Employment Equity Assessment

Purpose of the Assessment   Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Khwezi Mbolekwa, Vice-President, People, Culture & Innovation, explains the importance of understanding the demographics of our College’s workforce.

Purpose of the Assessment

eDIB your voice mattersThe Employment Equity Assessment is a confidential survey developed as part of the College’s commitment and efforts to embed and enhance Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (EDIB).


The four main reasons for the Assessment include:

  1. Understanding the current demographic composition of our workforce;
  2. Examining the status quo of representation within the College;
  3. Monitoring our progress toward fostering an equitable and representative workplace;
  4. Informing the development of our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDIB) strategy. 


Your assistance is invaluable to us as we strive to create an equitable and inclusive workplace in which all our employees can thrive and remain. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What information does the Survey collect data on?

The College’s Employment Equity Assessment gathers crucial demographic information to help us understand, support, amplify, and acknowledge the diversity of our workforce. The information collected includes but is not limited to, questions around age, gender identity, ethno-racial background, sexual orientation, etc.

Confidentiality and Privacy - How is the Survey data protected?

Your responses will be and remain confidential. The information you provide in this Survey is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Are individual responses shared with hiring managers or supervisors?

The confidentiality of Survey information is of utmost importance. Collected data is exclusively reported in anonymized aggregate form to safeguard the privacy of respondents. Individual responses remain confidential and are not disclosed to hiring managers or supervisors.

What is the importance of Survey completion?

The data from the Survey plays a pivotal role in evidence-based decision-making, allowing the College to take a more proactive approach to planning and allocating resources. Additionally, it informs programming and supports initiatives aimed at creating a more inclusive workplace.

Achieving high completion rates is crucial as it ensures a more accurate representation of the College’s employee diversity. This, in turn, provides reliable data that is instrumental in advancing initiatives focused on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (EDIB).

How do I complete the Survey?
  1. Online: To participate in the Employment Equity Assessment, employees are encouraged to check their email for a correspondence from surveys@keyano.ca containing a personalized link. Additionally, you'll find the Survey link and QR code prominently featured in every edition of Good Morning Keyano until the Survey closes.
  2. Alternate Modality: In our commitment to inclusivity, we recognize the importance of accessibility in Survey participation. To ensure that everyone can engage comfortably and meaningfully, please email EDIBCouncil@keyano.ca if you’re unable to complete the Survey via option 1.
Is Survey completion mandatory?

Participation in the Survey is highly encouraged for all faculty and staff (student employees included). However, it is crucial to emphasize that completing the Survey, including disclosure and self-identification, is entirely voluntary.

 What if I do not want to complete the Survey?
 In our pursuit of comprehensive workforce data, we acknowledge the sensitivity surrounding the request for personal self-identification information. The Survey has been thoughtfully designed with the following consideration:


     • For each self-identification question, you have the option to choose “Prefer not to disclose” as your response.

 If none of the available options align with my identity, what should be my response?

 Considerable care has been taken to ensure that the options for self-identification on each question are as inclusive as possible. Individuals have complete autonomy in determining how they choose to self-identify based on the provided categories or groups.

However, recognizing that self-identification within these broad categories can be complex, individuals may find that their self-description differs from the listed options.

To acknowledge and respect these sensitivities, each self-identification question includes the option to select "Prefer to self-describe," allowing respondents to provide their own specifications by filling in the blank.

I do not identify with any groups experiencing systemic oppression and barriers to access. Do I also need to complete the Survey?

Creating an equitable and inclusive environment, centered on respect, collaboration, and diversity, is a shared responsibility that relies on the commitment and support of every Keyano College employee.

Engaging in the Survey not only contributes to obtaining accurate information about our diverse workforce, but also serves as a tangible expression of your dedication and support in advancing EDIB at large.

Further Questions?

Please contact EDIBCouncil@keyano.ca for more information.