Keyano College Library, Skill Centre, and all of Student Services would like to thank SAKC for their help in improving student study spaces

Posted On Tuesday November 10, 2020

Keyano College continuously works hard updating its facilities and workspaces to enhance the student experience and learning opportunities. The goal of the College is to research the latest tools that will allow students to maximize their ability to learn and grow. Recently, Keyano College entered into discussions with the Students’ Association of Keyano College (SAKC) after the SAKC was approved to spend almost $12,000 to upgrade and improve public study areas. The funds will help aid the purchase of audio/visual equipment for the study rooms to better prepare students for presentations and complete group work.

All items were agreed upon following a series of consultations with the SAKC, Library, and Skill Centre Staff. Items include screens, noise canceling headphones, mobile projectors, and chairs and tables for a comfortable educational setting. Students often require a silent workspace to be able to focus on assignments and studying and the purchase of this new equipment will allow for that. It will also allow students to control the noise around them without requiring the entire shared space to be completely silent. Along with enhancing the Library and Skill Centre study spaces, the mobile projectors will be available to be checked out by students, staff, and faculty when needed.

The SAKC is also supporting the purchase of four additional SADD lights (special phototherapy lights used to help with depression). They will be made available to students via the College Library, Used Bookstore, and Keyano Housing through a sign-out process. The lights were purchased to assist with the healthy campus initiative that started last year. 

Keyano College is pleased that the purchase of these items will enhance our student’s ability to learn and thanks the SAKC for their partnership in making this a reality.