Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Keyano College is excited to present its inaugural launch of the internal Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Grant with applications NOW CLOSED. The aim of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Fund is to allow faculty and staff to engage in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning applied research to strengthen Keyano College’s teaching and learning practices. It can also be a guide for Keyano College faculty and staff to get involved with applied research in a low stakes environment and give a structured path to hone and build research skills.
The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, also SoTL, is a growing field in education that uses research methods to inquire about best teaching methods to improve student learning. It seeks to examine best practices in pedagogy and allows staff and faculty to view teaching and learning through an inquiring lens and use their disciplinary approaches to better understand how different methods work in all aspects of teaching and learning

Keyano College allotted funding for two different types of grants:

Type of Grant

   Funding range

SoTL Applied Research Grant


SoTL Research Tool Support Grant    


We welcome other and creative ideas outside of what is listed above in the realm of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. If you are unsure whether your idea fits the criteria, please reach out to