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School of Trades and Heavy Industrial  

 Our skilled Trades and Heavy Industrial faculty provide hands-on training, giving students the skills they need for a successful career.

 Caitlin M Hartigan - Dean, School of Trades & Heavy Industrial
Melissa Coish - Program and Operators Coordinator
Nancy Nicholle- Administrative Assistant
Heavy Equipment Technician and Electrical
 Jason Lalonde - Interim Chair of HET & Electrical
Jason joined Keyano College faculty in 2016 and is an instructor in the Electrical Apprenticeship program. He is a Master and Power System Electrician, with two diplomas; Electrical Engineering Technician and Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician. Jason came to Keyano College with seven years of experience teaching at NAIT in the electrical program. He has over 20 years of considerable experience with various work experience from wiring homes, commercial buildings, and out at sites in the industrial field. Most of his experience comes from working on overhead cranes doing control work, and getting certified as an overhead crane inspector.

Our highly skilled electrical instructors prepare students for a career in the trades through three different programs, Apprenticeship, Master, and Pre-Employment.

 Patricia Luedee - Electrical Instructor 

Picture of female electrical instructor Patricia joined the Keyano College faculty in 2014 and is an instructor in the Electrical Department of the Trades & Heavy Industrial programs. She has been a Certified Red Seal, Journeyman Electrician since 2002 and received her Master Electrician Certificate in 2011. Before instructing, she worked in industrial, commercial, and residential construction and maintenance for 17 years. 


 Dawn Ohama, R.S.E - Electrical Instructor
 Picture of female electrical instructor Dawn joined the Keyano College faculty in 2015 and is an instructor in the Electrical Department of the Trades & Heavy Industrial programs. Dawn is a Certified Journeyman Red Seal Electrician with a Certified Master Electrician designation. Prior to teaching, Dawn started her apprenticeship in 1998 in Wabasca, Alberta, in the oil field. She has also worked in commercial, residential, and power generation in the electrical industry throughout her career. Dawn started working in Wood Buffalo in 2000 in the oil sands, where she lived in camps on and off before moving to Fort McMurray full-time in 2005 to be an Assistant Business Manager for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. 
 Tim Thomas - Electrical Instructor 

Tim joined Keyano College in March 2015 and is an Electrical Instructor. He has over 40 years of hands-on experience in all areas of his profession, including 15 years of instructional experience teaching all levels of the Electrical Trades Apprenticeship and Pre-employment courses. The College hired Tim to spearhead the training of the Dual Credit program, working with both the Fort McMurray Catholic and Public School Boards to give the opportunity of a different type of career that most students don’t get to experience until they face the real world. With the Dual Credit program having the success it has had, the College and School Boards are now looking and working on expanding the program into other areas of the trades. These Dual Credit Courses give help and support to all the local companies in the Wood Buffalo region. Students not only learn the technical education of the trade, but they also have numerous hours of hands-on experience in the basic installation, connection, and operation of devices all to the levels of the recent Code Book or legislation used.

Research interests:

To keep learning and passing that information and experiences onto students to the best of his ability. Along with working towards completing his level A Safety codes courses by the end of 2020.

 Tim Weldon, R.S.E - Apprenticeship Instructor, Electrical 

Picture of male electrical instructor Tim joined the Keyano College faculty in 2014 and is an instructor in the Electrical Department of the Trades & Heavy Industrial programs. He is a Certified Journeyman Red Seal Electrician with Master Electrician designation and a Journeyman Red Seal Instrumentation Technician. Before teaching, Tim worked in many areas, including the oil sands, refineries, gas plants, diamond mines, pulp and paper mills, sawmills, medium-density fiberboard, oriented strand board, industrial, commercial and residential electrical construction. He was also in the service industry for 37 years in various roles. This included everything from apprentice to superintendent and Company owner, providing opportunities for people to explore and experience the many exciting facets of the electrical and instrumentation field.

Research interests:
The Electric Line - Safety in the Workplace, Safety Matters – Safety in the Workplace and Electrical Testing, Electrical Construction and Maintenance – new testing, new equipment and operating procedures for the electrical trade, Outliers: the Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell.

Staff and Faculty

Kyle Forrest - Electrical Instructor

Wenefredo Sumaculub - Instructor Aide, Electrical

Heavy Equipment Technician


Eric S Clare - Instructor Aide, HET

Alan Dowling - Instructor, HET

Tony Gauthier - Instructor, HET

Willie Minns - Instructor, HET

Darrell Pintkowski - Instructor, HET

Chester Parisian - Instructor, HET

Kevin B Wills - Instructor, HET

 Metal Trades
Darren Stacey - Chair of Metal Trades

Darren Stacey, Chair of Metal Trades, came to Fort McMurray in 1982 and began his career in the trades right here at Keyano in 1989. He is a Red Seal endorsed Welder, Steamfitter-Pipefitter and a Class B Gasfitter who has worked for various 488 contractors on mechanical piping before being hired with Suncor Utilities in December 1997. Darren spent most of his time at Suncor working in Upgrading, Utilities, and Extraction before joining Keyano as an instructor in May 2008.  



 Faculty and Staff
Thomas MacLellan - Instructor, Millwright

Terry Seaward - Instructor, Millwright

Cody Wallace - Instructor, Millwright


 Faculty and Staff
Clint J Fleischhacker - Instructor Aide, Steamfitter/Pipefitter

Brent Hydomako - Instructor, Steamfitter/Pipefitter

Robert Shawn McCurdy - Instructor, Steamfitter/Pipefitter



Richard Dionne - Instructor, Welding
Richard joined Keyano College Faculty in 2015 as a welding instructor in the Metal Trades Department within the School of Trades & Heavy Industrial. Richard is a Certified Journeyman Red Seal Welder and an ABSA Certified B-Pressure Welder. Richard started his apprenticeship in the late 1980s, working for a local welding and fabrication company, producing structural and piping components for industry. In 2000, Richard transitioned to Suncor Energy, working on plant maintenance and project assignments.
 Staff and Faculty

Norman Hennings - Instructor, Welding

Kevin J McGladdery - Welding Instructor/Examiner

Lisa Starks - Coordinator, Welding Recertification

Power Engineering

Our highly skilled Power Engineering instructors prepare students for a career in the field through three different programs, Power Lab 200 Hour, Coop, and Computer Managed Learning.


Robert Marsh - Chair, Instructor, Power Engineering
 Robert MarshRobert Marsh joined Keyano College in January 2015 and is the Chair of the Power Engineering Department. Robert is a 3rd Class Power Engineer and a certified RS Journeyman Motorcycle Mechanic. Before joining Keyano, Robert worked extensively in the Petroleum and Chemical Industries. Most recently, Robert worked as a Plant Manager/Maintenance coordinator for the Growing Power and Ethanol plant near Vegreville, Alberta.
Donna Villa - Power Engineering Program Coordinator
Indika S Arachchi Appuhamilag - Instructor, Power Engineering

Indika ArachchiIndika Arachchi joined the Keyano College Faculty in 2020 as an Instructor in the Power Engineering program. He has over 16 years of experience in teaching in Post-secondary institutes in Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom (Russell Group universities), Spain, Italy, Poland, Finland and Canada. Before starting his carrier at Keyano, Indika worked in various positions from Power Engineer/Process operator to Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Stephenson Cardiac Imaging Centre - AHS.

Indika holds a Power and Process Operations Certification and holds a Ph.D/MPhil. (Physics) from the University of London, M.Sc. in Radiation Physics, and a B.Sc. Special degree in Physics/Maths. He is also a fellow of Higher Education Academy (HEA), UK, since 2014. When not teaching in the classroom, Indika can be found snowmobiling, cross country skiing, leading Scouts, flying single-engine fixed-wing light aircraft, cycling, dirt biking, and enjoying the boreal forest while taking landscape photography surrounding the city he loves (Fort McMurray). Check out Indika's Research Gate profile.  

Gallage De Silva - Steam Chief/Instructor, Power Engineering

Gallage de silvaGallage joined the Keyano College faculty in 2017 as an instructor in the Power Engineering Department. Currently, he is Chief Power Engineer/Instructor at the Keyano College Oil Sands Power and Process Engineering Lab. Gallage is a Third Class Power Engineer and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Mechanical Engineering Diploma. Gallage was a student of Keyano College from 2013 – 2015 and won the PanGlobal Outstanding Achievement Student Award in 2014. He completed his Power Engineering work placements at Nexen Energy.

 Rifat Dyrmishi - Instructor, Power Engineering
 Rifat Dyrmishi
 Katembo Kasinyabo - Instructor, Power Engineering
 Katembo KasinyaboKatembo joined Keyano College in November 2013 as a power and process lab engineer while having a strong background in mechanical and petroleum engineering. His experience has spanned all aspects of the oil and gas industry, including fracking processes and various mechanical fields. In his introductory year, Katembo participated in constructing and commissioning the Oil Sands Power and Process laboratory. From its inception, Katembo has operated the Oil Sands Power and Process laboratory until becoming a laboratory instructor in November 2021. 
Other Staff & Faculty

Mitchel Bentley - Instructor Aide, Power Engineering

Colton Skoda - Instructor, Power Engineering

Lorn Wionzek - Instructor, Power Engineering




School of University Studies, Career Programs & Academic Upgrading

Faculty in the School of University Studies, Career Program & Academic Upgrading have a wide array of experience and education in many different programs from medical to environmental, business, and childhood studies.

 Dr. Sandra Efu-Interim Dean, School of University Studies, Career Programs & Academic Upgrading

Sandra Efu

Dr. Sandra Efu joined Keyano College in 2015 as a Business Faculty. In addition to teaching, Sandra served on the College's Faculty Association Executive Council and was the Chair of the Professional Development Committee from 2016 - 2020. She was seconded to the Manager, International Education role in 2019, where she worked with the International Students' Project Steering Committee (ISPSC) on a cost-effective strategy for international student recruitment and support services. She also helped to establish the College's first International Education Office. 



Research interests:
Economics of education, service learning for social good, teaching and learning in higher education, and program design, evaluation and enhancement for social good.

Recent publications:

Efu, S. I. (2020). An evaluative inquiry into continuing professional development: understanding faculty perceptions. Teacher Development24(5), 688-708.

Efu, S. I. (2019). Exams as learning tools: A comparison of traditional and collaborative assessment in higher education. College teaching67(1), 73-83.

Sandra can be reached by email or phone at 780.790.8974.

Colleen Theriault - Office Manager
Vipin Nagar - Program Support Administrator
Vipin moved to Fort McMurray from Toronto in 2021. He has over ten years of experience working in banking as a People Leader, Subject Matter Expert, and Analyst with Royal Bank of Canada and several British Banks such as Barclays and Virgin Money. Vipin has supported numerous initiatives aimed at process improvement and customer satisfaction. In his free time, you are likely to find Vipin enjoying a cup of tea. 

Our instructors prepare students for various careers in business ranging from Office Administration, Accounting to Resource Management.


Nermin Zukic - Chair and Instructor, Business
Amani Edwards - Business Instructor 

picture of manAmani joined the Keyano College faculty in 2018 and currently serves as an Office Administration instructor. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science (Business Emphasis), a Business Administration diploma in Accounting and a Teacher’s diploma. He is currently pursuing an M.B.A. at the University of Texas Permian Basin. Amani is a career educator who has been teaching since 2002.

In addition to his teaching experience, Amani worked as an office administrator with a non-profit organization just before joining the faculty. He is a proud alumnus of Keyano College and is unwavering in his commitment to contribute to the development of our community.

Coert Erasmus - Business Instructor 
picture of male instructor Coert joined the Keyano College faculty in 2019 and is an instructor in the Business programs. He holds a Ph.D. in Management Studies and a Master of Commerce in Business Management from the University of South Africa. Coert completed his undergraduate education at the University of Pretoria where he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Financial Management Sciences and a Bachelor of Commerce in Investment Management degree. Coert started his teaching career in 2010 and has extensive experience in the post-secondary education environment. Coert has published research papers on different topics in finance and banking.
Research interests:
Coert’s research interest extends into the field of finance and banking, more specifically as to how technological advancements are impacting the Canadian and global financial sector.
Uylander Jack - Business Instructor 
Picture of womanUylander joined the Keyano College faculty in 2019 and is an Instructor in Business and Office Administration programs. She holds a M.Sc. in Human Resource Development. With over 15 years of experience serving students at internationally accredited institutions, Uylander believes that the most lasting impact in a person’s life is made through education. Her conviction is that education is the medium by which dreams are created, and visions are born. Uylander’s passion is empowering students, this is done daily through her motto “empowering students one at a time”.
Gregory John Krabes - Business Instructor 
Portrait Picture

Gregory Krabes joined Keyano College in August 2017 in the Faculty of Business and the collaborative BBA program with NAIT. 

He also teaches at Athabasca University and is a visiting professor at Thompson Rivers University (Kamloops, BC).

Before these appointments, he held administrative, teaching, and research positions in Europe, China, and The Middle East. Before joining academia, Gregory was an Economic Diplomat with Société Générale de Surveillance headquartered in Geneva. As an Instructor, Gregory strives to inspire students to become global citizens; as a scholar, he seeks out applied research opportunities while continuously improving the educational prospects for students.  

As an Educational Administrator, Gregory works to provide vision and leadership in international education, build alliances and promote collaboration between academic institutions and faculties, provide meaningful research and professional development opportunities to faculty, and provide genuine international experience to students.

As a Corporate Expatriate, Gregory seeks to build alliances, find efficiencies, and develop synergies through the application of diplomatic skills gained during his international career in Far East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Email Gregory 

Gerri Rondot - Business Instructor

Picture of female instructorGerri joined the Keyano College faculty in 2008 and is an instructor in the Business Department. She is a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) with an M.B.A. in Strategic Management and a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources Management. Prior to teaching, Gerri worked in the Human Resources field for several years, holding progressively more challenging positions from Benefits Administrator to Human Resources Manager. Gerri enjoys teaching and endeavours to continually expand her range of methods and areas of interest. 

Research interests:

Teaching Millennials, the Global Economy, International Education, Non-Profit Management, and Grant Writing.


Greg Chandler - Instructor, Business

Landon Gorbenko - Instructor, Business/eSports Management

Cristina Rensmaag-Izaguirre - Instructor, Business

Pratibha Shalini - Instructor, Business


Education and Academic Upgrading

Our Instructors provide adult learners with an opportunity to upgrade their elementary and high school education to best prepare them for entrance into college, university or the workforce.


Lisa Turner-Chair of Education & Academic Upgrading

Lisa TurnerLisa joined the Keyano College faculty in 2011 as an Academic Upgrading instructor. In 2014, she became Chair of College and Career Preparation. In 2020, the portfolio also expanded to include the Bachelor of Education program.

She holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of New Brunswick and a Master of Education from the University of Alberta and teaching certificates in both New Brunswick and Alberta. Prior to joining Keyano College, Lisa has worked in post-secondary education for 18 years: 14 in Alberta and 4 in New Brunswick.

Lisa is passionate about serving adult learners returning to school and helping them achieve their goals and move forward to further post-secondary education.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. “ ~Nelson Mandela

Tracey Boger,  Ph.D., M.Ed., B.Ed. - Instructor, Education and College & Career Prep 

Tracey BogarTracy Boger currently teaches university-level education courses and college prep math courses in the Department of Education and Academic Upgrading. She started her teaching career in 1996 and taught K-12 students in many different communities, including Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Cold Lake, and Krakow, Poland. 

When Tracy Joined the College in 2013, she already had several years of experience teaching post-secondary education courses. Tracy has a MEd in the area of Instructional Technology, and she completed her PhD from the University of Alberta in 2018. She also previously worked as the Technology Professional Development (Tech PD) Coordinator for the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. In that role, she managed a team of Tech PD facilitators who provided pedagogical support to faculty in the use of technology for both teaching and research.

Tracy has presented her work in venues such as the Canadian E-Learning Conference, ETCATA’s Teacher2Teacher Technofest, Campus Computing Conference, and most notably, the EdMedia World Conference in Vienna, Austria. She also previously worked at Keyano College in the roles of the Acting Chair of the Suncor Educational Technology Center (SETC), SETC Mentor, and Education Coordinator.

 Leni Cherian - Instructor, College & Career Prep 

Leni CherianLeni joined Keyano College in 2004 and is an instructor in the College and Career Preparation program. She has a Master’s of Engineering degree specializing in Power Systems (University of Mumbai, India) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (University of Cochin, Kerala, India). Prior to teaching at Keyano, Leni worked as Assistant Professor at A.C Patil College of Engineering, Mumbai, India.

Leni enjoys painting, vegetable carving and embroidery. She shares these with her friends through social media.



Patricia L. Collins - Instructor, College & Career Prep 

picture of female instructor

Patricia joined the Keyano College faculty in 2005 and is an instructor of Biology and Chemistry in College Preparation (upgrading). She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, a Master of Science in Earth and Ocean Sciences, and teaching certificates in both British Columbia and Alberta. Prior to teaching at Keyano College, Patricia taught chemistry and science in the B.C. and Alberta high school systems and worked as a professional chemist for several years at the beginning of her career. On the creative side, Patricia enjoys cartooning, painting, writing, and photography. In recent years, she has published some of these creative works.

Research Interests:

Analytical chemistry, including minerals testing and assaying techniques, analysis of biological and air samples for exposure to heavy metals and other hazardous workplace chemicals. Examining water quality, particularly the interactions of dissolved metals and endocrine-disrupting organic chemicals with biochemicals essential to living things. 

Kevin Rodgers - Instructor, College & Career Prep 

Kevin joined the Keyano College faculty in 2010 and is an instructor in the College and Career Preparation Program. Kevin has a Master’s of Arts degree with a focused on Global Change. Prior to teaching at Keyano College, Kevin was a high school teacher with experience teaching in a variety of topics and levels across Canada. He believes that education should be accessible and student-centered.

Research interests:
Globalization, The growth of Neo-Nationalist movements, Military and Strategic Studies, Political Geography. 

Doug Ross - Instructor, College & Career Prep 

Doug joined Keyano College in 2004 and is an instructor in Academic Upgrading. He holds a Ph.D. in Adult and Workplace Education, a Master of Arts in Administration and Curriculum, a Bachelor of Arts in English and History, and a University Diploma in Inclusive Education. Doug recently met the challenge of achieving his Ph.D. from the University of Calgary while teaching full-time at Keyano College. Doug has worked in Academic Upgrading for 15 years, holding various positions from Indigenous Communities Instructor, Transitional Program Instructor, College and Career Preparation Department Chair, and now Academic Upgrading Instructor. He previously worked as a teacher and then as an administrator in the secondary school system in northern Alberta.

Research Interests:
Immigration, International Education, Credentialing and Re-credentialing for Adult Immigrants, Sociocultural Learning, Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Transformation, Mediated Learning, Social Capital Theory, Traditional and Contemporary Indigenous Learning.

Ross, D.R. (2018). Adult immigrants seeking entry into the trades in rural Alberta [electronic resource]: Navigating the processes of credentialing and re-credentialing. (Doctoral dissertation, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada).

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)

 Our LINC instructors help newcomers learn English, gain skills for the Canadian workplace, meet the language requirement for Canadian Citizenship, and Learn about their community.


Glenda Little-Kulai - Chair of LINC
Picture of womanGlenda joined the Keyano College faculty in 2019 as the Chair of the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program. She has provided leadership for the LINC program since 2012 when she first her career at Keyano as a Program Coordinator and later became a Program Manager in 2015. Glenda holds a Master of Arts Degree in Applied Linguistics (Griffiths University, 2005), the ACE Certficate in Language Program Management (Mount Royal University, 2015), and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Child and Youth Care (University of Victoria, 1995).  She has 20 years’ experience in the English language teaching field with over 15 years at the post-secondary level. Glenda has a considerably diversified background in this field and has worked internationally as an administrator, curriculum developer, methodology professor, teacher-trainer, language assessor, and an English language instructor. Glenda is passionate about adult learning and English education and is committed to continuous professional development and lifelong learning.

Research interests:

Teaching strategies and materials for literacy-challenged English language learners and UDL.

Staff and Faculty

Holly Hashimi - LINC Program Registration and Recruitment Assistant 

Donna McKeough - Administrative Assistant, LINC Program

University & Environmental Studies

Marie-France Jones - Chair and Instructor, University Studies & Environmental Technology
Marie-France joined the Keyano College faculty in 2019 and is an instructor in the Environmental Science programs (Environmental Technology and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science). She has a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and Environmental Management and a Masters of Science in Forestry from the University of New Brunswick. She has also received her Doctorate of Philosophy in Forestry, focusing on temporally mapping the effects of heavy machinery on soil quality. Prior to teaching at Keyano, Marie-France had over ten years of research in soil hydrology and geospatial and statistical analysis.
Research interests:
Soil formation and classification; Soil water interactions; Effects of heavy operations on soil quality and productivity; Soils and hydrology mapping.

Jones, M.-F., Arp, P. 2019. Soil trafficability forecasting. Open Journal of Forestry. 9, 296-322.

Jones, M.-F., Arp, P. 2019. Analyzing and Projecting Soil Moisture and Cone Penetrability Variations in Forest Soils. Open Journal of Forestry. 9, 109-142.

Jones, M.-F., Castonguay, M., Jaeger, D., Arp, P. 2018. Track-monitoring and analyzing machine clearance during wood forwarding. Open Journal of Forestry. 8, 297-327.

For more publications, visit Dr. Jones’s Google Scholar page.

Robert Changirwa - University Studies Instructor 

Picture of male instructor Robert joined the Keyano College faculty in 2018 and is an Engineering Instructor in the School of University Studies. He is a Professional Engineer (PEng) and a Project Management Professional (APMP). His academic background includes a BSc in Mechanical Engineering (University of Nairobi), a MASc in Engineering (Dalhousie University) and a Ph.D. in Engineering (Dalhousie University).

Currently, he is teaching university transfer courses, including Engineering Mechanics (Statics), Engineering Dynamics, and Engineering Design and Communication. Prior to teaching, Robert worked at Syncrude Research Centre (Edmonton) and recently at Shell Albians Sands (Fort McMurray), holding progressively more challenging positions from Plant Engineer to Project Team Lead. He is equipped with 30 years of diverse experience, including 15 years of post-secondary teaching and 15 years in the oil sands industry.

Selected Publications:
1. Frimpong, S., Changirwa, R.M.M., Asa, E. and Szymanski, J., "Mechanics of Oil Sands Slurry Flow in a Flexible Pipeline System"; International Journal of Surface Mining, Vol.16, No.2, pp. 105-12, 2002.
2. Changirwa, R.M.M., Rockwell, M.C., Frimpong, S., and Szymanski, J., "Hybrid Simulation Oil-Solids-Water Separation in Oil Sands Production"; Journal of Minerals Eng., Vol. 12, No. 12, p1459-68, 1999.
3. Changirwa, R.M.M., Rockwell, M.C. and Mutua, D.K., “Mathematical Modelling Multiple-Cone Concurrent Three-Phase (CTP) Hydrocyclone Separation System"; Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology, Vol. 38, No. 13, 1999.
4. Mutua, D.K. and Changirwa, R.M.M., "A Computer Simulation Model of a Horizontal Wellbore Cleaning Using a TAD Jets System"; Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology Vol. 38, No. 13, 1999.
5. Changirwa, R.M.M., Frimpong, S., and Szymanski, J., "Intelligent Economic Model for Slurry Treatment in a Vortex Separator"; Journal of Mineral Resources Engineering; Imperial College, UK, 1999.

Kory Cheshire- University Studies Instructor
Kory Cheshire

Kory began teaching at Keyano in September 2020 and is currently teaching within the University Studies department, specifically the sociology courses. Kory attended Oregon State University for six years, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Sociology. During that time, she also graduated with a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, with her disciplines being Sociology, Education and Adult & Higher Education. While at Oregon State University, Kory was a member of the Women’s Volleyball program, she went on to play professionally in Switzerland and now continues to help coach the Keyano’s Women’s Volleyball team.

Ryan J. Cox - University Studies Instructor

picture of manRyan has taught English and Film at Keyano College since 2012. He holds a BA and an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Windsor and a Ph.D. in English from the University of Minnesota. His doctoral dissertation, “Premonition of a Future Line We Will Be Writing: Politics, Language and Identity in English Canadian Experimental Poetry,” focused on the role Avant Garde poetics played in the formation of a Canadian national identity.

Ryan has been an active member of the college community, contributing his time and expertise to a number of projects. This has notably included serving as the Chair of the Keyano College University Studies Conference Steering Committee, and collaborating with Wood Buffalo Public Library and Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to bring creative writing instruction to the region's youth. Ryan is also an active poet whose work has appeared in The Windsor Review, Carousel, and Arc Poetry Magazine. He also regularly contributes book reviews to Prairie Fire, and his critical writing has appeared in English Studies in Canada and Canadian Literature.

Research interests:

Poetics, Identity, Nation, Popular Culture, the Cyborg

Selected publications:

"Kusanagi’s Body: Dualism and the Performance of Identity in Ghost in the Shell and Stand Alone Complex," Cyberpunk and Visual Culture
“Travelling Matt’s Adventures in Outer Space: Fraggle Rock and Post-Structuralism,” Jim Henson and Philosophy
“H3R3 1 4M: A Review of From Oral to Written by Tomson Highway and Full-Metal Indigiqueer by Joshua Whitehead,” Canadian Literature

Jane Jacques - University Studies Instructor 

Photo of Jane JacquesJane Jacques has been teaching at Keyano since 1989, first as a contract and part-time instructor in Childhood Studies, Upgrading, and University Studies, and since 2001 as a full-time instructor in University Studies. During her time here, she has developed and taught courses in folklore, the history of children’s literature, the literature of King Arthur, and a variety of first-year English and composition courses.

She holds a B.Ed. and an M.A., both from the University of Alberta. In addition to her work at the College, Jane is also the managing editor of NorthWord: A Literary Journal of Canada’s North, which has published twice a year since 2009. Her research interests include 19th c. novels, children’s literature (particularly Victorian children’s books), and Old English.

Blaine Legaree, PhD - University Studies Instructor
picture of male instructor Blaine is a biology instructor at Keyano College, and his passion includes all things about microbes and molecules. During his Ph.D., he investigated the biosynthesis of the bacterial cell wall and the site of action of the antibiotic penicillin. Blaine’s other interests include the biology of infectious organisms, biochemistry, biotechnology, environmental health, and the history of science.
Research interests:
Legaree, B.A. (2018 submitted) Risk Exposure, Pathogens and Disease. Sustainable Planet, ed. B. McNicol. ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara, CA
Legaree, B.A. (2018 submitted) Canada: The Growing Prevalence of Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus. Sustainable Planet, ed. B. McNicol. ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara, CA
Legaree, B.A. (2015) Considering the changing face of social media in higher education. FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 362. doi: 10.1093/femsle/fnv128
Matthew Morin - University Studies Instructor 

Matthew has been part of Keyano’s instructional staff since Fall 2012, teaching mathematic courses for students in the Engineering transfer program, Bachelor of Education program, Environmental Technology diploma, and Bachelor of Environmental Science program. 

Believing that mathematics is a vital tool everyone needs, Matthew brings recreational math activities to the Fort McMurray community through public lectures, an annual Math Fair, and acting as the local coordinator for the Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest.

Sorin Nita - University Studies Instructor
Picture of male instructor Sorin joined the Keyano College faculty in 2008 and is an instructor in the University Studies department. He is very passionate about teaching Introductory University Chemistry and Organic Chemistry to our students. Prior to coming to Fort McMurray, Sorin completed his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Chemistry at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. When he is not teaching, Sorin is a dedicated supporter of the local visual and performing arts community.
Dr. Tamar Richards-Thomas

Tamar joined the Keyano College faculty in 2020 and is an instructor in the Environmental Science and University Studies programs. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics (honours) from the University of the West Indies, a Master of Science in Earth and Atmospheric Science from the University of Alberta, and completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental and Life Sciences at Trent University. She is also a certified teacher, specializing in Senior Mathematics, Physics, and Environmental Science.

Tamar teaches environmental science courses, including climate change and advanced air quality and monitoring, and university transfer courses, including physics and computer science.  

Selected Publications: 

Richards‐Thomas, T., McKenna‐Neuman, C., & Power, I. M. (2021). Particle‐scale characterization of volcaniclastic dust sources within Iceland. Sedimentology, 68(3), 1137-1158. Richards‐Thomas, T., & McKenna‐Neuman, C. (2020). Wind Tunnel‐Based Comparison of PM10 Emission Rates for Volcanic Ash and Glaciogenic Aerosol Sources Within Iceland. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres125(24), e2020JD033392. Richards‐Thomas, T., & McKenna‐Neuman, C. (2020). Laboratory investigation of particle‐scale factors affecting the settling velocity of volcaniclastic dust. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres125(17), e2020JD032660. Richards, T. S., Aubourg, Q., & Sutherland, B. R. (2014). Radial intrusions from turbulent plumes in uniform stratification. Physics of Fluids, 26(3), 036602. For more publications, visit Dr. Richards-Thomas’s ResearchGate page

David Smith - Environmental Sciences Instructor 

picture of male professor David joined the department in 2008 and is an instructor in University Studies and Environmental Sciences. He teaches a wide variety of courses in natural and applied sciences in addition to mentoring student research and performing community service. David has degrees in Wildlife Management (B.Sc.) (Maine), Botany (M.Sc.) (Alberta), and Plant Ecology (Ph.D.) (Saskatchewan). 
Research interests:
Anthropogenic effects on ecosystem structure and function and plant/animal interactions in the arctic, boreal, and grassland environments.

Mark Young, Ph.D - Philosophy and Political Science Instructor 

picture of male instructor Mark joined the Keyano College faculty in 2014 and is an instructor in the University Studies department. Mark has a Bachelor of Arts, Specialist in Philosophy, from Brandon University, a Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Regina, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Ottawa. Before coming to Keyano College, Mark taught at the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Red Deer College, and Lakehead University. 

Research interests: Areas of research interest include political theory and epistemic agency. Areas of teaching interest include politics, ethics, epistemology, ancient philosophy, critical thinking, and Indigenous philosophy. 

Staff and Faculty

Emily Bobbett - Laboratory Aide, University Studies

JeanPierre De Villiers - Instructor, University Studies

Chrissi A Sheppard - Laboratory Technician

Neil O'Donnell - Instructor, ENVT

Michael Smith - Instructor, University Studies

Jamie Wiseman - Laboratory Aide, ENVT



School of Health & Human Services

Faculty in the School of Health & Human Services possess extensive expertise in their respective field and advanced education in various disciplines ranging from healthcare to childhood studies.

Arlene B Starkes  – Interim Dean, School of Health & Human Services


Melissa Hill – Lead Administrative Assistant/Student Placement Coordinator 
Holly Doyle – Administrative Assistant, School of Health and Human Services
Human Services

Alexis Laird - Interim Chair of Human Services


Donna Pruski - Instructor, Social Work Diploma Program

Profile PictureDonna Joined the Keyano College faculty in 2021 as an instructor in the Social Work Diploma Program. She is a Registered Social Worker in Alberta holding undergraduate degrees in psychology and social work as well as a Masters degree in clinical social work. Before teaching, Donna spent 20+ years working in the field of child and adolescent mental health, primarily with Alberta Health Services in Calgary and more recently with the Fort McMurray Public School Division.

Donna hopes that her years of experience as a registered social worker and her passion for the profession will be assets and benefit the students she teaches.

Contact Information

Email: donna pruski  Phone : 780-791-5128

Faculty and Staff

Kimerica Parr - Instructor, Childhood Studies

Nursing & Allied Health Studies

Our Nursing and Allied Health Studies instructors provide students with hands-on learning opportunities that focus on patient care and support and ensure students are prepared for a Registered Nurse, Practical Nurse, Health Care Aide or Paramedic career.  


Candi Muise - Interim Chair, Nursing & Allied Health Studies Programs
Shelley Bessey - Nursing Instructor 

Picture of womanShelly began her journey at Keyano College in August 2018 as an instructor in the Nursing department. Shelley received her RN in 1990 and furthered her education with her undergraduate in nursing in 2013. In 2016, Shelley received a Master of Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan. She has many years’ experience as a clinical nurse focusing on critical care areas and management. She has been teaching the Collaborative Nursing program at the University of Alberta for over ten years. 

Chelsea Hynes, MN, NP-Family/All Ages, IBCLC - Nursing Instructor

Picture of womanChelsea joined the Keyano College faculty in 2019 and is an instructor in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Chelsea received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Ottawa in 2011 and her Master of Nursing and Nurse Practitioner degree from the University of Toronto in 2016.

Chelsea has a nursing background in neonatal intensive care, prenatal care, labour and delivery, postpartum and newborn care, and lactation medicine. Her clinical interests include care of the childbearing family, perinatal education, preconception counselling, well-woman care, and infant feeding support. Chelsea is also an international board-certified lactation consultant.

Kortnie Marsh MacDougall BScN, RN, MN - Nursing Instructor

Picture of womanKortnie joined the Keyano College faculty in 2014 and is an instructor in the Nursing and Allied Health Studies programs. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Cape Breton University. She went on to attain a Master of Nursing degree from Dalhousie University to pursue a career in nursing education.

Prior to teaching, Kortnie has worked in various nursing capacities, including long-term care, medical/surgical nursing, addictions, and withdrawal management. Her role in nursing education extends from the classroom to the clinical setting; by fostering a safe and cohesive learning environment, students are comfortable making significant connections between theory and clinical practice.

Catharine Simpson-Szpak - Instructor/Practical Nurse Coordinator

Picture of womanCatharine joined the Keyano College faculty in 2002 as a nursing instructor. She is now the Coordinator of the Practical Nurse program and continues to teach in both Nursing and Practical Nursing programs.

Catherine has a Master's in Nursing from the University of Southern Queensland. Her passion and dedication to student success continues to drive her students towards achieving their desired visions and dreams

Faculty and Staff

Shelley Bessey - Instructor, Nursing & Allied Health Studies

Abby Boychuk - Instructor/Health Care Aide Coordinator

Dawn Brownschlaigle - Instructor, Paramedic Programs

Celestin Coburn - Instructor, Nursing & Allied Health Studies

Jennifer Courtney - Instructor, Nursing & Allied Health Studies

Sandra DeWolfe - Instructor, Nursing & Allied Health Studies

Sharon Grantham - Instructor, Nursing & Allied Health Studies

Carla Hambley - Instructor, Nursing & Allied Health Studies

Fatima Legrou - Instructor, Nursing & Allied Health Studies

Natalie McMullin - Instructor, Nursing & Allied Health Studies

Crystal Rose- Instructor/Nursing Lab Coordinator 

Adrianna C Rudderham - Instructor, Nursing & Allied Health Studies

Shana Strickland - Instructor, Nursing & Allied Health Studies


School of Continuing Education 

Our School of Continuing Education instructors help students develop their professional skills, provide professional certificates and designations, or prepare them for a career in the trade industry.

Bertha Fairley - Dean

Bertha first came to Keyano College in 1998 as an Instructor and Aide in Gregoire Lake and then became a full-time academic upgrading instructor in Fort McKay from 2000-2002. After following a different career path, Bertha returned to Keyano College in 2010 as a Program Coordinator in the Syncrude Aboriginal Trades Program. She then became a Program Manager in the School of Continuing Education.

In 2018, Bertha took on the role of Dean in the school. Bertha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Education in French as a second language. Bertha’s experience includes working extensively with Indigenous Groups, municipal government, and public school systems.

Bertha can be reached by email or phone at 780.791.8907. 

Jennifer Moore - Program Manager, School of Continuing Education

Rosmarie Boutilier - Indigenous Employment & Training Coordinator

Vacant - Program Administrator, School of Continuing Education

Meredith Hickman - Program Development Coordinator

Konnie F Williams - Coordinator, Trades Programming


Miyuki Schulz - Program Manager, School of Continuing Education

Leigh Grant-Simms - Program Administrator

Vivianne Leon - Testing Services Facilitator 

Berdena Murphy - Administrative Assistant

Neena Naik - Testing Services Facilitator 

Marcella Rogerson - Testing Services Delivery Specialist 

Diane E Schuldt-Zundel - Program Administrator, School of Continuing Education 

Laura Shultz - Administrative Assistant


Picture of Keyano College

Other Services

Keyano College has hundreds of staff that contribute to the success of our students and school. Below are more of the departments and staff that are essential in helping provide our students with the best experience possible.

Advancement Services

Caitlyn Hartigan - Interim Manager, Advancement Services
Ashley Fisher - Major Gifts & Alumni Coordinator
 Ashley can be reached by email or phone at 780-792-5744
Nyssa Papertzian - Individual Giving Coordination

Nyssa can be reached by email or phone at 780-715-6331

Budgeting and Treasury

Tanya Poulin - Director of Financial Services
Accounts Payable/Receivable 
 Vacant - Financial Controller
Simone Bourque - Accounts Receivable Clerk 

Vera Davis - Accounts Payable Clerk

Nasteh Korane - Accounting Clerk

Maryna Melnikova - Accountant

Jacinta O Nwafornso - Accounting Clerk

Budgeting and Treasury
 Maire Mooney - Manager, Budgeting and Treasury
 Lise Comeau - Senior Accounting Clerk
Lise first came to Keyano College in 2001 as a student and completed the Office Administration Diploma. She worked in several departments at Keyano College before landing a permanent position in Financial Services. Lise has continued her studies while working and considers herself a lifelong learner. She has worked in the accounting field for over ten years and enjoys the diversity and challenges in her work. 
 Adriana Sadowsky - Senior Financial Analyst
Adriana joined Keyano College in 2019 and is a Financial Coordinator in the Financial Services Department. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from York University and an Accounting Diploma from Seneca College. Adriana has worked in the Accounting and Finance fields since 2013, when she graduated from university. 

Rabab El Fakharany - Accounting Clerk, Cashier

Chantal Hanna - Accountant

Jody Sneddon - Senior Accounting Clerk, Part Time

Facilities and Asset Management

 Jeff Hamilton- Director, Facilities and Asset Management 

Vacant - Administrative Assistant 
Building Operations
 Christopher D Meyer - Manager, Building Operations

Nassor Abdalla - Building Operator

Dan Chouhan - Building Operator

Jason Fisher - Electrician 

Zoran Knezic - Building Operator

Dharmendra Patel - Millwright


 Brandon Fleury - Manager, Facilities

Daniel Brittain - Maintenance Worker

Andrew Campbell - Maintenance Worker

Christopher Deep - Maintenance Worker

Corey Flynn - Maintenance Worker

Candace Leroux - Maintenance Worker 

Thomas Mitchell - Maintenance Worker 

Tom Sinclair - Maintenance Worker



Health Services

 Pam McPherson - Manager of Health Services
 Vicki Clift - Administrative Assistant, Health Services

Human Resources

Suzie Johnson - Executive Director, Human Resources 
Human Resources
  Inez Simpson - Manager of Human Resources 

Mary Ann Campbell - Human Resources Advisor

Helen Meyer - Human Resources Coordinator

Tanya Ryan - Human Resource Advisor/Recruiter

Carol Smith - Human Resources Coordinator

Payroll and Benefits
 Pavlina Vaverka - Payroll and Benefits Manager
 Tatiana Santos Barrios - Payroll and Benefits Administrator

Information Technology Services (ITS)

David Benoit - Associate Director, Information Technology Services
Joanne Tiomico - Administrator, HelpDesk/Facilities and ITS
ERP Team
 Prasan Naik - ERP Team Manager
Jennifer Absalon - System Applications Analyst

Ashraful Alam - Enterprise Systems Analyst

Justin Zandee - Data Base Analyst

Vacant - System Applications Analyst 

Infrastructure Team
 Troy Hrehirchuk - Infrastructure Team Manager
Blake Crossley - Infrastructure Analyst

Joel Galloway - Infrastructure Analyst

ITS Services Staff

Leo Bevans - Instructional Technology Support Specialist 

Grace Lingon - Computer Support Specialist

Jason Lennstrom - Computer Support Specialist

Dean McLaren - Computer Support Specialist

Project Portfolio 

 Sham Naleer - Project Portfolio Manager
 Tammy O'Brien - ITS Business Analyst 

Marketing & Communications

 Heather Pert - Director 

Heather PertHeather has a Diploma in Creative Advertising from Centennial College, a Masters of Arts in Professional Communications from Royal Roads University, and a Certification in Human Resources from University of New Brunswick. Heather has worked for over 25 years in all areas of marketing and communications in both private and public sectors. She spent several years working for the New Brunswick Provincial Government working in the Departments of Natural Resources, Economic Development & Tourism, and NB Power. More recently, she worked in the private sector for heavy industry. This included pulp and paper, forestry, transportation, shipbuilding, and heavy construction. 

Heather made the conscious decision to move into post-secondary after completing her Masters and worked at the University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management before joining Keyano College in 2017.

Heather can be reached by email or phone at 780-598-1582. 


 Pamela Bowie - Communications Manager

Michelle Daley - Digital Communications Coordinator

Anna Noble - Marketing Coordinator

Velda Peach - Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Designer - Part Time

Charlene Haggett - Graphic Design Coordinator


Natasha John-Hurford - Media Coordinator and Office Manager



Vacant  - Procurement Manager

Jody Girling - Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Katrina Morgan - Buyer

Jana Smid - Contract Administrator 

Office of the Registrar

 Susanne Bowles - Registrar
 Rebecca Tait - Assistant Registrar, Admissions
Debbie Connors - Administrative Representative

Marlene Gray - Admissions Clerk

Judit Kovacs - Admissions Representative 

Mari Leatham - Admissions Representative

Cindy Matthews - Admissions Representative

Quality Assurance and Research
Lynn Clarke - Learning and Development Specialist, Learning Innovation

Picture of womanLynn joined Keyano College’s Fort Chipewyan campus in 1989 as a contract math-upgrading instructor prior to moving to Saprae Creek in 1996, when she joined Clearwater Campus staff. Over the years, Lynn has been fortunate to gain experience in multiple roles at Keyano, including faculty instructor, occupational profiler, workplace essential skills curriculum developer, and facilitator for Industry stakeholders and Chairperson of Aboriginal Education.

Lynn accepted a one-year secondment as Curriculum Design Specialist in 2011, which eventually transitioned to her current permanent role as Learning & Development Specialist since summer 2012.

Lynn holds a Masters of Education Degree, specializing in Leadership in Learning, from UPEI. She also completed Chair Academy certification and is a certified facilitator for International Instructional Skills Workshop and Appreciative Inquiry. 


Nada Al-Khaladi - Institutional Research Analyst

Sadia Nasim - Research Analyst

Linda Raymond-Hagen - eLearning Curriculum Design Specialist

Records Management
Candice Crossley - Assistant Registrar, Records Management
Megan Campbell - Registration Assistant

Lee Ann Fedec - Registration Assistant

Renee A Finn - Document Management Clerk

Karen Fitch - Registration Assistant

Deborah Hilchey - Switchboard Operator

Chris Rogers - Registration Assistant

Jody Sheppard - Student Records, Scheduling & Articulation Coordinator

Work Integrated Learning & Enrollment Services

 Laura Herweck - Manager, Work Integrated Learning & Enrollment Services
Jan Bourassa - Student Advisor

Fathiya Hussein - Financial Aid Coordinator

Shania Magnusson - Student Advisor

Suzanne McGladdery - Student Advisor - Heavy Equipment Admissions Specialist

Lori Sweetland - Work Integrated Learning Coordinator

Deanne Taylor - Work Integrated Learning Coordinator

Retail Operations

Joanne Hammond-Wall - Manager, Retail Operators and Tenant Services

Picture of womanJoanne joined Keyano College in 2018 and is the Manager of the campus Bookstore, Reprographics, and Retail Operations within the College. Joanne graduated from the College of the North Atlantic in 1998 with a diploma in Business Management majoring in Marketing.

Currently, Joanne is enrolled in the Business Management degree program at Athabasca University. Prior to this, Joanne worked as a Legislative Coordinator in Municipal Government, concentrating on Municipal Elections, Regional Council, and Quasi-Judicial Boards and Committees.

Retail Operators
 BJ Fitzgerald - Reprographics Technician
 picture of manBJ joined the Keyano College in 1999 and is the Printer in the Reprographics Department. He has a Musical Instrument Repair Co-op Diploma and sits on the Keyano College Staff PD Committee. 

Rosy Chen - Retail Operations/Reprographics Assistant  

Luciane De Almeida - Retail Operations Assistant 


Ruwani De Alwis - Residence Life Advisor 

Kelly Tetreault - Residence Life Advisor 




Heather Osmond - Safety Advisor

Student Services 

Priscilla Lothian-Hendrix - Director of Student Services 

PrisPriscilla Lothian-Hendrix cilla joined the Keyano College faculty in 2017 and is an instructor in the Chair of Human Services. She has a degree in Early Childhood Studies and a Masters of Arts in Early Childhood Education. Priscilla is currently enrolled at National Louis University in Illinois, completing a concurrent Education Specialist degree and a Doctoral in Higher Education Leadership. Before teaching, Priscilla worked in the human service field as a counsellor, childcare supervisor, volunteer co-coordinator, and an educational facilitator within the Ontario school districts.

Research Interests:
Leadership in Education; English as a Second Language; Early Learning and Child Care; Mental Health and Wellness 

Suzanne Inglis - Administrative Assistant, Student Services
Suzanne InglisSuzanne joined Keyano College in July 2008 in the Continuing Education department.  She has worked in different areas since joining Keyano.  She currently works in Accessibility / Student Services, where she has been since February 2016.  Suzanne has a diploma in Office Administration that she received here at Keyano College!
Academic Success Centre

Claire Soper - Team Lead & Academic Success Coach
Claire SoperClaire first joined Keyano College in 2008 as a contract instructor in the College Prep & Upgrading Department, and in 2010, she was an instructor for the Syncrude Aboriginal Trades Program. Since returning to Fort McMurray in 2019, Claire has been the Academic Success Coach at Keyano College. In this role, she supports students with many academic-related skills and strategies such as time management, organization, and procrastination.

Claire has a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) from the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Kaustav Das - Academic Content Specialist
Kaustav DasKaustav moved to Fort McMurray with his family in 2005 and has been living here on and off since then. Before joining Keyano, Kaustav worked in many jobs, including at Syncrude, Walmart, and Father Mercredi High School to name a few. Kaustav joined Keyano College in 2019 as a content specialist in the academic success center. In this position, Kaustav helps students with various math/science/trades/engineering courses offered at Keyano. Kaustav enjoys spending his free time with family and gaming when he is not working. 
 Mindy Lambert - Academic Content Specialist
Mindy LambertMindy came to Keyano in August 2020 and is the Academic Content Specialist for English, Writing, and Humanities at the Academic Success Centre. She works with students in small groups or one-on-one to help them improve their writing skills and content knowledge in various courses. She also delivers workshops on skills like academic writing and literacy. Originally from Calgary, Mindy has a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) from the University of Calgary.
 Dana Manalo - Academic Content Specialist 

Dana ManaloDana joined Keyano in 2020 as the Academic Content Specialist for Science at the Academic Success Centre. She works with students in small groups or one-on-one and can help them in Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Microbiology, Environmental Studies, Psychology and more. She can assist students with content review, laboratory reports, study skills, and midterm/exam reviews.

Dana has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Education at the University of Calgary.

Accessibility & Wellness Services 

Vacant - Manager, Accessibility & Wellness Services
Accessibility Services 
 Kyle Pellegrini - Access Strategist
 Kyle PellegriniKyle joined Keyano College as an Academic Upgrading instructor in January of 2011. Later in 2017, he became an instructor in the LINC program. Kyle holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. He has taught a variety of topics and levels in secondary school settings in Ontario, Ohio and Alberta. He has also been a Program Manager for a local community services organization. Kyle is passionate about helping students to develop effective learning strategies and skills they can use for a life of continuous self-improvement and development. 
 Michelle Ploughman  - Adaptive Technology Specialist
 Michelle PloughmanMichelle started with Keyano College in 2006 as a Student Advisor in the Office of the Registrar. She moved to the AT position in 2013. Michelle has diplomas in Visual Arts, Business Administration, and Multimedia Animation and Technology. She also completed a Learning Disability Assistive Technology Certification in 2019.
 Maike Schmeiding - Access Strategist
 Maike SchmiedingMaike joined Keyano College in 2018 and worked as a LINC, Continuing Education and EAP Instructor. She holds a Master of Education in English, History and Educational Science from WWU Muenster and has completed Basic Counselling in A Cross-Cultural Context through AAISA. Maike is looking forward to starting her Ph.D. soon and has a background in working with high-needs individuals.
Wellness Services
Jane Barter - Mental Health Coordinator

woman smiling

Jane is a Registered Social Worker, MSW. As the former Director of the Canadian Mental Health Association of Wood Buffalo, Jane brings 21 years of expertise and leadership in mental health and wellness. Jane is the 2016 recipient of CMHA's President Award for Exemplary Service and was awarded both a Leadership Award and Instructor of the Year by College of the North Atlantic. As a Registered Social Worker, provincial CMHA Psychological Health and Safety Advisor, and psychosocial coordinator of services for Aboriginal Communities and emergency responders, she is passionate about bringing wellness to all. Jane instructs post-secondary mental health literacy, promotes psychosocial well-being, and supports the college student association to promote health and wellness across campus. Jane is trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, EMDR, Complex Trauma, and Grief and Loss.

Shanice Guy - Wellness Navigator 

Shanice GuyShanice is originally from the tropical country of Belize. She moved to Canada to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Shanice brings her experience in raising awareness and effectively advocating for students from historically excluded backgrounds in post-secondary education. Shanice has experience working as a Child Youth Care Worker providing trauma-informed care, crisis prevention and intervention for at-risk youths in Newfoundland and Labrador. She looks forward to gaining a better understanding of Keyano College students' unique needs to provide them with the assistance and services they require successfully.  

Natali Levasseur - Mental Health Coordinator

woman smilingNatali is a registered psychologist with 31 years of experience in clinical and school psychology. Fluent in French and English, Natali promotes mental health and wellness, leads many researched-based programs at Keyano College.

She has been integrating community services into Keyano College for the past three years. She was awarded the 2016 Bea Wickett Award from the Psychology Foundation of Canada and the 2015 Workplace Wellness Award from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) for her contributions to education, mental health and the workplace. Natali is trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, EMDR, Complex Trauma, and Grief and Loss.

Library Services

Sarah Schmidt - Librarian, Chair of Library Services

Sarah SchmidtSarah Schmidt joined Keyano College in 2016. She is the Chair of Library Services and Humanities and Social Sciences Liaison Librarian, teaching information literacy classes to most programs at the College. Sarah holds a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Western Ontario and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Music with a Minor in psychology from the University of Waterloo. She is currently completing a Master in Education from the University of Ottawa, specializing in Teaching and Learning.

Research Interests: Critical information literacy instruction and assessment, critical learning support for nontraditional students, digital literacy for adult learners, and sociocritical learning and literacies in higher education.

Kathleen Brennan - Library Acquisitions and Access Technician

Kathleen BrennanKathleen Brennan started with Keyano College in 2018 and is currently working in the Library as the Library Acquisitions and Access Technician. She completed the Library and Information Technician Diploma and the Office Administration Certificate program through Algonquin College in Ottawa.

Kathleen has over ten years of experience working in a variety of different libraries including, Public, JK-12, High School, and Post-Secondary libraries.

Kelly Keus - Educational Support Technologist 

Kelly keusKelly Keus joined Keyano in August 2021 and works as a member of Library Services in the role of Educational Support Technologist. She completed her Master's in Library and Information Science at the University of Western Ontario, and is an active researcher with experience in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

She has considered the impact of metacognition and achievement goals on students' academic success. Kelly is also a certified meditation instructor who stays current on the academic literature.

Research Interests: disability studies, children’s literature, YA literature, representations of mental illness in popular culture, mindfulness, metacognition, collection’s diversity

Kyla Maertz - Library Circulation Technician 
Kyla MaertzKyla Maertz joined Keyano College in March 2018 as the Library Circulation Technician. She completed her Library and Information Technician Diploma through the University of the Fraser Valley. In April 2020, she completed a certificate in Canadian Copyright Law and now additionally acts as a Copyright Liaison for the Library. Kyla previously graduated from Vancouver Community College with a certificate in ASL & Deaf Studies and then from Douglas College with a Sign Language Interpreter Diploma. Kyla has over 16 years of experience in various libraries, including Public, K-12 schools, and Post-Secondary.
Linda White - Cataloging & Serials Subscription Technician
Picture of womanLinda White joined Keyano College in February of 2018 and works in the Library as the Cataloguing and Serials Subscription Technician. She graduated from Grant MacEwan University with a diploma in Information Management and Library Technology and has over 12 years of experience as a Library Technician, working primarily in special libraries. This is Linda’s third career as she also has a diploma in Early Childhood Education and has a previous career in Retail Management.
Student Life

Kryston Munnings - Team Lead, Student Life & International Education 
Kryston MunningsKryston has been living in Canada for four years and is originally from the tropical country of Belize.

During his time in Canada, he has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the Memorial University of Newfoundland. He has been actively advocating for the rights of historically excluded populations through various positions of leadership.

In his role as Team Lead, he provides leadership in both the Student Life Department and International Education Office, and develops opportunities for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion on campus.

Avril Titus - International Programs Coordinator 

Avril TitusAvril Titus grew up in Jamaica and migrated to Canada in 2018 with her family.

She has worked with the College previously as an Instructor in the School of Continuing Education, Project Coordinator-International Education and Program Administrator in the School of Continuing Education. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Science (Business Emphasis) from Northern Caribbean University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Leicester, with over 10 years of experience working within International Organizations. 

As International Programs Coordinator, she oversees the implementation of Keyano’s Strategy for International Education and Global Citizenship. This includes; outbound and inbound mobility, building strategic partnerships, educating the College community on international education initiatives, international development and research, and international student recruitment while ensuring that the necessary supports are in place for our international student population.

 Girlie Jones - Student Life Facilitator 

Girlie JonesGirlie is an artist, performer, event organizer, event decorator, and admin professional.

Girlie immigrated to Canada thirteen years ago from the Philippines. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and has hospitality, customer service, and administration background. 

In her role as Student Life Facilitator, she supports the implementation of new initiatives that enhance academic growth, college-wide learning outcomes, transition, retention, and satisfaction. 

 Bumo Mgabe - Student Recruitment Coordinator
Bumo MgabeBumo is a recent graduate from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a Keyano College alum.

She passionate about education, is an avid traveller, and is an explorer of nature.

In her role as Student Recruitment Coordinator, she executes recruitment initiatives, engaging potential students (domestic and international), liaising with international recruitment agents, and assisting with Student Life initiatives when not travelling.

Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre

 Jonathan Lambert - Director, Athletics & Recreation
 Jim Knight - Manager, Athletics

Jim is the Athletics Manager, a position he has been in since July 2019. Previous to joining Keyano, Jim was the Manager of Athletics and Recreation at Portage College for eight years. He has served the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) as an SMT member, Golf Convenor, Director or Innovation, Director of Sport Sustainability and is currently the ACAC President. Jim has also served the Canadian Collegiate Athletics Association as their Golf Convenor and CCAA Board member.

Jim volunteers with Fort McMurray Jr. Oil Barons Minor Hockey doing elite coach interviews and evaluations during team evaluations. He has earned his High Performance 1 Coaching certification in Hockey.

 Other Staff 

Keegan Kuhr - Coordinator, Huskies Development/Head Coach, Men's Volleyball

Robert Murray - Coordinator, Huskies Home Game & Sport Information

Hayden Nichol - Coordinator Huskies Community Outreach/Head Coach, Women's Volleyball

Teryl Parsons - Coordinator, Huskies Athletics Office 

Neils Slotbloom - Coordinator, Huskies Sport Camp/Head Coach Men's & Women's Soccer

Dwayne Vigilance - Coordinator, Team Trainer/Head Coach, Women's Baskeball

Jeremy Wielenga - Coordinator, Athlete Services/Head Coach, Men's Basketball

 Stefanie Dobbin - Manager, Recreation
Guest Services
 Kerrin Pertschy - Coordinator, Guest Services

Leanne Allingham - Guest Services Attendant, Facilities

Jerelyn Seguin - Guest Services Attendant, Marketing

Vacant - Guest Services Attendant, Fitness

Taylor Fawcett - Coordinator, Fitness


Jessica Gingras - Coordinator, Booking and Events


 Theatre and Arts Centre

 Alan Roberts - Director, Theatre and Arts Centre
 Eugene Carnegie - Production Manager

Lyndsay Dolansky - Theatre Support Technician

Chloe Mohan - Theatre Technician

Technical Director - Scott Weber

Ashley Laurenson - Facility and Events Coordinator


Jeffory Magson - Patron Services Coordinator

Nickidia Thompson - Theatre Publicist