to eliminate or control the hazard.

Safety is a shared responsibility of Keyano College and its staff, as well as the stakeholders, customers, and public.  Safety shall be an integral component of our operation and activities – together we can create a positive safety culture and ensure a successful working environment.

Security is provided 24 hours a day, every day. To contact security, call 780-791-4911.

Emergency PreparednessEmergency preparedness booklet

Located in rooms throughout Keyano College is our Emergency Procedure Booklet. Get educated on what to do in an emergency, flip through the booklet.


Lockdown Procedure Education

 Keyano College has developed several emergency procedures for a variety of situations. One of these is an active shooter on campus. As part of the educational component of this topic, Keyano is using a video developed by several post-secondary institutions in Alberta that outlines how to respond in such a situation. While an active shooter event is very rare, users of the College are advised to view the video to be aware of an appropriate response. Some of the video content may be disturbing to viewers.

An important part of education on this topic is also prevention. Often, there are signs ahead of any of these events. If you come across anything disturbing on social media or in conversation that may affect Keyano, please tell a member of staff that you trust.

Education is key in responding to emergencies, and Keyano appreciates your cooperation in helping to make our campus safe.