Employee Onboarding

Welcome to Keyano College

Starting a new career is very exciting and we are happy that you are joining our team!  There are many benefits to living and working at Keyano College. 

Keyano College aims to increase regional access to quality post-secondary education programs and services and to connect flexible learning pathways for students with positive employment outcomes. Together, as employees, we all do our best to help our students succeed and to make a difference in our community. The College aims to provide both a supportive and welcoming environment to its new staff and faculty.

A Note for Our New Employees

The Onboarding and Orientation Program at Keyano College is designed to provide the College’s newest employees with important information to set you up for success early in your employment, while actively involving and engaging you in Keyano’s culture. As an employer, the College takes pride in our employees and our role in the community.

Below you will find a series of tasks to be completed over a 90-day timeframe.  The goal is to provide you with an understanding of the College, how we do business here, and our important policies and procedures.  We also aim to provide you with our vision for the future and some of the exciting things that you can be a part of as a member of our team.


  • Please find timely information to guide you through your first months of employment.
  • Follow the directions of your supervisor as they guide you through the process. If anything doesn’t make sense, it is your responsibility to ask questions.

A Note for Our Supervisors

One of the most important and impactful tasks you will do is to set your new employees up for success right from the beginning of their employment at Keyano College.


  1. Please click on the Onboarding Checklist below and print off a copy to guide and track your progress. 
  2. Click on each option below to find additional details about each phase of the onboarding process.
  3. Some tasks are for you alone, others are for your new employee, and many are for the two of you to engage in together. 
  4. Human Resources will check in with you to see how you are progressing and to offer any assistance.
  5. Please return the completed, signed Onboarding Checklist to Human Resources within 90-days.

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources for assistance.

The following are tasks that will be completed over a 90-day timeframe

 Before New Employee's First Day

New Employee:

Preparing for your first day

After your offer letter is signed, you would have received an onboarding email from our Recruitment department with details of your first day with Keyano College.  This would have included a request for a photo "Selfie" to be sent to the HR Coordinator so that your ID Card can be created.

Parking at Keyano College

Click here to find information on Parking at Keyano College. Please reference our College Map to help find your way.


Onboarding Checklist

An onboarding email was sent by our Recruitment Department and included the link for the Onboarding Program. The Onboarding Checklist has been created to assist you with preparing for your new employee. 

New Employee Checklist

To prepare for your new employee you are required to fill out the New Employee Checklist located under forms on Connect. This checklist will send the appropriate requests to the required departments in the organization to ensure the new employee has everything they need on their first day (e.g. requests for computer and phone, network and other software access, ERP system access, keys, business cards, etc)  

Assign a Keyano Ambassador

Who would be a good person to pair with the new employee as their Keyano Ambassador?  This is a fellow employee who helps them with any questions they may have related to being an employee of Keyano College in general, not about their job specifically.  Please make contact with them to ensure you have this set up for the new employee’s first week.


Contact Facilities if you require assistance to setup up the new employee's workspace.


Within 90 Days


Supervisors, please introduce your new employee to their team and other colleagues within their department and division. Additionally, introduce the new employee to key contacts both internal and external to the College in order to do their jobs effectively.  

Campus Tour

A campus tour for the new employee will help them locate the different areas of the College and provide an opportunity to meet other employees outside of the department. The campus tour may be conducted by the supervisor, a member of the team, or the assigned Keyano Ambassador.

Employee ID

All Keyano College Employees are required to wear identification cards. These cards are also required for access to certain doors and areas of the College.  Please visit the ITS department on your first day to get your ID.

Computer Access

Supervisors, please provide the new employee with information received from ITS regarding telephone and computer access.

Review of Payroll/Benefits

A meeting will be scheduled by Payroll to discuss pay and benefits with the new employee. Documents that required to be completed for this meeting will be provided prior to the meeting. This meeting is a great opportunity to ask questions and obtain additional information about the benefits available to our employees. 

During your payroll commencement, you will receive instruction on the process on signing up for Employee Self-Serve; this system is used to access your pay stubs, view vacation entitlement and sign off on any required Company Documents. Employee Self-Serve is available once your account is set up in the Payroll system. 

Email Signature Standards

The College has a standard for your Outlook email signature, please visit for instructions.

New Employee Announcement

As part of welcoming your new employee, submit their submission for Good Morning Keyano to human.resources@keyano.ca

Safety at Keyano College

Safety is very important to us at Keyano College.  Every new employee must be orientated on how to work safely to prevent illness/injury to themselves and others. Supervisors, please note that it is your responsible to go through the Workplace Safety Orientation Checklist with your new employee, while the employee is responsible for participating fully and complying.


Workplace Safety Orientation Checklist

The supervisor should complete the Workplace Checklists with the new employee within the first week of employment. If you require assistance with the checklist, please connect with our Safety Advisor by phone 780.791.8988. 


Completed Checklists should be returned to the Safety Advisor as soon as possible.

Incident Reporting
It is the policy of Keyano College to thoroughly and immediately investigate all injuries/incidents and report all required information to the Safety Advisor. Should an occupational injury occur, please report the incident immediately to their supervisor.
BioSafety Training for Containing Level II

The following new employees must complete Containment Level II training:

  • University Studies Laboratory Staff

  • Environmental Laboratory Staff

  • Instructors teaching in the Science Laboratories (Biology, Chemistry or ENVT/ENVS)

  • Chair of University Studies

  • Chair of Academic Upgrading

  • Dean of University Studies, Career Programs and Academic Upgrading

  • Vice President, Academic

  • Facilities Manager/Operations Chief

  • Director of Facilities/ EOC Director

  • Safety Advisor/Chief Fire Warden

  • Facilities

  • IT

  • Shipping & Receiving Clerk – Procurement

  • EOC Members

Please contact Blaine Legaree for Containment Level II Training if you fall under any of these headings.


Connect is the portal that serves as the Keyano College intranet.  Here you will find a wealth of important information related to your employment.  You are expected to read Connect on a regular basis to ensure you are kept informed of what is happening.

Please take a few moments now to familiarize yourself with the layout and features of Connect.

How to Access Connect:

  • Visit the Keyano College website.
  • Find “Staff Login” on the blue bar across the top
  • Use your Keyano College log-in credentials

Your supervisor/colleagues/Keyano Ambassador can help you navigate Connect if you run into any difficulties.  Please note that you can access Connect from any computer or mobile device anywhere as it is a web-based system.

Keyano College Specific Applications:

The following are important applications: 

  • Keyano Knowledge Bank - to register, click on the link on the Connect page.
  • School Messenger - information can be found in the Keyano Knowledge Bank.
  • Employee Self-Serve - As a salaried employee, you are required to enter any exception time to your manager to request time off for things like vacation, sick time, special leave etc. Click this link to find the instructions to enter time in Employee Self-Serve
  • Multi Factor Authentication Training can be found here 
  • Reqlogic - contact the Purchasing Department for further information 

Training Requirements:

If there are specific training requirements for success in the position, these should be outlined and a plan created for completion. General training for all employees offered through Human Resources is typically advertised in Good Morning Keyano.  Employees are always encouraged to participate in these events upon approval from their supervisor.


We provide WHMIS training online.  Please read all instructions below before beginning this required training course.

  • The WHMIS course takes 1 to 3 hours to complete.
  • Enrolment Instructions can be found here, and follow them closely.
  • To access the training, please use this link

Please note that this training is required to be updated every two years.  Human Resources will provide you with an email reminder when that time comes.

FOIP Training

In order to ensure you understand our obligations around sharing of information and protection of personal privacy, new employees are required to complete online FOIP training.  Please read all instructions below before beginning.

  • The FOIP course takes 1 to 2 hours to complete and includes review questions and exercises.
  • The course does not need to be completed all at once; it can be stopped and started as necessary to accommodate your work schedule.
  • When asked by the course for your supervisor's email address please use foip@keyano.ca so that Human Resources will receive notification upon your completion.
  • To access the training, please use the Service Alberta FOIP training website.  

P-Card Training

If your employee requires a P-Card please contact Finance to obtain the application and training information.

Important Organizational and Department/Position Specific Policies

As a new employee, you will find College Policies and Procedures on Connect under the Policies and Procedure tab. It is very important to review all of the policies and become familiar with them. 

In addition to the general policies that apply to all employees in all departments, other departments or even specific positions may need to be aware of policies that are directly applicable to their work and success at Keyano. The supervisor should identify these for the new employee and provide them with the specific policy/procedure names/numbers for review on Connect.

Department Specific Information

Organizational Charts:

In order to understand how this position fits into the Keyano College puzzle, the supervisor should provide the new employee with a copy of the organization chart for their unit/department.  Some positions may also benefit from a College-wide organization chart. The most up-to-date organization charts can be obtained from Connect.



The department will have goals established for the year.  It is important that the new employee understand those goals and how their position contributes.


The position will have goals established for the year as well.  It is important that the new employee understand those goals, the timelines associated with them, and have some input into them.

Departmental Culture/Values/Ground Rules

This is all about “how we do things here” and includes an introduction to things such as:

  • typical dress expected example - business casual, coveralls, etc.
  • preferred modes of communication
  • departmental/team rituals
  • what to do on those rare occasions when late/sick
  • social activities available

The supervisor is expected to familiarize the employee with these things and anything else that might be important for them to know in terms of fitting in with the culture.

Schedule Probationary Review Meeting

To ensure that a new employee is getting timely feedback about their performance and an opportunity to respond, probationary review meetings should be established and set up in the supervisor and employee’s calendars.  This should happen minimally at the midpoint of the probationary period.  Human Resources is here to provide additional advice on this process if necessary.

Return Completed Onboarding Checklist

Once the first 90 days of employment are complete, so too should the Onboarding Checklist be complete.  Supervisors, please remember to have both parties sign off on it and submit it to Human Resources for tracking.

If the form is completed before 90 days are up, send it along sooner, Human Resources won’t mind that a bit!