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 Student Awards

Keyano College has a long and proud tradition of providing awards to students. Investments by individuals such as yourself, have helped countless students who would otherwise be unable to attend Keyano College. The Student Awards program provides financial support to students entering or continuing a program at Keyano College. With the ongoing commitment of donors, Keyano College's Student Award program continues to ensure that our students have the financial resources they need to further their education and achieve their goals. This program rewards our students for their academic achievements, leadership, and community involvement, while also assisting those students in need of financial aid. A program such as this is also successful in lessening the financial burdens created by the strains of student loans.

For more information, please contact Nyssa.

 Keyano Theatre and Arts Centre

Keyano Theatre is the epitome of performing arts venues in Wood Buffalo. In no other venue is the sound more crystal clear, the site lines more perfect or the seats more comfortable. People of all ages enjoy Keyano Theatre. It is a place where participation and attendance can rejuvenate the spirit and enrich the soul. Through this individual giving program, members of our community can assist us in presenting a variety of entertainment options, enhancing our region’s quality of life and supporting our vibrant community.


For more information, check out:


Theatre Angels 


 Huskies Athletics

Funds generated through the “Support The Pack” initiative are used to enhance athletic programs at Keyano College and to foster the academic and athletic development of our students. Your donation will support team expenses related to non-conference travel, uniforms, sports equipment, and other expenses essential in helping our student athletes reach their potential. You can choose to designate your gift to all Huskies Athletic Teams, or you can choose to support a specific team. Please note, we cannot issue Charitable Receipts for donations directed to a specific student.

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Huskies Athletics 


 Areas of Greatest Need

We will ensure that your donation is allocated to the area with the most need.


 Ambulance Fundraiser

 Keyano College plays a pivotal role in enhancing sustainability within the region. Through our Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) and Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) programs, we prepare our students with the skills they need to deliver quality care in our region. It is vitally important that the students of these programs are provided with work-integrated learning opportunities to hone their skills before graduation. Our college is committed to supporting the ambulatory services demanded in our region and throughout the province. Recently our training aide Ambulance was destroyed by fire. We urgently need to replace this valuable training aid. Our students and Faculty rely on this to reinforce practical aspects of their programming. The ACP two-year program integrates ambulance skills, transfers, and simulations in several courses. Our PCP students focus on stretcher carries and transfers, as well as Ambulance checks. It is critical that we replace the ambulance this academic year. 


To be part of this improvement for students please email Advancement