Keyano College offers French language courses, designed to help you develop French communication skills. You can choose between the introductory French Level 1 course and the intermediate French Level 2 course, depending on your experience.

Tuition and fees

Find tuition and fee information in our Keyano College Access Calendar. Please register at least five days in advance of your course's start date to avoid cancellation by low enrollment.

French Level 1 course

We recommend the CELANG 010 - French Level 1 course for beginner-level French students or for parents with children in French immersion. There are no admission requirements for French Level 1. Learn how to introduce yourself, tell time, give and ask for basic information and speak about everyday actions. Expand your French vocabulary and better interact with French speakers.

You will learn French language structure and grammar through:

  • Verb conjugation
  • Personal pronouns
  • Questions
  • Negation
  • Masculine and feminine words
  • Courtesy expressions

French Level 2 course

We recommend the CELANG 020 - French Level 2 course for students with basic French language skills who want to become more fluent. You will review French Level 1 content and grammatical concepts, like irregular verb conjugation, imperative form and conditional tense. You must have completed French Level 1 or have basic French language skills to register for French Level 2.

You will learn how to:

  • Describe people and things
  • Explain ability and necessity
  • Make future plans and express past events
  • Communicate in French in a variety of social situations

Program structure

Please check back for our program structure.


When taking either course, you will need these textbooks:

  • Ultimate French Beginner-Intermediate, published by Random House of Canada Ltd.
  • English-French dictionary