Keyano College's Cutting-Edge Esports Arena: Named by SMG Builders

Posted On Friday November 24, 2023

Keyano College is pleased to announce SMG Builders by Sultan Zamman as the official sponsor of its new cutting-edge Esports Arena facility located on the Clearwater Campus. The arena will now be officially known as SMG Esports Arena.

SMG Builders' support will contribute to Keyano College's advancement in the thriving gaming sector. The arena will host the Esports Management diploma program, emphasizing gaming innovation within business strategies, and Keyano College’s award-winning Esports team.

“Our goal is to help up-and-coming digital athletes succeed by creating a space where gamers can show their skills to the world. This involves equipping them with the necessary skills to thrive as successful entrepreneurs in the gaming industry,” said Dr. Jay Notay, President and CEO of Keyano College. “We're incredibly thankful to SMG Builders for their unwavering support in fostering innovation at Keyano College," added Notay.

The SMG Esports Arena will also host tournaments, youth camps, and events for local high schools. According to Shadi Hanna, the Esports Coordinator at Keyano College, the arena is meant to be the go-to spot for everything related to esports in the Wood Buffalo region. Establishing an exemplary standard where collegiate Esports and community development connect is the goal.

“This collaboration with Keyano College reflects our commitment to innovation in the dynamic esports field. We are happy to support esports so that gaming enthusiasts can showcase their skills globally with a focus on empowering the next generation of digital athletes,” said Sultan Zamman, President & CEO of SMG Builders.

The grand opening for the SMG Esports Arena will be on January 23, 2024, at 11:30 a.m.





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