Student Benefits

As a student at Keyano College, you receive a number of health benefits and free academic support. You're also part of the college community and can access our services and social events.

Health and wellness benefits

One of the benefits of attending Keyano College is access to our health and dental benefits. All full-time students can use this health coverage. We provide mental health support through counselling services.

Academic support

We provide free tutoring and study support in order to support your education. We can provide individual tutors, create study groups, and set you up with an academic advisor to help you with your college education.

We recommend that you look into our scholarships and bursaries to help pay for your college education. Each year we award scholarships to students who demonstrate academic success. You may also qualify for financial aid.

Community and social engagement

To make your college experience unforgettable, be a part of Keyano College's vibrant community. You can find ways to be active on our campus, watch or join our sports teams, discover how you can get involved with the Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre, or participate in the Students' Association.