Keyano apprentice scores perfect provincial mark

Posted On Monday June 17, 2019
Darvi Higdon, is a third year electrical apprentice,

Trades instructors at Keyano College are abuzz about a recent student success story, unparalleled in the College’s history.

Darvi Higdon, a third year electrical apprentice, took her Apprenticeship and Industry Training board test in March. That 100-question examination is standard across the province, and requires a mark of 70 percent to pass.

Darvi got 100 percent.

A perfect mark on that required test is a first in the College’s history, and instructors say it is a feat that is rarely accomplished in the province.

“It really is an amazing achievement,” said Craig Cail, Chair of Construction Trades for Keyano College. “We appreciate Darvi not only for her incredible effort, but for her positive attitude with her fellow apprentices and instructors as well.”

A self-described perfectionist, Darvi takes education and work very seriously. As such, her instructors expected her to post a good mark, and in previous tests, she had scores reaching 90 per cent. This year’s score was still more than she, or anyone hoped for.

Darvi says her instructors deserve some credit for the remarkable result, and says her overall experience at Keyano College has been outstanding.

“My instructors have been first-rate, and they are always willing to explain things and offer extra help when needed,” she says. “I can’t say enough good about them.”

She is also more than happy with her decision to become an electrical apprentice after leaving high school. It was a fortuitous choice.

“I have been fortunate, and I love the work, especially the variety and opportunity if offers,” she notes.

In September, Darvi hopes to return to Keyano College for her fourth year electrical apprenticeship studies. She says will continue to work hard to do well in her studies, as well as the consequent provincial board test. She says a perfect score is unlikely, but that’s her target.

“The pressure is already on,” she says.

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