Bachelor of Education After Degree Program

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Keyano College offers a Teaching in Rural North Collaborative program through the University of Alberta's Faculty of Education. Our collaborative program offers students the opportunity to study in a focus area that is not available on the main university campus in Edmonton. Although collaborative students study at the Keyano College campus in Fort McMurray, they earn a University of Alberta degree.

Program structure  

The After Degree program consists of 60 units of course weight (*60 credits) overall. The program is taken with a cohort group of approximately 32 students, with full-time, non-flexible Fall and Winter Term coursework including a total of 14 weeks of student teaching. In order to be considered for admission, applicants must present an accredited degree as well as *6 credits in English Language/Literature, with at least *3 of these credits being in Literature.

Please note: Keyano College only accepts after-degree students into year 3 every second year. The next intake of students will be Fall 2021. After that, it will be Fall 2023, Fall 2025, etc.

Fall 2021 Admission 

What to keep in mind for your application to the Keyano Collab cohort in September 2021.

1. Apply early 
Applications open on October 1, 2020 and we recommend applying early to the Keyano Collaborative cohort. With limited seats available, it is a highly competitive program.
To apply head to the University of Alberta's application page.  
2. Ensure your application is complete 
Your application will not be considered complete until all Checklist items in U Alberta Launchpad are submitted, and only completed applications will be reviewed for admission.
We do not consider applicants who are missing any of the required courses at the end of Winter term/April 30, 2021 or whose degree will not be awarded/conferred by the June 15, 2021 document deadline for admission. Please note that Spring or Summer 2021 coursework cannot be used for September 2021 ad-mission. 
3. Stay up-to-date 
Once you have applied, check your account regularly for updates and information from the U of A.
Please email if you have questions regarding your application to the Keyano Collaborative program. Remember that transfer credit and degree evaluations can only be completed upon the receipt and evaluation of a complete application package. 
4. Submit your documents by the deadline 
The document deadline is June 15, 2021 for all official transcripts. If you completed IB (International Baccalaureate) or AP (Advanced Placement) coursework in high school, you must manually request to have an official transcript/grade report sent to the U of A; your application will not be considered without these documents.
Applications that are missing documents, including a final transcript noting the degree has been awarded/conferred, after the document deadline are considered incomplete and will be refused. 

Your Campus Computing ID (CCID)

After you apply online, you will be assigned a Campus Computing ID (CCID) and password. This will allow you to log in to two different and extremely important resources at the U of A: your email account and U Alberta Launchpad.

1. Your email account 
All communications, including offers of admission and time-sensitive action requests, are sent ONLY to your email account. We recommend checking it at least once a week to ensure you do not miss important information from the U of A. 
2. Launchpad 
After you’ve applied, you will use this secure online portal to upload documents, check your application status, review Checklist items, pay your tuition deposit, and more. 

2021 After Degree Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the Keyano Collaborative After Degree program.

1. An approved 3-or-4-year degree 
Your degree must be completed no later than the end of Winter term/April 30, 2021 and the degree must be noted as award-ed/conferred on your official transcript by the June 15, 2021 document deadline to be considered for Fall 2021 admission.
For an evaluation of credentials (to learn if a degree is accredited) by the U of A you must apply to the program. 
2. Specific transferable *6 credits 
Applicants must present all of the required credits by the end of the Winter term/April 30, 2021 to be considered for admission for Fall 2021.
These credits are:
1. *3 credits in English Literature
2. *3 credits in English Literature, Linguistics, or Writing Studies/Composition
The courses must be transferable as per the Alberta Transfer Guide or from an accredited and approved university. 
3. A competitive admission grade point average (AGPA) 
The AGPA is calculated on your most recently completed, transferable, non-repeated 24 credits without breaking up a term. With limited capacity in the program, admission is competitive. While the minimum AGPA is 2.0, the competitive AGPA will be higher.
Applicants who do not meet the AGPA for admission with conditions upon initial review may have their file re-evaluated multiple times, as AGPAs can fluctuate throughout the admission cycle based on a variety of factors, including program capacity, the number of applicants overall, the AGPAs presented by applicants, and the final applicant pool. 

Who do you contact for admission information?

The University of Alberta's Faculty of Education advisors can only confirm coursework and degree applicability for admission to the Collaborative program once they receive your complete application package.
For questions regarding your Keyano Collaborative After Degree program application, please email Keyano Collab.
If you are completing your *6 credits of English Literature at Keyano College and have questions about registering in courses at Keyano, please email Lisa Turner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The questions most asked about the process of applying to the Keyano Collab program.

How do I apply? 
Go to the University of Alberta's application page and click on Start Application. 
When do I apply? 
Applications for Fall 2021 open on October 1, 2020 and close on March 1, 2021. 
How do I choose the Keyano Collaborative program on the application? 

After you have started your online application, the Keyano Collaborative program is found by choosing North Campus (Edmonton) > Faculty of Education > Bachelor of Education, Elementary > clicking “no” on Aboriginal Teacher Education Pro-gram > clicking “yes” on off-campus programs > Keyano College > Generalist Degree.

If you have further questions regarding the application process, please contact our Registrar's Office (RO) directly via Student Connect

What is my Checklist on Launchpad? 
It’s important to log in to Launchpad and look at your Checklist, which lets you know what documents you need to upload and/or submit.
Official transcripts for coursework taken in Alberta are normally requested on your behalf by the U of A. Your Checklist will identify what actions you need to take and when. 

The questions we get asked the most about transfer credit, the AGPA, and offers of admission.

Can I take courses at Athabasca University as part of my pre-collaborative *6 credits? 
Yes. However, keep in mind that Athabasca courses are run in six-month terms. An Athabasca course must be started no later than November 1, 2020 in order to be completed with final exams written by April 30, 2021, and therefore be considered toward admission requirements. 
How do you calculate my AGPA? 
The AGPA is calculated on a minimum of 24 units of course weight. When calculating the AGPA, the Faculty of Education will use all grades obtained in the most recent terms containing at least 24 transferable credits without breaking up a term.
All grades for transferable coursework are used to calculate your AGPA if they are within your most recently completed 24 credits without splitting up a term. 
How do I know if my previous courses can be used to meet admission requirements? 
College courses must be transferable to the University of Alberta per the Alberta Transfer Guide (ACAT) to be considered for credit. The Transfer Guide states if/how a course transfers to the U of A.
Please note: that courses that transfer only with an AU- prefix will not transfer to the Faculty of Education as these are for transfer to our Augustana Faculty only. 
What grade do I need to get on my transferable courses to receive credit? 
A minimum grade of C- must be achieved to receive transfer credit.
While you will not receive credit for courses with grades of less than C-, they are still considered in the calculation of your AGPA as they are transferable to the U of A. 
I was Required to Withdraw (or earned a notation on my transcript that was my institution's version of RTW). What does that mean for my application? 
Students who have once been required to withdraw (RTW) must successfully complete at least 24 transferable, non-repeated credits after the notation on their transcript, and present a competitive AGPA (the minimum AGPA is 2.0 but the competitive AGPA may be higher). Students who have been RTW twice or more may be considered for admission, but should contact our office for more information.
For Collaborative applicants, contact
For Edmonton campus applicants, contact 
Can I challenge a course for credit and have it used to meet admission or course requirements? 
We are unable to use credit for courses that are noted on the transcript as completed via Challenge for Credit. We will not use these courses for credit or AGPA calculations. Please note that Teacher Qualifications Services (TQS) does not recognize courses that are noted on the transcript as completed via Challenge for Credit for salary purposes.