Student's Journey to Becoming a Haul Truck Operator

Posted On Tuesday May 21, 2024

One year ago, Abdi Farah arrived in Canada from Africa with a rich background as a professional driver and a hope for better opportunities. His story is about transition and transformation, supported by the innovative Haul Truck Operator program at Keyano College. Today, he stands on the verge of a promising new career with Suncor, ready to join Canada's thriving mining industry.

Abdi recalls his initial days in Canada as a brief of adaptation and learning. "My first year was filled with new experiences, from adjusting to the cold weather to learning about the diverse communities. It was both thrilling and intimidating," he shares. This period of adjustment only fueled his determination to grow professionally. Suncor guided Abdi to Keyano College's Haul Truck Operator program to help him refine his skills and prepare for his new role. "Operating heavy equipment seemed like an exciting career path. The demand for skilled operators in Canada's mining industry presented a promising opportunity for growth," Abdi explains.

At Keyano, Abdi found a program tailored to equip him with crucial skills. The course covered everything from safety protocols to practical simulations, focusing on the realities of the job. "The focus on safety is invaluable. It prepares us to prioritize safety on the job, ensuring a culture of responsibility," Abdi notes. His instructor, Sara Archer, played a pivotal role in his education. Sara observes, "Abdi's commitment to learning and adapting to new challenges was remarkable. His journey exemplifies the power of resilience and hard work."

Looking ahead, Abdi is enthusiastic about his role at Suncor. He aims to become proficient in operating haul trucks, excel in his duties, and contribute positively to his team. "In the long term, I envision opportunities for career advancement within Suncor or the broader mining industry," Abdi explains. This reflects his dedication to growth and excellence in his new career path.

Abdi also offers excellent advice to newcomers in Canada considering a similar path: "Embrace the cultural adjustments and connect with people. Take advantage of resources like those Keyano College offers and stay focused on your goals." These words reflect his proactive approach to building a successful career in a new country.

Abdi's story exemplifies that anyone can achieve their aspirations with dedication and support. Keyano College is a partner in this journey, providing education and a pathway to significant opportunities in the Canadian job market.

As Abdi prepares to start his new role, his story underlines the impact of education, community support, and personal determination. It's a narrative that Keyano College is proud to be part of, showcasing its commitment to fostering talent and helping students navigate their paths to success.